Sparrow’s Inn Daily Report Event Guide Pt3

Farming the Event.

Event Ends in:


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Getting Started

This portion details the general event information, event infograph, and support formation setup.

Event Walkthrough + Challenge Quest

This section covers the day to day walkthrough of the event and the challenge quest.


This part details the farming portion of the event. Drop Rates and Farming Calculator is included in this section.


Event Currency Farming should be done after you complete the Main Story Quest.

After the Main Story Quest is complete you will want to get 600 of each Lumber for the Golden 4* Fou in the shop.

Nothing stands out for farming other than perhaps on Hotsprings(Female), where Shells have a slighter higher AP per cost compared to Singularity Free Quest(66 AP vs 52 AP) but a higher drop rate at (60% on a 40 AP node compared to a 40% on a 21 AP node).

Everywhere else have fairly low efficiency compared to farming Singularity Free Quest.

Infograph by Kevinrealk

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