Sparrow's Inn Daily Report Event Guide Pt2

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Getting Started

This portion details the general event information, event infograph, and support formation setup.

Event Walkthrough + Challenge Quest

This section covers the day to day walkthrough of the event and the challenge quest.


This part details the farming portion of the event. Drop Rates, and Farming Calculator is included in this section.

Event Walkthrough

Setup 3 different teams that are optimized in farming each lumber currency


Gather materials to be able to start renovating the resort as quickly as possible.

Certain sections will have tribute point thresholds needed to unlock, meaning that you will have to wait the next day or so to reach them.

Some Important Guidelines to keep in mind as you do the event:

Maximize Daily Guest Satisfaction
  • Clear Main Quest Section 3 as soon as possible as that is when you will start earning Tribute Points everyday.
  • You goal each day is to get as much renovations in to maximize Guest Satisfaction Level.
  • Rewards and Quests will be locked behind Tribute Point Thresholds so make sure you try to get whatever you need done before 10 AM of the next day.
  • If you fail to reach the threshold to unlock the next Main Quest then you will have to wait the next day to do so, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. You cannot clear the event in just one day. Pace yourself.
Important Progress Requirements
  • Main Quest Section 7 requires 3,500 Tribute Points and have 1 Guest Room built.
  • Main Quest Section 9 requires 90,000 Tribute Points and 3 Guest Rooms build.
  • Main Quest Section 12(time locked until ~Jan 4th) requires 500,000 Tribute Points.
  • Main Quest Section 6 requires you to have built the Refined Guest Room.
  • Main Quest Section 10 has multiple parts that requires you to renovate the following: Esthetique Room, Event Hall, Bell Tower, Gambling Hall, and Hot Springs.
Farming Lumber and Shop Currency
  • Buy out the Shop Craft Essence as soon as possible and equip them onto your lumber farming teams.
  • Each Free Quest Node is optimized to drop only one type of Lumber and Shop Currency.
  • There is a Hot Springs Free Quests that are Gender-specific, meaning you can only use that specific gender of servants in that free quest(No Mixed Baths sorry)
  • Certain Free Quests will require you to complete a certain renovation to unlock: Hot Springs, Phoenix Room, Rooftop Garden, Detached Room, and Castle Tower.

Infograph by Kevinrealk

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Step by Step Walkthrough

  • Preparation
  1. Roll SQ/FP Gatcha for Event Bonus CE and Servants.
  2. Setup your Support Setup Formation(Check back on the first page)
  3. Setup 3 different teams of each of the Lumber Types(Refer to Infograph Above for Details)
  4. Starting off you will use Gatcha CE on your teams so you can get the Event Currency to buy out the Shop CE's.
  5. Place the Shop CE's in your team whenever you get them and replace the Gatcha CE's with Shop CE.
  6. Farm Lumber first then focus on Shop Currency after you have completed most of the renovation quests.
  • Section 1-6
Section 1-6
  1. Clear Section 1-1 (Demonic Monkey x 3 - 33,000 HP) - Drops all 3 Shop Currencies.
  2. Clear Section 1-2 (Beni-enma - 502,560 HP) - Battle Ends after 1st bar is broken.
  3. Watch Section 2-3 Cutscenes and receive 3* "A Modest Pig" CE. Equip it to your team.
  4. Farm for 30 Cypress Lumber in Sparrow Room Free Quest(All Berserkers 3/3/3 Wave Formation. 66k Chimera Midboss + 100k Vlad Boss) - Drops Sparrows Bounty(5*CE).
  5. Farm for 30 Cedar Lumber in Thicket Free Quest(Rider/Berserker 3/3/3 Wave Formation. 64k Manticore Midboss + 100k Georgios Boss) - Drops Mountains Bounty(3*CE)
  6. Go to the Lobby and Complete Repairing the Old-Fashioned Guest Room - Renovation Quest to unlock Section 4.
  7. Watch Section 4 Cutscene.
  8. Farm for 30 Keyaki Lumber in "Mountain Behind the Inn" Free Quest(Lancer/Berserker 3/3/3 Wave Formation. 70k Giant Boar Midboss + 110k Parvati Boss) - Drops River Bounty(4* CE)
  9. Farm for 40 Cedar Lumber in Thicket Free Quest(Rider/Berserker 3/3/3 Wave Formation. 64k Manticore Midboss + 100k Georgios Boss) - Drops Mountains Bounty(3*CE)
  10. Complete repairing the Spacious Guest Room - Renovation Quest to unlock Section 5.
  11. Clear Section 5 (Shantak(Caster) x 3 / Sea Demon(Lancer) x 3 / Demon Boar(Berserker x 3) - Drops all 3 Shop Currency *You can only take one servant to this battle along with the support Diarmuid Saber and Beni-enma provided to you.
  12. Farm for 40 Cypress Lumber in Sparrow Room Free Quest(All Berserkers 3/3/3 Wave Formation. 66k Chimera Midboss + 100k Vlad Boss) - Drops Sparrows Bounty(5*CE).
  13. Farm for 40 Keyaki Lumber in "Mountain Behind the Inn" Free Quest(Lancer/Berserker 3/3/3 Wave Formation. 70k Giant Boar Midboss + 110k Parvati Boss) - Drops River Bounty(4* CE)
  14. Complete repairing the Refined Guest Room to unlock Section 6.
  15. Clear Section 6(Ghost(Assassin) x 3 - 71k / Soul Eater(Assassin) - 145k) - Drops Sparrow(5*CE) and River Bounties(4*CE) *Can choose only NPC Beni-enma as support for this quest.
  16. Farm for 40 Cedar Lumber in Thicket Free Quest(Rider/Berserker 3/3/3 Wave Formation. 64k Manticore Midboss + 100k Georgios Boss) - Drops Mountains Bounty(3*CE)
  17. Farm for 40 Cypress Lumber in Sparrow Room Free Quest(All Berserkers 3/3/3 Wave Formation. 66k Chimera Midboss + 100k Vlad Boss) - Drops Sparrows Bounty(5*CE).
  18. Complete repairing the Grand Kitchen - Renovation Quest.
  19. Need 3,500 Tribute Points to proceed onto Section 7.
  • Section 7-9
Section 7-9
  1. Clear Section 7(Bhopal Chicken(Berserker) - 506,725 HP) - Drops Mountain Bounty(3*CE).
  2. Clear Section 8(Mysterious Heroine XX(Foreigner) - 186,600 HP / 126,840 HP ) *MHXX has full NP Charge at start of battle. 1st bar break will grant herself with Crit Rate and Crit Damage up for 3 turns and fully charges NP Gauge.
  3. Farm 110 Cedar Lumber and 140 Cypress Lumber to complete the Hot Springs Repair - Innovation Quest.
  4. Clear the Hot Springs Upgrade Quest (Miyamoto Musashi - 347,650 / 306,750 HP + Demonic Monkey(Berserker/Saber) x 9 ~30k-76k HP) *You must keep NPC Saber Diarmuid Alive in order to deactivate Musashi's Infinite Guts. Musashi: 1st bar break - Grants Unlimited Guts to Self, removed when Diarmuid attacks her. 2nd bar break: Grants self attack up and drains target's NP when attacking.
  5. Hot Springs Free Quests will unlock. There is a Male and a Female Version that drops different currency and materials. You can only use Servants of the matching gender in their respective Hot Springs Quest.
  6. Farm Hot Springs(Male) for 100 Keyaki Lumber (All Archer 3/3/3 Formation) - Drops Mountain Bounty(3*CE).
  7. Farm 100 Cedar Lumber in Thicket Free Quest.
  8. Complete the Phoenix Room Restoration - Renovation Quest to unlock Phoenix Room Free Quest.
  9. You can now farm Phoenix Room for more efficient Cedar Lumber Drops. (All Rider 3/3/3 Formation) - Drops Sparrow Bounty(5*CE).
  10. You can Hot Springs(Female) for more efficient Cypress Lumber Drops (All Saber 3/3/3 Formation) - Drops River Bounty(4*CE).
  11. You will need 90,000 Tribute Points in order to proceed on to Section 9. Farm the Hot Springs and Phoenix Room Free Quests to get lumbers and complete the available Renovation Quests.
  12. While you wait to get enough points its time to start doing some of the special 5 AP Quests which will give you golden apples and potentially unlock certain renovations.
  13. Clear Section 9 once it is available (Tamamo Cat(Berserker) - 100,659 HP) *Can only use NPC Tamamo no Mae as your servant in this battle.
  • Section 10
Section 10
  1. Watch the Section 10 Cutscene to unlock more renovation quests.
  2. Farm 100 Cypress and 180 Cedar Lumber to restore the Detached Room to unlock the Detached Room Free Quest.(All Caster 3x3 Waves. Drops Cedar Lumber and River Bounty(4*CE))
  3. Farm 290 Keyaki Lumber to restore the Keep and unlock the Keep Free Quest.(All Lancer 3x3 Waves. Drops Keyaki Lumber and Sparrows Bounty(5*CE)
  4. Farm 200 Keyaki Lumber from Keep and 200 Cedar Lumber from Detached Room to restore Rooftop Garden and unlock the Rooftop Garden Free Quest. (All Assassins 3x3 Waves. Drops Cypress Lumber and Mountain Bounty(3*CE))
  5. Focus on clearing out all the Available Renovation Quests. Farm the new Free Quest nodes that you've unlocked for the needed Lumbers.
  • Section 11 - Finale
Section 11 - Finale

Now you will need to clear all Section 11 Special Battles. If you have done all the renovations from the previous step then you should have access to all of them.

Each Special Battle will give you one of the 5 Special Treasures needed to finish the entire Section 11 arc:

  1. Consort Yu's Anti-Aging(Requires Esthetique Room): NPC Support - Li Shuwen(Assassin) is the only servant you can use in this battle. But don't worry he has some special buffs that will help you beat this fight. His Arts Card will inflict Defense Down and his Quick Card will drain Consort Yu's NP by 1 bar. When you break her his will get Attack Damage Down debuff for 5 turns and lose 20% of his NP gauge. Make sure you activate his 3rd still before breaking the 1st bar as the debuff immunity should block the debuff.
  2. E - JAPAN(Requires Event Hall): You'll be fighting Halloween Caster Elizabeth and Brave Saber Elizabeth along with a Special Rider Version of her. Rider Elizabeth has 2 HP bars, she will inflict debuff resist and Remove all your buffs when the 1st bar breaks.
  3. Growing Kiyohime-chan(Requires Bell Tower): You will be Fighting Summer Lancer Kiyohime with 2 bars(179,237/220,782). Breaking her first bar will buff the entire party with Defense Down and Attack Up for 5 turns.
  4. Big Hand Sanzang-chan(Requires Gambling Hall): Sanzang will have full NP charge at the start of her first turn but will not perform an attack. Breaking her first bar will fully charge her NP bar.
  5. Swallow Moon Vignette(Requires 4 Treasures and Hot Springs unlocked): Just a simple 3x3 Wave of Assassin Demonic Monkey. Drops all 3 Shop Currencies.

Now that you have all 5 Treasures, watch the Section 11 Finale Cutscene. You can start farming shop currency while you reach 500,000 Tribute Points(and January 4th timelock lifts).

Final Battle - Section 12: Nue

Nue(Lancer Class)

Traits: Beast, Demonic, Super Large, Earth.

HP: 445,580/551,670/1,000,000

Nue will have special abilities depending on its current HP status:

First Bar - At the start of each turn, Nue will evade Quick, Arts, or Buster damage for 1 turn. Can be bypassed by Sure Hit or Invul Pierce.

Second Bar - Same effects as the previous except now has invulnerability instead of evade. Will require Invul Pierce to bypass.

Nue will also start debuffing the party with the follow effects(can be cleansed off your party):

  1. Debuff all front line servants with Poison and Increased Poison Damage for 5 turns.
  2. When taking damage, the attacking servant will be inflicted with NP and Star Generation Down for 2 turns.
  3. When attacking, the target servant will be inflicted with Attack Damage and HP Down for 3 turns.

  • Battle will end when you break 2 HP Bars.
  • NPC Support Beni-enma gets a boost in Attack and NP Gain for this battle. It would be worth using her if you do not have a strong Single Target Saber for this battle especially since she is NP5.
  • Otherwise make sure to equip a CE with invul-pierce such as Sweet Crystal, Frost Fighting Bear, Decapitating Bunny, etc to your best Saber in order to bypass the damage mitigation from Nue.
  • Stuns and Charms would be helpful as it would prevent Nue from stacking debuffs onto your team. Debuff Immunity and Cleansing would come in handy as well.
  • You will want to finish the fight as quickly as possible before the poison damage and MAX HP debuffs overwhelm your team.

Once you finish the fight simply watch the Section 13 Cutscene to complete the Main Story and received a Holy Grail along with 10,000 Guest Satisfaction level points.

At this point you should have accumulated 500,000 Guest Satisfaction Points meaning you will be earning 500,000 Tribute Points per day.

The maximum amount of points you can potentially obtain in this event is 6,581,000 points, but you only need 5,000,000 to complete the event.

Just focus on clearing the shop, finishing any remaining 5 AP quests, and beat the Challenge Quest for the remainder of the event.

  • Challenge Quest
Challenge Quest

Challenge Quest

Fatal Battle 1/1 (3 Demonic Monkey on field at start, Beni-enma will appear when one monkey dies)

Demonic Monkey(Lancer -149,298 HP) - Resistance too all damage types except Buster. Buffs Beni-enma with Defense and Attack Up at start of enemy turn.

Demonic Monkey(Saber-148,709 HP) - Resistance to all damage types except Arts. Buffs Beni-enma with Defense Up and Increase NP Charge by 1 bar at start of enemy turn.

Demonic Monkey(Assassin-147,849 HP) - Resistance to all damage types except Quick. Buffs Beni-enma with Defense and Critical Damage Up at start of enemy turn.

Beni-enma(Saber: 4 bar NP - 453,700 HP/600,280 HP):

  • Can increase NP Charge and Attack for herself and her allies.
  • Can inflict Defense and Crit chance down along with NP Seal on frontline team.
  • Will activate Evade and Crit Damage Up at Low HP.
  • When 1st Bar Broken will charge NP to MAX and buff herself and allies with Invul Pierce.

Its best to kill all the Monkey in one turn using 3 Single Target NP Servants to target and kill each monkey. The monkey are not very threatening by themselves and you can use face cards to charge up your servants NP bars and then unleash them all in one turn. Leaving the monkey alive with Beni-enma will make her more dangerous and hard to kill.

Having an ST Archer along with someone to taunt Beni-enma after breaking the first bar would make the fight much more manageable.

Chloe is an excellent choice as she can bypass Beni-enma's evade and possesses Critical Damage potential when your NP is not ready or it is sealed by the boss.