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Event Ends In








General Information(01/27 00:00 – 02/02 19:59 PST)

CQ is Work in Progress

  • Solomon Singularity Required to Participate in Main Event.
  • Friend Support Servants can’t be used for this event, except for the Challenge Quest.
  • This event requires you to Clear 200 Floors to complete the event.
  • Event will start out with a 100 Floors, beating it will unlock the Challenge Quest and a Hard Mode Version of the 100 Floors you just completed.
  • Clearing a Floor will put the servants you use into a 4 hour cooldown. (Servants won’t go into cooldown if you fail or withdraw from the quest).
  • Cooldown lasts for 4 hours, but can be reduced to 2 hours by placing them in the Hotsprings area.
  • Hotsprings can hold up to 5 Servants, If you remove the servants before cooldown is completed, the cooldown rate will default back to normal and will take twice as long to finish the remaining amount.
  • Each Floor Quest Costs only 1 AP each and is not time-locked so it is theoretically possible to clear it all in one day.
  • The Event will provide you with a 100% Damage Bonus CE (200% if Max Limited Broken) when you clear floors: 30, 60, 100, 20 Hard Mode, and 40 Hard Mode.


Event Tips and Advice

  • Pace yourself, you have only a week to clear this event. Try to aim to do at least 30 Floors Per Day.
  • Do Not use Anymore Servants than you need, don’t use all 6 Servant Slots Unless you absolutely need to.
  • Don’t be Afraid to Fail, Quests only cost 1 AP and failing/withdrawing doesn’t lock your servants.
  • Try to solo the earlier stage quests with a single servant so you have more available for the tougher quests.
  • Once you clear Floor 30, immediately start equipping your Servants with the Event CE for 100%(200%) Damage. It will make Soloing a lot easier as well.
  • Try to clear some quests before you go to bed so you don’t have to wait through cool downs by the time you wake up.
  • You will encounter the Great Oni Bosses who are colored Blue, Red, and Green, these guys have a innate 50% resistance to the Card Type that matches their Color. Green = 50% Quick Resistance, Red = 50% Buster Resistance, Blue = 50% Arts Resistance.
  • Try to speed through the early stages quickly as possible as they are easy to solo with a single servant, the Later Stages are much more difficult and require more servants and time to complete.

Floor 1-10

1Oni x 3Berserker11-50k
2Skeletons x 3Saber12-62k
3Ghost x 3Assassin23-48k
4Centaur x 3Archer26-44k
5Celtic Soldier, Basilisk, BicornLancer24-48k
6Druid x 2, DoorCaster9-71k
7Wyvern x 2, WolfRider18-58k
8Werewolf x 3Saber20-50k
9Ghost x 4, Massive GhostAssassin12-82k
10Oni x 3Berserker10-14k
HokusaiForeigner87k / 130k

Floor 11-20

11Sea Demon x 3Archer24-41k
12Leopard Man x 3Lancer28-48k
13Centaur x 3Rider23-46k
14Lamia x 3Caster25-50k
15Ghoul x 2, ChimeraBerserker26-47k
16Dragon Warrior x 3Archer22-54k
17Helter Skelter x 3Saber20-50k
18Centaur x 3Assassin26-52k
19Solder x 2, ZombieSaber11k
20Oni x 3Berserker16k
GorgonAvenger84k / 96k

Floor 21-30

21Zombie x 3Berserker28-60k
22Tome x 3Caster29-56k
23Crab x 3Saber28-56k
24Soldier x 3Lancer13-62k
25Soul Eater, Mindless, TorturerAssassin28-56k
26Helter Skelter x 3Archer31-51k
27Amazon x 3Saber26-49k
28Ghost x 3Assassin23-56k
29Wyvern, Centaur x 3Rider17k
30Hand x 3Berserker13-18k
SherlockRuler96k / 116k

Floor 31-40

31Golem x 3Berserker29-59k
32Helter SkelterSaber22-64k
33Sea Demon x 3Archer28-54k
34Lamia x 3Caster24-56k
35Hand, Mindless x 3Berserker10k
Chimera, MindlessBerserker69-94k
36Automata x 3Assassin29-33k
37Amazon x 3Lancer21-65k
38Blade Swarm x 3Rider21-56k
39Tome x 2, DruidCaster19-24k
Demon, DruidCaster21-94k
40Oni x 3Berserker11k
Blue Great OniSaber71k
Red Great OniRider74k
BenkeiLancer96k / 145k

Floor 41-50

41Yakuza x 3Caster32-69k
42Mecha Nobu x 3Berserker45-61k
43Amazon x 3Lancer27-76k
44Automata x 3Assassin29-67k
45Lamia x 3Caster30-47k
Lamia x 2Caster47-76k
46Nobu x 3Saber35-61k
47Wyvern x 3Rider36-61k
48Sea Demon x 2, GazerArcher35-76k
49Boar x 3Berserker34k
Boar, Giant BoarBerserker34-110k
50QuetzalcoatlRider111 / 152k

Floor 1-50 Boss Guide

Floor 10

  • Hokusai Attributes: Man, Divine, Female, Threat to Humanity, Chaotic Neutral, Servant, Humanoid.
  • As a Foreigner, She is weak against Alter Egos and strong against Berserkers. Mecha Eli or any other Alter Ego that you have in your disposal will get the job done.
  • Note that she can stack Defense Debuffs on you so finish her off quick or have debuff removal.
  • Once her first bar is broken she will Self-Buff Increased Critical Rate at the end of every turn(Unremovable).

Floor 20

  • Gorgon Attributes: Earth, Female, Humanoid, Servant, Chaotic Evil.
  • Gorgon doesn’t really have any special traits for a boss other than Health Regen(10,000 HP Per turn) once your break her First Bar.
  • BB is the best choice as the one and only Moon Cancer. It should be a simple fight.

Floor 30

  • Sherlock Attributes: Star, Humanoid, Male, Servant, Neutral Good.
  • Sherlock’s NP does not deal any damage but will let him Crit, Ignore Invul and Defense.
  • Breaking his first bar will Self-Buff Himself with increased Attack, Defense, and Crit Damage every turn.
  • You cannot remove this ability but you can remove the buffs he gets from it.
  • He will also get 3 turns of Debuff Immunity after breaking his first bar and it is Removable.
  • Avengers are of course the best for the job. Jalter can easily destroy him.
  • Another good option is Lu Bu for wiping his second bar as his NP Damage is very high and he ignores defense.

Floor 40

  • Wazahamimaru(Blue Oni): 50% Arts Resist, Male, Earth, Demonic, Large.
  • Gorikimaru(Red Oni): 50% Buster Resist, Male, Earth, Demonic, Large.
  • Benkei Attributes: Man, Brynhildr’s Beloved, Male, Humanoid, Servant, Chaotic Good.
  • Benkei deals no damage on his NP but he can inflict Stun and Curse on your team.
  • After Breaking First Bar, Benkei gets very high defense boost but also Lowered Quick Resist.
  • You can probably use a Quick AOE Berserker to kill the Oni bosses, and Kill Benkei after you break his first bar.
  • Defense Ignore and Quick Damage Type will make short work of him. 

Floor 50

  • Quetzalcoatl: Sky, Divine, Female, King, Riding, Humanoid, Servant, Lawful Good.
  • AVOID KILLING Quetzalcoatl. Kill her teammates first!
  • Quetz has a lot of trait weaknesses that you can take advantage off.
  • Quetz will Charge 1 NP Bar at the end of each turn.
  • Jack is an excellent choice for killing Quetz, Carmilla is another option as well.
  • Nobunaga works here as well as she deals bonus damage against Riding and Divine Servants along with killing her companions.
  • After Breaking her first bar, everyone including you and the enemy, will receive permanent NP Damage Down and NP Gain Up(Enemies gain 1 NP tick Per Turn).

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