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Hard 51-100 Boss Guide

Hard 60

  • Martha Ruler: Man, Female, Lawful Good.
  • Applies Target Focus on one servant on your team.
  • Gain HP Regen after breaking First Bar.
  • No real gimmicks to worry about just grab a Berserker or Avenger and smash her.

Hard 70

  • Moriarty: Man, Male, Chaotic Evil.
  • Self charges NP by 1 bar at the start of the battle.
  • Gains 3 Times, 20,000 HP Guts after breaking his last bar.
  • Can buff himself with invul pierce and charge an NP Bar.
  • AOE Nuke to get rid of Hector and David as they can slow down your team with stuns and teamwide evade.
  • Have a disposable ally with taunt so that Moriarty can use his NP on them and not your main servants.
  • Quickly burn down his Guts by Alternating Servant Cards so each Servant can get rid of a Guts. A Brave Chain will only break one Guts.

Hard 80

  • Drake: Star, Female, Chaotic Evil, Riding.
  • At start of the Battle, increase Crit Strength of all her allies for 3 turns at the end of each turn.
  • Decreases Arts Resistance of her allies.
  • After breaking a bar, Drake will buff her self with increase Crit Rate.
  • Arts AOE like Hokusai can wipe out the enemy team due to their susceptibility to Arts.
  • Assassin Shiki, Kiritsugu Emiya, other Arts Assassins can easily deal with Drake.
  • Jack is also a prime killer of Drake.

Hard 90

  • Raikou: Sky, Divine, Female, Riding, Chaotic Good.
  • Shuten: Earth, Divine, Demonic, Dragon, Female, Chaotic Evil.
  • Raikou Increase own Crit Damage at Start of Battle.
  • After breaking her first bar, Raikou Removes Buffs from Enemy during Normal Attacks.
  • Raikou will also reduce one of the Shuten down to 1 HP at the End of each Turn.
  • Killing a Shuten will heal Raikou for 30,000, if shes dead, then another Shuten will be healed for 30,000.
  • Raikou can hurt your team badly so try to put her down as fast as you can. 
  • Shuten Minions can get annoying, the smart move is to Kill one shuten, have the other one get reduced to 1 hp by Raikou.

Hard 100

  • Kintoki Berserker: Man, Male, Brynhildr’s Beloved, Divine, Lawful Good.
  • Kintoki has permanent Invul Pierce.
  • He will also Debuff his attack every turn.
  • Kintoki can buff his NP Damage up and Charge his NP Gauge by 1.
  • After breaking his first bar, Kintoki will remove debuffs gets debuffed with Attack and Defense Down.
  • After breaking his last bar, Kintoki will remove debuffs and have a permanent Defense Down. 
  • Kintoki attack debuffs make this battle easier, though his NP will hit hard and kill someone on your team.
  • You will probably want to use taunts on disposable servants to draw his attacks and NP.
  • Save stuns and debuffs when he is on his last bar as he will cleanse them every time you break his bar. 

Heat Haze - Floor 51-60H

51Golem x 3Berserker48-117k
52Hornet x 3Archer63-97k
53Hassan x 3Assassin56-108k
54Pumpkin Knight x 3Saber32-55k
Amazon, Pumpkin Knight x 2Saber48-99k
55Wyvern x 5Rider44-114k
56Skeleton x 2, GoblinLancer65-90k
57Centaur x 3Archer54-105k
58Gazer, Pumpkin Skelter x 4Rider40-93k
59Sphinx, Door x 4Caster35-140k
60Oni x 3Berserker21-34k
MarthaRuler172k / 376k

Heat Haze - Floor 61-70H

61Amazon x 3Archer44-158k
62Homunculus x 3Lancer46-152k
63Hassan x 3Assassin51-148k
64Skeleton x 5Archer59-141k
65Golem x 5Berserker72-119k
66Reindeer Man x 3Lancer60-130k
67Tome x 5Caster57-117k
68Great Blue Oni, Oni x 4Saber47-118k
69Wyvern x 2, Blade SwarmRider54-58k
Dragon, Blade SwarmRider62-150k
70MoriartyArcher192k / 270k

Heat Haze - Floor 71-80H

71Reindeer Man x 3Assassin52-134k
72Nobu x 3Archer48-154k
73Hermit Crab x 5Saber56-156k
74Centaur x 5Rider38-137k
75Sphinx, Tome x 4Caster34-226k
76Gold Mecha Nobu x 3Berserker59-152k
77Bicorn, Knight x 4Lancer43-152k
78Door x 2, OniCaster22-35k
Great Green Oni, OniCaster34-224k
79Hydra, Knight x 4Archer24-219k
80DrakeRider187k / 249k
Anne & MaryArcher170k
Jing KeAssassin154k

Heat Haze - Floor 81-90H

81Reindeer Man x 3Saber67-134k
82Auto Defense x 3Archer38-112k
Helter Skelter x 2Archer84k
83Golem x 5Berserker50-111k
84Ghost x 5Assassin65-110k
85Pirate x 2, WolfRider35-59k
Manticore, WolfRider77-197k
86Boar, Nobu x 3Lancer74-118k
87Centaur x 5Assassin29-116k
88Nobu, Oni x 2Rider62-65k
Great Red Oni, NobuRider65-129k
89Sphinx, Hand x 4Caster29-227k
90RaikouBerserker225k / 410k
Shuten x 6Assassin68k

Heat Haze - Floor 91-100H

91Mecha Eli-chan x 6Assassin24-120k
92Wyvern x 5Rider24-186k
93Giant Boar, Boar x 4Berserker29-149k
94Dragon Tooth x2Assassin25k
Soul EaterAssassin175k
Skeleton KingSaber126k
95Oni x 2Berserker26k
Skeleton KingArcher110k
96Door x 2Caster27k
Skeleton KingLancer88k
Sea Demon x 2Archer26k
Great Green OniCaster228k
Basilisk x 2Lancer33k
Great Red OniRider183k
Emperor BicornLancer118k
Oni x 2Berserker9k
Great Blue OniSaber119k
Cursed OniBerserker266k
100KintokiBerserker168k / 222k / 755k

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