Servant Summer Festival! 2020 Event Guide

Enjoy 3rd Summer Event of FGO and get your free 4* Jeanne Alter Berserker Servant!

Servant Summer Festival Ends in:


General Event Information

Summer Festival is a 20 day event that consists of a Looping Story Progression System, Triple Point Banner System, and Finally a Mini Raid System. Clearing the Event provides you with substantial rewards. You will get 2 Holy Grails from completing the entire main story along with a Brand New Mystic Code, 38 Golden Apples, Servant Costumes, 14 SQ, and 3 Tickets from clearing our the entire event. Clearing the Event will provide you with a fairly good Single Target Buster 4* Berserker - Summer Jeanne Alter.

NOTE: This event is very grindy, if you're only planning to grab Summer Jalter along with her materials and copies, you don't need to use apples. But a full completion of the event will require substantially more AP, especially if you don't have bonus Servants and CE's from the Gatcha. Expect to spend a golden apple a day in this case.

7 Day Noon/Night Progression System
  • The Event is played on a 7-Day Loop that will reset.
  • Every time you complete a Main/Free Quest, the day will progression from Noon to Night time, then followed up with the starting of a new day.
  • Each Day, at Noon or Night time, there will be specific Main Quests available.
  • On the 7th day, you will be able to pick a Special CE(11 total). Once you have done this the Time Loop will reset back to day 1 (You will see B.B. pop up to tell you so).
  • These Special CE's will provide a 10% Point Gain to all 3 Point Banner Types when placed on your team.
  • You will be spending the majority of the Event playing through the Main Story broken into various stages: Prologue/Part I/Part II.
  • Sometimes you might not have any Main Quests Available at the time period, what you should do is run a Free Quest to progress the time forward.
  • You will get your first temporary Copy of Jeanne Alter at the start of the event. You will need to Clear Part 1 Main Quest to make her permanent.
Triple Point Banner System
  • This event features 3 different point reward banners that are capped at 1 Million Points.
  • All Summer Servants and specific Servants that show up in the event, will provide between a 10-30% Bonus to Point Gain.
  • Each Point Banner will have specific Event CE's that will boost their respective Point Gain by 30%(60% when Max Limit Broken).
  • Event will provide you with 5 Copies of Each CE(3 Copies in the Shop / 2 Copies in the Point Banner), its is not recommended to MLB until you get your last copy at 800K on the Point Banners.
  • All Point Grinding will be done through the Free Quests.
  • Certain Main Quests and Special CE's will require you to reach a certain Point Threshold in order to access.
  • It is recommended that you focus on one type of Point Banner until you reach at least 400k to access certain Special CE Quests.
Mini Raid System
  • After clearing the Main Story Quests and making Jeanne Alter Permanent, Raid Quests will be available.
  • Completing these Raid Quests will give you the 4 copies of Summer Jalter required to make her NP5.
  • This is not a global raid, individual players must clear the Raids on their own.
  • Raids have a 15 turn limit, failing to defeat the boss within the 15 turns will reward damage dealt but yield no drops.
  • Withdrawing will not reward you with any drops or count damage.
  • Raid Battles will provide you with a substantial amount of Points, so make sure to have bonuses to take advantage of this.
  • The Final Battle of each raid will reward no points, but will drop some fair good material loot.
  • You cannot use Command Spell nor can you revive with SQ.

Summer Festival Infograph by Kevinrealk

Support Setup Recommendation

At the Early Stage of the event, players will mostly focus on getting the highest point bonus, therefore Point Bonus CEs are preferred. Towards the later half of the event, players will shift toward Gacha Drop Bonus CE.

NOTE: Table is interactive, you can scroll horizontally to see more information, especially on mobile.

Summer Jeanne d'Arc Alter 4* Berserker

Temporary Copy available at start of event, Permanent when clearing Part 1 Main Story, Ascension Materials available on Point banner, and Extra copies available on Raid Battles.

  • Summer Jalter is a very potent Berserker, especially for newer players.
  • Very high Offense, but extremely fragile by having one of the lowest HP of all 4* and being a Berserker.
  • Has a 20% NP Battery and 20% Buster Up on the same skill, allows her to fire off her NP faster and boost damage at the same time.
  • Has a 1-time evade every turn for 3 turns which helps compensate from her extremely low HP.
  • 3 Turn attack up combined with 3-turn burn when normal attacking.
  • Free NP5 ST Buster Damage combined with 3000-5000 Damage Burn for 3 turn based on Overcharge.
  • The sheer amount of burn damage comes in handy in certain Challenge Quests where enemies have extremely high defense and damage mitigation.

Fairly good Star Generation due to high hit counts and Decent NP Gen thanks her to Battery and NP Gain Bonus.

Event Walkthrough

Prologue Stage

This stage will be getting setup for the event and doing the first 7 Day Cycle of the Story.

At the start of the event, you will get a temporary copy of Summer Jalter.

The vast majority of your playthrough be doing Main Quests that popup during the cycle with a few free quest to help progress the time.

Free Quest Locations: Honolulu Airport, Waikiki Beach, and Waikiki Street will be unlocked here.

Part 1 Stage

This stage will be similar to what you have done in the Prologue Stage, except you will be doing multiple 7 day cycles while grinding points and getting a Special Doujin CE at the end of every cycle.

Clearing the Part 1 Main Quests will grant you a Holy Grail and make Summer Jalter Permanent.

Free Quest Locations: Shoal, Ka'awa, Diamond Head, Koko Head, Kukaniloko, and Hilo will be unlocked here.

Part 2 Stage

This is the final stage of the event and will be timelocked for one week until around 8/10.

The Raid Quests will unlock and give you access to Summer Jalter's copies.

Clearing the Part 2 Main Quest will grant you a 2nd Grail for the event.

When you're done grind points and clearing shop, you can try your hand on the Challenge Quest.

Free Quest Locations: Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, and Kilauea Volcano will be unlocked here.

Event Walkthrough (WIP)

This section goes through an in depth walkthrough of the stages of the event. The basic gist of this event is to grind through main quests as they appear and when there are no main quests available, then grind free quests until main quests appear. When main quests are available, you cannot do any free quests until you have cleared the main quest.


  1. Roll SQ/Gacha and setup your support formation and party teams for point/drop bonus.
  2. Start the prologue and place Summer Jalter in your team for the 30% Point Bonus.
  3. Clear Serva Fes Main Quest - 1 (55k HP Berserker Chicken).
  4. Clear Serva Fes - 2 ( Saber Minions / Blackbeard Boss 35k HP) to get the 3* Drop CE.
  5. Clear Day 1 Main Quest (MHXX Boss 72k/215k - Battle Ends after breaking first bar).
  6. Pick a specific point banner to farm for. I would recommend going with Doujin Technique(Blue) as the Painting Summer CE has starting 30% NP Charge, which will make clearing quests easier. Focus on farming Fluffy $ Bill Currency to get more Painting Summer CE from the Shop.
  7. Do 2 Runs of the highest 40AP Difficult Free Quest of your choice. If you're going for Doujin Technique and Fluffy $ Bill, I recommend Waikiki Beach as it provides both.
  8. As soon you have 200 of the Fluffy Bill, buy the Painting Summer and place it in your Farming Team. Do this every time you get a copy from the shop or the point banner.
  9. Watch Day 2 Noon Cutscene.
  10. Do 2 more Free Quest of the highest difficulty to pass the time.
  11. Watch Day 2 Night Cutscene.
  12. Clear Day 3 Main Quest (Saber Minions / Medb 54k HP - Drops Fluffy Bills).
  13. Farm 4 more Free Quests to push the time forward to Day 4 Night time.
  14. Clear Day 4 Night Main Quest (Berserker Minions / Berserker Chicken Boss 78k HP - Drops Gil Bills)
  15. Farm 2 more Free Quests to push time forward to Day 5 Night time.
  16. Clear Day 5 Night 1 (MHXX 56k/64k/301k HP - Break 2 bars to finish battle).
  17. Clear Day 5 Night 2 (MHXX 50k/40k/35k HP - does not use NP).
  18. Farm two more Free Quests to push time forward to Day 6 Night.
  19. Watch Day 6 Night Cutscene.
  20. Clear Day 7 Main Quest (MHXX 62k/51k/45k HP).
  21. The loop will reset back to Day 1.

Part I

  • You will be repeat the 7 Day cycle you did in the prologue, except this time the main quests will require you reach a certain point threshold to unlock.
  • The some of Part 1 Main Quests will require you to reach a 200k Combined Point Threshold with every following Main Quest requiring 50k additional points on top of the previous threshold (250k, 300k, 350k ... 800k).
  • You might not have enough points ready at the time for Specific Main Quest when the time comes, but since we will be going through this 7 day cycle at least 11 times, you'll be able to come back to them it as long as you focus on efficient point grinding.
  • Once you reach around 500k points in a point banner, you should switch focus onto another point banner.
  • NOTE: IF Main Quests are not available or inaccessible for you, just keep farming Free Quests until you can.
  • The ideal locations for farming points while grind currency are Kukaniloko(for Doujin Imagination(Orange) and Gil $ Bill), Sand Bar(Shoal) (for Doujin Motivation(Red) and BB $ Bill), and Waikiki Beach(for Doujin Technique(Blue) and Fluffy $ Bill)

The Below Steps will list the Main Quests steps you will follow, make sure to check the day that it will appear:

  1. Watch Day 1 Cutscenes.
  2. Farm 2 Free Quests to move to night time.
  3. Clear Day 1 Night(Summer Ibaraki - 177k HP)
  4. Watch Day 2 Noon Cutscene.
  5. Farm 2 Free Quests to move to night time.
  6. Clear Day 2 Night (Chevalier Deon 85k / Caster Gilgamesh 55k / Queen Sheba 42k HP).
  7. Farm Free Quests until you reach Day 6 Night Time.
  8. Watch Day 6 Night Cutscene.
  9. Farm more Free Quests until you reach the end of the 7 day cycle, pick your next doujin CE and reset the loop.
  10. On This cycle, you will need to start reaching the point total thresholds for the main quests.
  11. Day 3(200k total) - MHXX 185k/490k/??? - Remove break first bar to finish battle.
  12. Day 3 Night (250k total) - 6 x Saber Crabs 10k-64k - Drops Fluffy and Gil Bills.
  13. Day 4 Noon (300k total) - Scathach 98k / Yagyu 66k / Jing ke 40k.
  14. Day 5 Noon (350k total) - 7 x Saber Minions 6k-66k HP - Drops Mostly Fluffy and some Gil Bills.
  15. Day 5 Night (400k) - Giant Boar -199k HP - Drops all three Bills.
  16. Watch Day 6 (450k) Noon Cutscene.
  17. Farm Free Quest until you reach the end of the loop and reset.
  18. Watch Day 1 Night Cutscene.
  19. Watch Day 2 Noon Cutscene.
  20. Day 3 Night (550k) 9 x Berserker Chickens - 13k-59k HP - Drops Fluffy and Gil Bills.
  21. Watch Day 4 Night Cutscene (600k).
  22. Clear Day 4 Night Battle (600k) 2 x Soul Eater(Rider) / Summer Ibaraki 76k/85k - Drops BB Bills.
  23. Clear Day 5 Noon (650k) - Saber/Berserker Minions - Drops all 3 Bills.
  24. Clear Day 5 Night (700k) - Osakabehime 275k HP.
  25. Clear Day 6 Noon (750k) - Medb 91k / Cu Chulainn 77k/102k HP.
  26. Clear Day 7 Noon (800k) - MHXX 79k/94k/113k HP.
  27. Reset the Cycle and Clear Day 1 Noon - MHXX 272k HP.
  28. Clear Day 2 Noon - 7 x Berserker Minions / Medb 197k/658k - Break first bar to finish battle.
  29. Clear Day 3 Noon - MHXX 120k/160k.
  30. Clear Day 5 Night - MHXX 86k/94/104k - Breaking 1st bar - Self Defense Down, 2nd Bar - Remove all debuffs and MAX charge NP.
  31. Clear Day 6 Noon 1 - Hokusai 78k / Osakabehime 89k / Summer Jeanne 119k.
  32. Clear Day 6 Noon 2 - Caster Grimoire x 7 - Drops all 3 Bills.
  33. Clear Day 6 Noon 3 - Lu Bu 150k / Fran 127k HP.
  34. Clear Day 7 Noon Quests - Massive Ghost 286k, and get your first holy Grail.
  35. Clear Day 7 Night - Summer BB 97k/118k/152k. All Party Members debuffed with NP Gain and Star Gen Decrease. Breaking 1st Bar - MAX NP Charge for BB, 2nd Bar - Stun all frontline party members.
  36. Congrats you've cleared part 1, Jalter will now be permanent so you can place her in the support formation. Wait 1 week for time lock to clear for Part 2.

Part II(WIP - available when timelock clears)


Raid Quests(WIP - available when timelock clears))


Challenge Quest(WIP - available when timelock clears))



  1. Focus on farming one point banner, once you reach 400-500k you can switch to farming the other point banners as you require 400k on each point banner to progress with the Main Story Quests.
  2. Make sure to stack your team for full point bonus for the specific point you are farming. (Check Farm Table Below and Infograph for details)
  3. Avoid MLB the point CE's until you each the 800k where you get the last copy. At that point you can focus on Event Currency instead.
  4. This Event tends to drop feathers on most quests, while the rates are not as good as farming Salem, you will get a fair bit of them during your time in the event.
  5. The Material drop rates in the Ka'awa, Diamond Head, Koko Head, Kukaniloko, Hilo, Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, Kilauea Volcano are fairly decent. They are comparable to doing 40 AP Training grounds with about the same chance to drop Gold Skill Gems while having superior Ascension Material Drop Rates.
  6. Prologue and Part 1 Free Quests drop Event Currency at fairly Uniform rates at 35 base total and 15 stacks that multiple with drop bonus. Average of 4,500 points per run.
  7. Part 2 Free Quests are superior with Point grind at an average of 6,000, but they are inferior with Event Currency as they are split between two different types for each node.
  8. NOTE: Table is interactive, you can scroll horizontally to see more information, especially on mobile.

Servant Summer Festival Drops