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General Information

  • Must Complete Orleans Singularity to Participate in Main Event.
  • Solomon Singularity must be completed to access Challenge Quest.
  • This is a 100 Mission Reward Event that requires you completely certain objectives in order to progress.

There will be a Scheduled Timelock for the Event:

  1. 1st Half: Start – 10/13 20:59 PDT
  2. 2nd Half: 10/2 21:00 PDT – 10/13 20:59 PDT
  3. Extra + CQ Quests: 10/06 21:00 PDT – 10/13 20:59 PDT
  • This event will have CE’s that will boost spawn rates similar to that of the previous Halloween Event.
  • There will be bonus damage boosts for certain servants for the event (Refer to Infograph for details).
  • Completing the Event will give you a Holy Grail and the option to choose between Mk1 and Mk2 Mecha Eli 4* Welfare Alter Ego Servant.
  • You can only pick one Mecha Eli for the event, if you have one from the previous event, you should pick the other. MK1 and MK2 are considered separate servants and can be placed on the same team.

Tips and Recommendation

  • Pace yourself with this event. Use Natural AP as the event is timelocked, you can run this on Natural AP and use apples towards the end.
  • You will get 2 copies of Each Spawn Rate CE from the Shop and 3 copies from the Mission. Max Limit Break for 100% chance of Double Spawns.
  • In terms of Ascension Material Drops, this event does not have very good drop rates, though you will get a lot of fangs from doing the Event.
  • 5* Aerial Drive is a fairly decent CE once Max Limit Broken. Don’t miss out on getting it.
  • None of the Servants in the Banner are limited or story locked, meaning they can pop up anytime you summon on any banner.
  • Refer to Infograph for enemy types and event currency locations.
  • Follow the Mission Run Guide for detailed information on doing the 100 Missions.

Infographic Courtesy of Kevinrealk:

100 Mission Run Guide

  • Clear Mission Objective to unlock new levels and obtain rewards.
  • Your primary goal is to get through the Main Story first and foremost by following the directions listed.
  • It is best to rely on Natural AP for the first few days until 10/2 21:00 PDT when the first timelock is lifted.
  • Once the timelock is cleared you will want to have completed 50 missions in total to progress to the end of the story quests.
  • As you go through the event, use the event currency you have earned to buy out the Event CE’s and collect the CE’s from Mission Rewards.
  • Make sure to fit the proper Spawn CE’s before proceeding through a step for faster progress.
  • Once you have 5 Copies then immediately Max Limit Break to receive 100% Double Spawn Rate for Faster Mission Progression.
  • Once you have cleared the Main Story Quest and received Mecha Eli, put her on your team as she needs to gain Bond 3 for one of the missions.
  • Buy out the Embers from the Shop to get Mecha Eli to 3rd Ascension as a mission requirement.
  • Once you have cleared all the Quests and Completed all 100 Missions, the Event Challenge Quest will be available for you to beat for a Crystallized Lore.

Beginning Story Clear Phase I (9/30 – 10/02 20:59 PDT)

  • Roll SQ/FP Gatcha for 3* Drop CE to help you farm currency for the event.
  • Make sure to fit the proper Spawn CE’s before proceeding through a step for faster progress.
  1. Clear Main Story Sections 1 and 2.
  2. Farm Guest Room until you have defeated 6 Pumpkin Knights for Mission 23 and cleared 10 Quests for Mission 75.
  3. Clear Main Story Section 3.
  4. Farm Attendants’ Room Room until you have defeated 8 Scarecrows to Clear Mission 28.
  5. Farm Prayer Room until you have defeated 25 Pumpkin Enemies for Mission 10.
  6. Clear Main Story Section 4.
  7. Farm Soldiers’ Corridor until you have defeated 20 Homunculus for Mission 36.
  8. Clear Main Story Section 5-6 and wait for the 3 day time lock to pass.

Post Timelock Story Clear Phase II (10/02 21:00 PDT – )

*Note if you are stuck, try to complete any free quests that are available to you as that will help you progress and fulfill any missing missions at the same time.

  1. Clear Main Story Section 7.
  2. Farm Castle Gates until you have defeated 30 Mechas for Mission 14.
  3. Clear Main Story Section 8.
  4. Farm Castle Gates until you have defeated 20 Metal Pumpkin Skeletons for Mission 21 and 15 Evil Servants for Mission 65 and 66.
  5. Farm Ventilation Shaft until you have defeated 10 Rider Servants for Mission 53 and 15 Divine Servants for Mission 59 and 60. You should have also defeated 25 Drones for Mission 33 from this step.
  6. Clear Main Story Section 9.
  7. Clear Stone Drop Window once to clear Mission 6.
  8. Farm Hidden Corridor until you have defeated 30 Dolls for Mission 39.
  9. Farm Lookout Post until you have defeated 45 Metal Pumpkin Knights for Mission 26
  10. Clear Main Story Section 10 and 11. At this point you should have clear at least 50 Missions for Mission 97. If not try to look for any missions that you have missed or are very close to completing(Refer to Infograph for Enemy Spawns).
    Missions you can clear for 50 requirement
    11-13: Eliminate 60-220 Pumpkin Enemies.
    19-20: Eliminate 60-120 Pumpkin Skeletons.
    22: 80 Metal Pumpkin Skeletons.
    24: 60 Metal Pumpkin Knights.
    27: 80 Metal Pumpkin Knights.
    29-30: 60-120 Scarecrows.
    31-32: 40-80 Metal Scarecrows.
    34-35: 50-100 Drones.
    37-38: 50-80 Homunculus.
    40-41: 50-80 Automata Dolls.
    42: 10 Pumpkin Gazers.
    46-47: 50-100 Demonic Enemies.
    50-52: 10-20 Archer Servants.
    54: 15 Rider Servants.
    56-58: 10-20 Berserker Servants.
    61: 20 Divine Servants.
    62-63: 10-15 Chaotic Servants.
    67: 20 Evil Servants.
    68-70: 10-20 Lawful Servants.
    71: 10 Japanese Servants.
    72: 10 Servants with Height of 170cm or more.
    73: 10 Servants with Agi Rank A or higher.
    74: 10 Servants with Mana Rank A or higher.
    76: 10 Pyramid Quests.
    77: 10 Himeji Castle Quests.
    85-86: 200-400 Drill Gummies Event Currency.
    87-88: 200-400 Missile Ramune Event Currency.
    89-90: 200-400 Beam Cookie Event Currency.
  11. Once Mission 97 is complete, Clear Main Story Section 12.
  12. Farm Stone Drop Window until you have defeated 280 Mechas for M17.
  13. Clear Main Story Section 13-14.
  14. Clear Main Story Section 15 to get your Holy Grail.
  15. Complete the Selection Quest and receive an E-Reactor and exchange it for the Mecha Eli of your Choice.

Post Main Story Clearout Phase. (-10/13 20:59 PDT)

Here we will be clearing out the rest of the missions for the 100 Mission Completion.

  1. Put Mecha Eli in your party in order to get her Bond 3 for M92 as you grind in this phase.
  2. Clear Larder.
  3. Farm Watch Tower until you have defeated 60 Pumpkin skeletons for M19 and 50 Demonic Enemies for M46.
  4. Clear Ambush Point.
  5. Clear Double Doors.
  6. Farm Attendants’ Room until you have defeated 10 Berserker Servants for M56, 10 Chaotic Servants for M62, and cleared 10 Pyramid Quest for M76.
  7. Clear High Windows.
  8. Farm Armory until you have cleared 10 Himeji Castle Quest for M77.
  9. Farm Great Staircase until you defeat 120 Pumpkin Knights for M25 and 20 Chaotic Servants for M64.
  10. Clear Left Shachihoko.
  11. Clear Right Shachihoko.
  12. Farm Great Corridor until you defeat 20 Pumpkin Gazer for M43 and 20 Rider Servants for M55.
  13. Clear Burial Chamber and you should have cleared all Pyramid Quests for M82 and the last middle quest needed for M79.
  14. Clear Gable Room.
  15. Clear Great East Pillar.
  16. Clear Great West Pillar which should be the last leftside quest needed for M80.
  17. At this point you should have completed 70 Missions to unlock Treasure Room. Clear it to have completed all Castle Quests for M81.
  18. Farm Ancient Well until you defeat 20 Gigantic Enemies for M48-49 and completed M9 on first time clear.
  19. Clear Grand Curved Gables and you should now have cleared all Himeji Castle Quests for M83 and the last rightside quest for M78
  20. Farm Underground Factory until you have defeated 60 Mecha Liz to clear M44-45. At this point you should have cleared All the Event Quests for M84, if you haven’t at this point then clear every available Quest if you haven’t done so already.
  21. By this point you should have done 15 Quests and Reach Bond 3 with Mecha Liz and gotten all the Event Currency requirements done. (M92, 93, 94) Buy the Embers from the Shop and you should have enough of the Ascension Materials to get her to Stage 3 Ascension. (M91)
  22. At this point you should have nearly all the Missions done except for some Enemy Type Missions(Refer to Infograph) and Servants Types(Refer to the Table Below).
  23. You should have now completed all Missions. The Challenge Quest is now available for you to test your skills. Good Luck and Happy Halloween!

Free Quest Farming

Support Setup Recommendation

This is a suggestion for what you should be using for your support setup. You are free to use whatever you have and see fit to use.

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