About the Event

-Requires Lost Best 3 - SIN to be completed in order to participate.

-5 Floor Labyrinth filled with rewards and battles.

-Obtain a Holy Grail for completing the Event.


-Traverse the 5 Floors to unlock rewards and progress through the story.

-A new floor will unlock each day.

-Spend Paper Lanterns to traverse sections of the maze.

-Special Encounter Battles as you traverse the maze.

-Event rewards a Holy Grails on completion.

-Lots of good rewards for clearing out entire floors.

-Mystic Codes will be replaced with "Inrou" special skills that increase with power as you unlock sections of the maze.


-Face the mighty BEAST III, put your master skills to the test.

-As you use more of the "Inrou" skills, the bar will fill. The more the bar fills, the stronger the boss becomes.

-You can increase or reduce the bar by using special cards obtained from the event.

-BEAST III at full power is stronger than KP0 Kiara from CCC, so beware!

Event Bonus

-All Japanese and special featured servants will have a damage and/or bond point bonus within the event. (Refer the Infograph for Details).

-Event Shop will provide you with "Crowning Beauty, Greater Glory" CE that will provide increased ATK Strength to the equipped servant.

Support Setup Formation Recommendation

This is a recommendation of how you should set your support formation up for maximum friend points.

Emphasis on bonus servants and support casters.

Infograph(1st Floor) by Kevinrealk

Click to open a full sized version in a new tab.

Event Walkthrough

Some details you should know:

-You have 13 Days and 20 Hours to complete this event.

-NO NEED TO USE APPLES, you can complete the event and clear the shop with Natural AP alone as long as you are diligent and spend your AP -everyday. (Monuments may require some apples to clear)

-Main Story Quest Acts are Time-locked, no point in trying to use Apples early on trying to rush. Just use your AP and call it for the day.

-It recommended you try to clear every section of the event for all the rewards.

-Event rewards you 45 Saint Quartz for complete clear, a significant amount to help you summon Kama.

-Some parts of the maze will only unlock after completing specific main quests. You will have to do some backtracking.

-Encounter and Main Story battles will only allow you to use 2 of your own servants plus a support servant.

-Encounter battles cost 5 AP and there's a lot of pressing and reading involved. Best not to try to procrastinate and do it all in one day.

-While you can't use your Mystic Code in this event, the one you have equipped will still receive EXP, so might as well equip one that you want to level.

Time Lock Schedule:

-Prologue - Act II: Start of the Event.

-Act III: August 2nd at Login Reset(9 PM PDT).

-Act IV: August 3rd at Login Reset(9 PM PDT).

-Act V: August 4th at Login Reset(9 PM PDT).

-Act VI-VIII: August 5th at Login Reset(9 PM PDT).

-Act IX - Epilogue: August 6th at Login Reset(9 PM PDT).

Event Guidelines:

-Avoid Farming Free Quests until you cleared Act 8 as the drops get significantly better by then.

-Clear the early Free Quest once for the clear reward and move on.

-Try to clear everything possible on a floor before moving to the next one. You will need to back track a lot less by doing still.

-Highly recommended to clear everything as the rewards are significant.

-If you're a newer player then its a good idea to get the Shop CE as soon as possible for the damage bonus.

-If you're an experience player and played the recent couple of events including CCC, this event should give you no problems you don't really need the damage CE as much, save for the BEAST Boss Battle and the Challenge Quest.

Prologue - Act II(First Floor)

1 - Watch all the prologue cutscene and get a 3* Gatcha CE.

2 - Clear Act I & II P2- Only 2 Servants + 1 Support - Waves of Assassins.

3 - At this point you will need to explore around the map using "Osuzu Paper Lantern" to light the path.

4 - Use the Infograph above to traverse the map. The "S" marked locations cannot be explored until Act 8 is done, so once you reach that mark, start exploring other areas. Saint Quartz Nodes are the Main Story Nodes so use that as reference.

5 - Story Path(Saint Quartz Markers) - Start -> South West -> South(Fox Room) -> Center -> North East -> North -> Exit.

6 - Clear the remaining parts of Act II - 2 Servant + 1 Support Restriction - same composition as the previous Act.

Infograph(2nd Floor) by Kevinrealk

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Act III(2nd Floor)

1 - Watch the Act III P1 Cutscene.

2 - Use the Infograph Above to Traverse the map. You will encounter story quests on the path toward the exit. Saint Quartz Nodes are Story Nodes.

3 - Story Path(Saint Quartz Markers) - Start -> North -> North East -> Mirage Room -> West -> South -> Exit

4 - Act III P2 - 4 Assassins Court Ladies.

5 - Act III P3 - Story Cutscene.

6 - Act III P4 - 4 Assassin Court Ladies + Giant Ghost.

Infograph(3nd Floor) by Kevinrealk

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Act IV(3rd Floor)

1 - Watch Act IV P1 Cutscene.

2 - Story Path (SQ Markers) -> Start -> South -> South West -> South East -> Twilight Room -> Center East -> North West -> West -> Exit.

3 - Act IV P2 - Mata Hari / Scheherazade Bosses.

4 - Act IV P3 & Extra - Cutscenes.

5 - Act IV Extra - Giant Ghost.

6 - Act IV P4 - Court Lady + 2 Giant Ghosts.

Infograph(4th Floor) by Kevinrealk

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Act V(4th Floor)

1 - Story Path(SQ Markers) - Start -> East -> Falcon Room -> South -> South East -> Center North -> North -> West -> Exit.

2 - Act V P1 - Cutscene.

3 - Act V P2 - 3 Court Lady Assassins.

4 - Act V P3 - Giant Ghost + Kama Boss(2 Bars). Kama will consistently increase her NP charge by 1 and boost Crit Strength.

Infograph(5th Floor) by Kevinrealk

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Act VI - VIII(5th Floor)

1 - Story Path(SQ Markers) - > Start -> East -> South East -> Center East(Near Exit) -> Plum Room -> Queen of Night Room -> West -> Center -> Exit.

2 - Act VI P1 - Cutscene.

3 - Act VI P2 - 2 Court Ladies + 2 Kama Regular Bosses(1 bar only).

4 - Act VI Extra - Cutscene.

5 - Act VI P3 - Giant Ghost + 2 Kama Regular Bosses(1 bar only).

6 - Act VII P1 - Kama Boss (2 Bars).

7 - Act VII P2 - Cutscene.

8 - Act VII P3 - Kama/Mara Boss - Heavily Debuffs Team(Unremovable) at start of battle. Takes additional Damage from Alter Ego and Foreigners. Takes Neutral damage from other classes. Self Charge NP by 1 consistently. Battle Ends when first bar broken.

9 - Act VII P4 & Act 8 - All Cutscenes.

Act IX - Epilogue (WIP)

Final Boss - BEAST III - Kama/Mara(WIP)

Base Form:

Full Bar Form:

Post Story(Unlocks on August 6th) - WIP

This section will detail the remaining portion of the event.