Oniland! Event Guide Rerun

Time to Farm the Raid for those Eggs!

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General Event Information

Event requires Lostbelt 2 completion to participate.

Rewards a Holy Grail for First Time Players on Completion.

This is a Point Banner Event where you will have to grind Points through free quests and raids in order to obtain rewards. There will be a single Raid that will be available towards the last set of Main Quests.

NOTE: You will probably have to use some apples to complete the point banner and clear the shop. During the Raids, it would be worthwhile to use some apples as the raid drops a lot of good stuff in just a single node. But after the Raids, you’re better off using natural AP to finish whatever you have remaining and save apples.


Point Banner Event
  • You will be grinding “Magifender Points” that will unlock prizes in the point Banner.
  • You will be grinding 2 Million Points to complete the banner. There will be Event CE and Servants that will provide a bonus to point acquisition for the event.
  • Accumulating points will provide you Attack Damage Bonus to servants who have equipped with the provided Event CE’s that will be available in the Shop and the Point Banner.
  • The more points you accumulate the higher the Attack Damage Bonus will be.
Mini Raid Battle
  • Raid Battle will be available on Sept 29 at 8:30 AM PDT after you have clear Act 8.
  • The Raid Battle will last for around 22 million battles server-wide. Once the Global Player base has achieved 22 Million Victories, the Raids will no longer be available.
  • The Raid will yield a fair bit of Magifender Points, all 3 Event Currency, Genesis Egg, Aurora Steel, Gunpowder, and significantly amount of QP. Its best to focus on farming Raids while it is available. Save Free Quest Farming until after the Raids are gone.
  • There is only one type of Raid Battle with 3 Different Difficulties, with the rewards increasing with each difficulty. Farm the highest difficulty for the best rewards.
Welfare Servant
  • Players will get a Free 4* Caster – Shuten Douji – A Buster Single Target Caster.
  • Caster Shuten has the highest Attack of all 4* Casters in the Game and will a handy options for players who do not have a solid ST Caster.
  • A Temporary copy will be available for all players at the start of the event. You must complete all Main Quests for the Event to make her permanent, otherwise she will disappear.
  • Caster Shuten will provide a 30% Bonus to Point Acquisition and will start out with 50% NP Charge when taken to Main Quest and Raids.

Oniland Video Guide by Chaldea Gurus

Oniland! Rerun Infograph by Kevinrealk

Click to open in a separate window. Mobile Users can click on the Infograph for better details.

Support Setup Recommendation

This support focuses on maximizing point acquisition. You can of course place Waver/Skadi/Merlin/Tamamo on the Caster/ALL Support for general purpose use.

NOTE: Table is interactive, you can scroll horizontally to see more information, especially on mobile.

Shuten Douji 4* Caster

A Temporary Copy of Shuten will be available at the start of the Event. Completing the Main Event Story will make Shuten permanent. You can obtain additional copies from the Event Shop and her Ascension Materials can be obtained in the point banners. NOTE: If you have completed Bond and Ascension Missions for Shuten from last year, there is no need to do it again. The Missions will autocomplete.

  • Place Shuten in your team for the 30% bonus to point gain.
  • Shuten will have 50% NP Starting Charge when used in Main Quest and Raid.
  • Ascension Materials will be available on the 100k/200k/300k/400k Point Banner Milestone.
  • Additional Copies will be available in the Event Shop after Clearing the Main Quests for 200 Event Currency each.

Event Walkthrough

This section goes through an in depth walkthrough the event. This Event will be time-gated with the first 2 Acts being available the next day with a new Act each day until Sept 29 when remaining Acts and Raid Battle unlock.

Just use your Natural AP and wait for the time lock to lift.

Once the Raid Battles are available, feel free to farm them until the Raids Disappear.

Whenever you have obtain the Event CE’s, equip them to your team to maximize Point Gain.

Event Walkthrough – Pre Raid.

  1. Maximize your point bonus. Mash should be in your team by default for 20% bonus. You can add additional bonus servants that you may have (Check Infograph for details.) When you have 5 copies of an Event CE, it is ideal for you to Max Limited Break it as there are a total of 3 types, so there will be plenty of bonus to spare after MLB.
  2. Clear Act 1-1: 6 x Pumpkin Ogre(Berserker) / 2 x Pumpkin Knight(Saber) / Great Green Oni (Caster) ~192k HP.
  3. Clear Act 1-2: 6 x Pumpkin Ogre(Berserker) / 2 x Pumpkin Knight(Saber) / Great Blue Oni (Saber) ~188k HP.
  4. Clear Act 1-3: 5 x Pumpkin Ogre(Berserker) / Great Red Oni (Rider) ~244k HP.
  5. Place Temporary Caster Shuten on your team for 30% point Bonus.
  6. Clear Act 2: Sitonai(Alter Ego) ~ 201k/223k HP – Battle ends when first bar is broken.
  7. Farm Main Street(Pumpkin) for Skull Corn to buy out the shop CE. All Saber Enemies: 8 x Goblin/ Diarmuid~110k HP.
  8. Clear Secret Base(Snow Cabin) for Magifender Points and to get the first time clear reward. All Archer Enemies 8 x Pumpkin Knight / Chiron ~120k HP.
  9. Clear Act 3-1: 5 x Pumpkin Ogre(Berserker) / Medb (Rider) ~190k HP. Drops Skull Corns
  10. Clear Act 3-2: 5 x Pumpkin Ogre(Berserker) / Great Red Oni (Rider) / Medb (Rider) ~101k/215k HP. Drops Churros
  11. Farm Merry-Go-Round for Churros to buy out the shop CE. All Rider Enemies: 6 x Wyvern / Great Red Oni / Medusa ~215k HP.
  12. Clear Act 4-1: 5 x Pumpkin Ogre(Berserker) / Blackbeard(Rider). Drops Sundae.
  13. Clear Act 4-2: 5 x Pumpkin Ogre(Berserker) / Great Blue Oni (Saber) / Blackbeard (Rider) ~113k/225k HP. Drops Skull Corn.
  14. Farm Teacup for Sundae to buy out the Shop CE. Assassin/Berserker Enemies: 7 x Pumpkin Ogre / Spriggan / Okada Izo ~ 229k HP.
  15. Clear Act 5-1: 6 x Sea Demon(Archer) / Gilles de Rais(Caster) ~80k / Jack(Assassin) ~85k. Drops Churros.
  16. Clear Act 5-2: Gilles de Rais(Caster) ~90k/101k HP + Jack(Assassin) ~96k/128k HP + Great Green Oni(Caster) ~34k HP.
  17. Farm Food Court for Skull Corn/Points. All Saber + Berserker Raikou: 7 x Pumpkin Knight / Great Green Oni~155k HP / Raikou ~303k HP.
  18. Clear Act 6-1: Phantom(Assassin) ~147k HP / Columbus(Rider) ~163k / Mephistopheles(Caster) ~143k HP.
  19. Clear Act 6-2: 4 x Pumpkin Ogre(Berserker) / 2 x Pumpkin Knight(Saber) / Jekyl & Hyde (Berserker) ~106k/240k HP. Drops Sundae.
  20. Farm Mirror House for Churros/Points. All Archer: 7 x Pumpkin Skeleton/ Hydra ~169k / Atalanta ~318k HP.
  21. Clear Act 7-1: 6 x Pumpkin Ogre(Berserker) / 2 x Pumpkin Knight(Saber). Drops Skull Corn.
  22. Clear Act 7-2: Salieri(Avenger) ~202k/280k HP.
  23. Farm Ferris Wheel for Sundae/Points. 7 x Hoodlums(Caster/Berserker) / Demon(Caster) ~185k / Hokusai(Foreigner) ~340k HP.
  24. Clear Act 8-1 to unlock Raids. 4 x Pumpkin Ogre(Berserker) / 2 x Pumpkin Knight(Saber). Drops Churros.

Raid – 9/29 8:30 AM PDT

Raid Battle will last until 22 million battles are completed server-wide. It is highly recommended that you focus on farming Raids rather than doing any more free quests during this time as the Raids provides superior value in drops and currency.

Focus on farming the highest difficulty you can beat as the rewards increase with difficulty. Clearing the highest difficulty, “ONI-CURE” will drop Genesis Eggs, Aurora Steal, Gunpowder, and Iron Stakes. You will get an average of 5400 Magifender Points and 20 of each Shop Currency per run. Last but not least, the node is a fairly good source of QP as it drops an amount comparable to 40 AP Doors, this can be boost with Mona Lisa CE.

Boss: Oni King Shura(Berserker) – 800,000 – 2,500,000 based on difficulty.

Traits: Demonic, Dragon, Giant, Large, Earth.

Oni King Shura has the following abilities:

  1. Can apply debuff immunity 1-time to self.
  2. Can block buff for 1 turn.
  3. Steals critical stars from party and boosts own Critical Damage.
  4. NP deals AOE Damage and Drains Team NP Gauge by 50%

The battle is simple, bring out your best single target damage dealer, stick the properly Damage Type Event CE to boost their damage. Nuke down the boss as quickly as possible. Anti Demonic and Dragon damage dealers come handy here.

Post Raid to Epilogue

Hopefully you’ll have done some decently Farming in Raids, which should’ve helped cleared a substantial amount of Point and Currency Grinding. Now just follow the remaining steps and you should be set.

  1. Clear Act 8-2. 2 x Pumpkin Ogre(Berserker) / 1 x Pumpkin Knight(Saber) / Oni King Shura(Berserker) ~580k HP. Drops Sundae.
  2. Watch Act 8-3 Cutscene.
  3. Clear Act 9. 1 x Pumpkin Ogre(Berserker) / 1 x Pumpkin Knight(Saber) / 1 Great Red Oni(Rider) / Elizabeth(Lancer) ~202k/309k HP. Elizabeth has Permanent NP Damage Resistance and Immune to Burn and Curse. She can buff her Attack/Critical Damage along with 2 Time Debuff Immunity for 3 turn. Finally she can negate class disadvantage against Sabers.
  4. Clear Act 10-1. 2 x Pumpkin Ogre(Berserker) / 1 x Pumpkin Knight(Saber) / Oni King Shura(Berserker) ~228k/324k HP – Clears debuffs on self and boosts defense and debuff resistance after bar is broken. Drops Churros.
  5. Clear Act 11. Golden Dragon(Assassin) ~ 243k/388k HP. All frontline servants get Attack/Defense Up on 1st turn followed with Damage Bonus against Dragons on the 2nd turn. On the 3rd Turn, Dragon loses 1 bar of NP Gauge followed up with Attack/Defense Down on 4th turn.
  6. Obtain the Holy Grail and make Shuten Permanent.
  7. Watch the Epilogue Cutscene to unlock the Challenge Quest.
  8. Focus on finishing the Event Shop and Point Banner by farming Food Court for Skull Corn, Mirror House for Churros, Ferris Wheel for Sundae, and Shaft Ruins for Points.

Challenge Quest

  • Challenge Quest should be handled after you have reached 1.25 Million Points and MLB Event CE’s for the highest Damage Bonus. This should make the battle much easier.
  • The fight should be not too hard since both enemies are ST NP servants. You can get Taunt units like St George to delay them as you wear them down.
  • Buff Removers will come handy as Sitonai can stack herself with Damage and Defense buffs along with buffs from Shuten.
  • Breaking Shuten’s bars first could potentially come in handy as she buffs your servants, but at the same time it will make Sitonai stronger so consider that if you will.
  • It would be best to use high damage AOE Servants to try to wipe them both out quickly at the same time. It is very possible to 3 turn this provided you have Double Skadi with Dantes/Lancelot/Achilles.

Enemies(both present on the field at once):

Sitonai(Alter Ego): 251/391/768k HP

Shuten(Caster): 304/427/853k HP

  1. At the Start of the Battle enemies will have Crit Damage Buff while the team will have Crit Star Generation Buff.
  2. Sitonai: 1st bar break – Attack/Defense Up for 3 Turns. 2nd bar break – Remove debuffs, boost Buff Sucess Rate and NP Damage for 3 turn.
  3. Shuten: 1st bar break – Crit chance up for herself and Sitonai, Crit Damage up for frontline servants. 2nd Bar break – Boost Attack/Defense for 3 turn for everyone including enemies and allies on the field.


  1. Focus on following the Walkthrough first.
  2. Hold off Free Quest Farming once the raids are done.