Battle in New York 2021 Event Guide

Players will once again have the opportunity to toil for great wealth or die trying in front of the Golden King.

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About This Guide

This FGO event guide is made up of 5 main sections. You can read it through from start to finish, or jump to the section that most interests you.

  1. Event Guidelines
  2. Support Setup
  3. Event Infograph
  4. Exhibitions(WIP)
  5. Drop Rates

Event Guidelines

Battle for New York 2021 consists primarily of Tournament Quests, Exhibition 2020 Challenge Reruns , and finally Exhibition 2021 Challenge Reruns.

Guidelines you need to follow for this event:

  • Clear all available free quest for first time clear apple rewards. Do this every rotation, any uncleared rewards will be lost.
  • DO NOT Max limit break the Ishtar Lotto CE until you have enough to fill any remaining slots.
  • If you plan to grind heavily for this event, know that faster runs > efficient runs for long term as you get more CE’s as you do more runs. Therefore your runs will become more efficient.
  • It is recommended that you wait to get MLB Nero Damage CE from 5 Lotto boxes before you participate in the Exhibition runs.
  • Both Arts and Quick Teams are viable for farming this event.
  • Face card clearing wave 1 is also a viable strategy as the Lotto CE’s will start you off with 15-20 Critical stars each.
  • Focus on grinding currency to get the Ishtar Lotto CE from the shop, then grind for Lotto currency.

NOTE: If you are limited on time, focus more on grinding Tournament Lotto quests rather than Exhibition Quests. You are guaranteed materials needed to power a servant. While summon tickets most of the time will give you just a 3 star CE.

There will always be the Christmas Lottery in a few months, if you don’t need the ascension materials provided from this event, you can opt to save your apples for Christmas.

Chaldea Guru’s Event Guide Video

Support Setup Recommendation

For this event, both Arts and Quick are viable for farming this event. You can also use Crit Damage since the Lotto CE’s provide 15-20 critical stars.

Players will mostly focus on getting the highest Lotto bonus and optimal farming, therefore support casters such as Tamamo Caster, Skadi, Nero Bride, and Waver with Ishtar Lotto CE are preferred. Strong Arts farmers such as Summer Jeanne Archer, Rider Mordred, and Rider Da Vinci are excellent picks.

For Exhibition Quests, you have favorites such as Georgios with his Bond 10 CE, Merlin/Wavers with the MLB Ishtar Lotto CE are perfect as it provides +20 Critical Stars on entry.

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Battle of New York 2021 by Kevinrealk

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Event – Getting Started

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  • Best Lotto Farming available starting day 1 Get the shop CE’s ASAP and put them into your team.
  • Farm Club to get enough Fries for the Ishtar CE from the shop.
  • Farm Gym to get enough Hot Dogs for the Ishtar CE.
  • Farm Arena to get enough Burgers for the Ishtar CE.
  • Start Farming Garden once you have all the Shop CE
  • Farm shop currency for the specific nodes that drop materials that you need.
  • Rotation 2 provides ~5% lotto currency than Rotation 1 or 3, but it is much harder to 3 turn and even harder to 6 turn without RNG.
  • Rotation 1 is the easiest to 6 Slot Lotto bonus, provided you can make the composition in the table below.
  • Rotation 3 requires plugsuit to reliably 3-turn with 6 Slot bonus.
  • Rotation 3 has the highest in terms of Shop Currency Drops(10% higher than Rotation 1 and 5% higher than Rotation 2). If the Ascension Material drops are not important, you can save the remaining shop farming for this rotation.

For efficient 3-turn Lotto Farming please check out SaberofAvalon and Xzero’s Guide here for detailed information:

FGO GilFest 2021 Lottery 3-Turn Farming Setups – Google Drive

Check below for optimal team setup for Lotto Farming. Needs NP2 for main damage dealer.

Optimal Team CE Setup

Exhibition Quests(WIP)

Rerun 2020 Exhibition 1 – Tawara Touta

Exhibition 1 – Tawara Touta

  • This challenge quest can be soloed by a well leveled Single Target Lancer.
  • Tawara Touta has an astronomical amount of hitpoints (1.5 Million – 1st bar / 3 Million – 2nd Bar) but by using his own gimmicks against him, defeating him is rather simple.
  • It is idea to simply use a Lancer solo than a full team.
  • Having one single target lancer with MLB Grudge Match combined with level 1 sacrificial units such as Leonidas or St George (with Battle of Camlann / Merciless One CE) and having Arash Stella himself is the best way to clear this battle.
  • First thing to note is that you want to get your sacrificial units out of the way quickly so that Tawara can focus on hitting your soloer.
  • Each time Tawara strikes you with a normal attack, he will disable one of the three card types for 3 turns as a debuff (Buster, Quick, then Arts in that order after each turn).
  • USE NORMAL ATTACK TO CLEAR THE DEBUFFS – Each time you use normal card attacks that aren’t disabled against Tawara, it will reduce the duration of that debuff by one turn.
  • When the debuff expires, your servant will gain substantial buffs that will last 1 time for 20 turns.
  • What you want is for him to block your quick cards as clearing those debuffs will significantly boost your NP Damage until you fire off your NP.
  • Whenever your NP is ready and you have the NP Damage Boosts active, fire away to wipe out significant chunks of his HP.
  • Avoid stunning/charming Tawara as you want him to hit you so you can stack power boosts.
  • Cleansing the debuffs will not yield any power boosts, so avoid doing so unless you absolutely have to.
  • Use normal attacks instead.
  • Finally when your servant reaches below 10% HP for the first time, all your debuffs will be removed and will provide you power boosts and your NP gauge will be charged to 300%.
Rerun 2020 Exhibition 2 – 300: THIS IS SPARTA!!!!
  • This challenge quest will pretty much require a full team with preferably an AOE Saber and support units to provide damage and defense support.
  • You do not need to kill all 300 Spartans to beat the CQ, defeating Leonidas will automatically end the match.
  • Leonidas will have an unremovable Molon Labe Buff which provides extremely high Defense and Damage Reduction(Negates about 99% of all incoming damage)
  • Leonidas will be supported by a total of 300 Spartans that will keep replacing any that die.Leonidas will mostly taunt and provide either permanent Crit Rate Up, Crit Damage Up, or Attack Up to the Spartans on the field, these buffs are unremovable.
  • Killing Spartans will reduce the defensive power of Leonidas’ Molon Labe. So you need to kill Spartans in order to effectively damage Leonidas.
  • When killing Spartans after breaking Leonidas’ First Bar, they will apply a permanent debuff on their killer ranging from Attack, Defense, Buff Success Rate Down, to Skill Seal.
  • Breaking Leonidas First Bar will also boost his Team’s NP Charge by 1.
  • Leonidas NP deals no damage but will have give him a 3 turn Taunt and Defense Buff.
  • Bring AOE Damage/Instant Death to bypass Leonidas Taunt and to kill Spartans as quickly as possible.
  • Kill as many Spartans as you can before you break Leonida’s First Bar as killing Spartans will mean you will get debuffs each time.
  • Defense Ignore Abilities on NPs or Skills will come very handy as you will require less Spartans to be killed in order to Hurt Leonidas.
  • Kill the Spartans ASAP as they get dramatically stronger will buffs every turn and can nearly kill your servants with a Critical Hit.
  • There will be times where you will get unlucky and a Spartan will Critical Hit Kill your servants, just try again after you fail.
  • You don’t want to take too long in this battle or else the incoming damage will overwhelm your defenses.

Event Drop Rates

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