Nerofest Lotto

Lottery Farming Guide.

  • This portion of the guide will detail some ways you can farm the lottery for each rotation round.
  • This guide is for people who do not have the top/optimal servants nor whale / god-luck level servants with NP2+.
  • Saber of Avalon has a very detailed and well made guide for the most optimal teams, meant for top players/whales to min/max 3-turn runs: Saber of Avalon’s 3 Turn Nerofest Guide.
  • This guide will try to use servants that are easier to obtain/welfares.
  • This guide assumes you have skills leveled up decently and that your servants are fully ascended.
  • This guide assumes you will have NP5 for your welfares and 3* and lower servants.
  • This guide does not guarantee optimal 3-turn fast runs, but will help you make your teams clear runs in a reasonable amount of turns.
  • You will want to find some friends with strong support servants such as Wavers with MLB Petal Drop CE.
  • You’ll be making use of Chaldea Combat Uniform Mystic Code aka Plugsuit for doing Lotto Runs.

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