Nerofest Challenge Quest

Revival 2018 Act 1: The 12 Labors

Battle 1/3
Golem(Berserker) x 3 ~ 28,000 HP
Battle 2/3
Golem(Berserker) x 3 ~ 48,000 HP
Fatal Battle 3/3
Heracles ~ 242,000 HP

Heracles – 12 Labors:

  • Heracles has an UNREMOVABLE 11 – times Guts at the start of the battle. Each time he dies, he is revived with 50% of his HP Bar Filled(121,000 HP).
  • At the Start of the Battle Heracles will inflict an Arts Down Debuff to the Frontline Team.
  • Heracles will perform two actions(Attacks/Skills/Noble Phantasm) Each Turn.
  • Heracles will inflict 5,000-6,000 for each attack without any Defence buff or damage reductions.
  • Heracles will have a 5 turn NP Charge Meter.
  • Heracles can buff his Attack and Debuff resist.
  • Also possesses an evade skill paired with a Crit Damage buff, so watch out as he can one shot your allies if he gets a crit.
  • Traits: Divine, Male, Sky, Greek Mythology Male, Servant.


  • Now you get to face Heracles is all his glory and might, this is how OP he would’ve been if his actual Servant capabilities were put in the game.
  • Try to get through the stages receiving as little damage as possible while building up your noble phantasm.
  • I recommend that you get try to build up your NP on one of the first two waves and then use someone like Arash to wipe out the other wave.
  • If all else fails, you can use a strong Friend Support such as Scathach that can handle Herc, if you know how to play her.

How to deal with Heracles:

  • Stuns/Charms are your best friend, especially one the 5th turn when his NP is ready to fire off, you should probably save them for when he’s about to fire off his NP.
  • Make sure to equip your Choice of Damage Dealer against Heracles with MLB 2 God 3 Legs CE for the 200% Damage buff.
  • On turn 1 use your NP to wipe out his full HP, now you just have to deal with wiping off 121,000 HP each time he revives.
  • Heracles will move twice each turn, try to prevent him from using his evade skills or have ways of bypassing/removing it.
  • As you beat him down, you’ll want to have ways of boosting up your team’s survival. Defense Boosts like servants like Mash or Team wide Evade Buff from Tristan/David come in handy for this.
  • You’ll want to try to be able to do more than knock out more than one life each turn – If you can wipe one of his lives in the first 1-2 Cards on your turn, then you should pick different servant to attack on the 2-3 Card.
  • How Guts works is that it will not activate until the servant that lands the finishing blow stops attacking, then it will use up one Guts to revive Heracles.
  • So its best to avoid Brave Chaining and instead have a different servant perform a follow up Attack to damage/kill Heracles again after the Guts Activates.
  • Continue smashing him down and surviving his attacks until you have killed him 12 times. Congrats you have cleared the 12 Labors like the Legendary Greek Hero himself!

Attacking Servant Recommendations:

Tamamo Lancer
Tamamo deals bonus damage to Males, has a powerful Charm(Watch out for Demerit), Great NP/Star Generation.
Euryale is the best male killer(make sure to put her on the back line so she doesn’t get Arts Down Debuff), Strong NP Damage, Double Charm, and NP Drain/Boost
Powerful NP That will one shot Heracles and Stun him each and every time its used, can deal big Crit Damage, be aware of her low NP Generation though.
Jeanne Alter
Jeanne Alter can smash Herc easily with her Critical Hits, she can probably wipe out the 121,000 with each Critical Hit and her NP will wipe out his HP. Small Curse damage as bonus.
Cu Chulainn
Cu is probably the best emergency servant to have on your backline when all else fails. His triple hit evade and guts will let him live surprisingly long and finish Herc off.
Kintoki Rider
Kintoki has an insane NP/Star Generation that will let him spam his NP back to back and combined with Crits will quickly kill Herc in no time.
Chloe is capable of strong NP Damage along with Critical Star Generation to provide her with Crit Damage.
Summer Artoria
Similar to Orion but better in many ways. NP Spamming, Team Def and Attack Boost, Self Heal, and 70% Chance to reduce Herc’s NP Charge.
Same as Euryale but less utility, but her damage on her regular hits will help kill Herc when the NP isn’t ready. NP Charge Reduction helps.
Another Servant with bonus against Males with her NP.

Support Servants Recommendations:

Buster Crit Memes is here and makes this battle easy.
Everyone has her, her team def buff, her NP charge + invincible, Taunt, and NP that boost def even more with attack buff. HP a bit low at 70 though.
Hes great at everything, I don’t think I need to say much about him.
Tamamo Caster
Great at Arts Support for Euryale, Orion, Summer Artoria, provides NP Boost, Cooldown Reduction, Heal, and enemy NP Charge Reduction.
One of the times Stheno really shines – Same Charm and Vampirism as Euryale paired with insane NP Generation that allows her to spam her NP to Charm lock and Defense debuff Heracles.
As always comes useful in this, but his low HP means that he may not last long in the fight against Heracles.

Revival 2018 Act 2: Master and Pupil of Light and Shadow

Battle 1/3
Werewolf/Goblin(Lancer) x 3 ~ 24,000 HP
Battle 2/3
Werewolf/Goblin(Lancer) x 3 ~ 45,000 HP
Fatal Battle 3/3
Scathach~519,000 HP + Cu Chulainn~307,000 HP

Scathach and Cu Chulainn:

  • At the start of the battle with Scathach and Cu, the Party will get NP Lock Debuff for 3 turns.
  • Cu has 3 Bar and Scathach has 4 Bar NP Gauge
  • You need to kill both of them within the same turn, if you leave one of them alive, the survivor will cast instant death to your party on the field the next turn.
  • After casting instant death, the survivor will gain massive buffs to crit damage, defense, and have a chance of instant death for each attack.
  • Cu has his infamous 3 hit evade, so either be able to bypass it or remove it.
  • Both their NP’s have a chance to inflict death and will kill servants that are protected by invul/evade.


  • An AOE Saber and a Debuff Cleanser will be ideal since you want to kill these two as soon as possible.
  • Servants that can self cleanse are handy for this.
  • Stuns/Charm/NP Charge reduction come in handy.

How to deal with the Lancer Duo:

  • Have the MLB 2 Gods 3 Legs CE on your Damage Dealer.
  • For your supports you will want CE’s that provide debuff immunity or have skills that cleanse team debuffs. (Atlas Mystic Code comes useful)
  • Anything that provides sure hit or invincibility pierce will help death will the evades that both servants can cast on themselves.
  • If you only managed to kill one of them, then you must be able to kill the other one on the next turn before they cast death on your party.
  • Focus your regular attacks on Scathach so that both servants have amount the same HP by the time your finish them off with an AOE.
  • Their NP’s can also inflict death, so its in your best interest to kill them before either of them have a chance to fire off their NP’s.
  • Use the first 2 waves to build up your NP charge and then be able to fire it off on the first turn with removal of the NP lock.

Attacking Servant Recommendations:

Ryougi Shiki(Saber)
Possessing Invul Pierce on her Mana Burst, Self Heal, and Debuff cleansing on her NP. She is a very good candidate for this exhibition.
Mordred is able to cleanse her own debuffs, increase NP Charge, and Refund a bit of NP while firing her AOE.
Siegfried like Mordred can heal/remove debuffs, Golden Rule to increase NP Gain, and when paired with George can smack Scathach and Cu down hard.
Suzuka Gozen
AOE Buster with Sure Hit and NP/Star Generation with Crit Damage.

Support Servants Recommendations:

Heals, Skill Cooldown reduction, NP Charge increase, Enemy Charge Decrease, and works well when paired with Shiki.
Buster Crit Memes, be aware that his invul will not protect you from Instant Death. You will still die even with invul if death lands.
Great Buffs and can NP Charge reduction/stun the pair.
St. George
Can draw fire and be able to Dragonize Scathach for Siegfried to smack hard on.
Can remove evade buffs and stun. Also provides a nice heal/immunity/debuff clear skill along with NP buff.
Teamwide Debuff Clear on demand with her skill.

Revival 2018 Act 3: Parade Of Hassans

Battle 1/1

Hassans x 36 ~13,000 – 84,000 HP

Cursed Arm Hassan ~ 121,000 HP

  • On Death, the Hassans will cast various effects on your team including Instant Death for one ally.
  • Enemy Buff Cleansing/Removal is a must, such as Medea’s NP or Amakusa Shirou’s NP.
  • The Final Enemy, Cursed Arm Hassan(121,000 HP) will cast Death to your Entire Team.
  • The following will cast death on a single ally on death: 1st Cursed Arm Hassan, Hundred-Faced Hassan, Hassan of Serenity.
  • This is a single stage battle, where enemies will keep coming in until you kill them all.
  • Makuru the Quick will inflict Def down and Quick down on Death.
  • Zayd the Base will inflict Def down and Arts down on Death.
  • Strange Arm Gozuru will inflict Def down and Buster down on Death.


  • Unlike the other exhibitions you cannot easily beat this with a Friend support, you will need an actual team of your own.
  • Recommended you form a sustain team with healers, buffers, debuff cleansers, etc
  • If you don’t have Amakusa or a Medea, I highly suggest you build one of your own or find a friend’s Medea, provided you can fill the other spots of your team.

How to deal with Hassans:

  • All the Assassins have a 3 turn NP-Charge Bar. Its important that you prioritize in killing them before they get their NP charged up.
  • When killing the Hassans that cast death, you must use remove their buffs, use Medea’s NP, or Amakusa Shirou’s NP.
  • If you Kill Hassan with the debuff before its removed, IE Medea’s skill, it will still activate and cast death. You must remove it before you kill them!
  • As you kill the other Hassans, you will get a lot of def and offense debuffs stacked on you, a debuff cleanser will come in handy.
  • As this battle will last a long while, it is vital that you get a healer to sustain your team for a long battle.
  • Tamamo Caster will come very handy with her ability to provide some heal, NP charge boost, and skill cooldown reduction.
  • Healers are Medea Lily or Irisviel are highly recommended for your team.
  • Its been reported that debuff immunity may not work against the defense and offensive debuff casted on death of the Hassan.
  • For your support servants, you will want anything that will speed up that rate you charge up your noble phantasm. ie Divine Banquest, Chaldea Lifesavers, etc.

Attacking Servant Recommendations:

  • Medea – Her ability to not only Spam her NP but removal of the target’s buffs make her a primary.
  • Amakusa Shirou – As a Ruler receives half damage. Can generate NP/stars every turn with his skills. His AOE NP Removes all Buffs first(removes evade) and then nukes the enemies.
  • Kiara – Can nuke down waves easily but becareful not to trigger a Hassan with the Death timer.
  • Caster Nero – Same as Kiara.
  • Scheherazade – Same as the other nukers.

Support Servants Recommendations:

  • Medea Lily – The best healer in the game, able to charge her NP bar on demand, removes debuffs, and heals the most.
  • Irisviel – Welfare Healer, will get the job done with heals and guts, but inferior to Medea Lily due to poor NP gain, weaker heals, and lack of Debuff cleansing.
  • Tamamo Caster – Very handy with her ability to buff Arts, Recharge NP for the team, provide some heal, and lower the team’s cooldown.
  • Mash – Provides Def Buffs, taunt, invincibility, always handy to have her around.
  • Hans – As always comes useful as a budget support, not as good since you probably won’t use his crits buffs as much.
  • Merlin – Heals and NP generation he provides come’s handy here.

Revival 2018 Act 4: Demonic Dragon Ascension

Battle 1/3
Wyvern(Saber) x3 ~17,000-29,000 HP
Battle 2/3
Wyvern(Saber) x3 ~27,000-39,000 HP
Fatal Battle 3/3
Siegfried~51,000 HP + Wyvern Evil(Saber) x 2 ~99,000 HP


  • Siegfried has a permanent and unremovable 200% Defense Up Passive and 90% Damage Cut.
  • His Passive has a demerit that actually increases the NP Gain for your servant when you strike him.
  • Will have an instantly filled up NP Bar on Turn 1.
  • Can Charge his NP by 1 bar, remove debuffs and heal himself for 2,500 HP
  • Can be damage with flat damage buffs ie. Divinity, Damage Plus, etc.
  • Can be damage by Curse, Poison, and Burn effects.
  • Def Ignore skills/NP will ignore up to 100% Defense.
  • Attack Buffs/Def Debuffs will directly counter act the effects of his passive.


  • Attack Buffs/Def Debuffs will directly counter act the effects of his passive.
  • You can also stack Flat Damage Buffs to bypass his defense, but its slower.
  • You may also try wearing him down with Damage over time from Curse, Poison, and Burn, but he can remove these effects and heal himself a small bit.

How to deal with Siegfried:

  • *If you have Sherlock or a Support Sherlock, he will help tremendously as he provides Def Down, Def Ignore, Invul pierce, and Crit Damage up for your Entire Team. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. He can NP Seal the Siegfried as well.
  • Double Waver and Def Ignore Servant Option will allow you to quickly deal with Siegfried:
  • Put MLB 2 Gods 3 Legs CE on your Def Ignore Servant.
  • You can put whatever you want on your Waver, as long as you can get both Waver’s to 100% NP before the fight against Siegfried.
  • Basically get through the first 2 waves and make sure you can get Everyone’s NP to 100% when the Wavers use their buffs on the Fatal Battle.
  • When its time to fight Siegfried, use all of Waver’s Buffs that will equate to 60% Total Attack buff + 1000 flat damage.
  • Use Any Mystic Code that increases Attack such as Combat Uniform or the Basic Starting Mystic Code for even more Attack Buff.
  • Now Stack their NP’s in the following Order: Waver 1 -> Waver 2 -> Def Ignore NP.
  • The Waver NP will decrease the guage of Siegfried by 2 and decrease his defense by atleast 60% and inflict 1000 Curse Damage each turn for 3 turns. Possibly Stun as well.
  • Combine everything and you will have negated atleast 140% if his defense passive. The Damage Dealer’s Def Ignore NP will negate the rest and should deal decent damage.
  • Now Start Beating down Siegfried and until he dies.
  • If you don’t have your own Waver you can also use other servants that buff attack and debuff defense. As long as you have a friend’s Waver it should help.

Attacking Servant Recommendations:

ST NP Ignores Defense. up to 40% attack Buff.
Emiya provides Def ignore NP AOE, evade and attack reduction.
Kintoki can one shot Siegfried with the proper support. But as a Berserker, you may have issues getting him to the last stage.
Lu Bu
Lu Bu is a budget Kintoki, who will outdamage Kintoki at NP5 compared to a NP1 Kintoki.
Shiki isn’t the best, but shes a welfare that should be able to Kill Siegfried with her Def Ignore NP.

Support Servants Recommendations:

Waver is bar none the best support, his ability to provides attack boosts and defense debuffs make him perfect against Siegfried.
Elizabeth Balthory
Liz provides Attack boost from her Charisma and def debuff, but its recommended you save her for the back line as she’s a lancer.
Shuten Douji
Not only provides Attack buffs, but also AOE Defense Debuff and Charm, her NP adds even more Def and other Debuffs.
Provides a long duration def down that increases each turn. Lasting 5 turns and going up to 50% Defense Decrease.
Provides significant damage and survival boosts.
SherlockOne of the best for this CQ. Provides Def down, Invul Pierce, Def Ignore(Negates 100% Def Up), Crit Damage up for the entire team. Also can NP Seal Siegfried.

Revival 2018 Act 5: Mother of Warriors

Battle 1/3
Celtic Soldier(Rider) x 3 ~22,000 HP
Battle 2/3
Celtic Soldier(Rider) x 3 ~32,000 HP
Fatal Battle 3/3

Medb ~419,000 HP

Celtic Soldier(Rider) x 5 ~ 64,000 HP

Druid(Caster) x 2 ~138,000 HP


  • Medb comes with the following buffs: Invulnerability, 90% Arts Resist, 90% Buster Resist, Defense Up, Defense Up, Defense Up, And 90% Quirk Resist.
  • Killing a minion will remove one buff each time in the following order above.
  • Medb can Charm All Male Servants, MAX NP Charge for her allies(except self), Heal allies for 20,000 HP, and inflict taunt on a single enemy.
  • Celtic Soldier Minions boost Medb’s NP by +2 when they enter the battle and boost her attack(except the first two at the beginning)
  • Druids appear after all the Soldiers are dead and will boost Medb’s Attack when coming on the field.
  • Defense Buffs on Medb is approximately 80-85% total.


  • The Best Servant to kill Medb Quickly is Assassin Shiki, just kill the two minions and use her Defense Ignore NP completely bypass her Defense Up to kill her.
  • Using Jack is also possible, but will require you to kill ALL her minions to really even scratch her.
  • Avoid using Male Servants as Medb can mess with them using her Charm.

How to deal with Medb:

  • Equip your MLB 2 Gods 3 Legs on Shiki Assassin, Bring along an AOE Assassin or Berserker. Bring a Rider along to kill the pesky Druids.
  • At start of the Fatal Battle, Use your AOE NP to wipe out her First two minions and that should make her Invulnerability and Arts Resist Disappear.
  • Next turn use Shiki’s NP that should kill Medb leaving only her minions to deal with.
  • After you killed the Soldiers, Druids will pop out.
  • Use your Rider to kill the Druids and finish the match.

Attacking Servant Recommendations:

The best Assassin to use to kill Medb early, as the longer Medb is alive the greater the threat she is to your team.
Can Arts Nukes Medb and her Celtic Soldiers. Can draw fire and NP Spam with the proper setup.
Can deal with both Riders and Casters as an Alter Ego. Can spam her Arts NP and kill Medb quickly.
Carmilla is another option to kill Medb as long as you remove her Defense Buffs and Buster Resist.
Jack can do it, but you have to remove all of Medb’s buff to deal any damage to her. Not sure if you want to try.
MeltlilithJust like Jack but not as good.

Support Servants Recommendations:

Shuten Douji
Provides not only AOE Damage but also Attack buff, Charm, and all sorts of Debuffs.
Def Buff, Attack Buff, Damage Reduction, Invul, Taunt. All sorts of great things in our special Kouhai.
Provides Art Buff, Cooldown reduction, Healing. Will have to be careful as she is a caster against a bunch of Riders.

Revival 2018 Act 6: The Oldest Hero

Battle 1/3
Centaur(Archer) x 3 ~28,000-37,000 HP
Battle 2/3
Centaur(Archer) x 3 ~39,000-61,000 HP
Fatal Battle 3/3
Gilgamesh ~ 1.5 Million HP


  • On Fatal Battle, NP Gauge will be reduced to 0% and NP Damage Reduced(10 Turns) for All Allies on the team, including sub-members
  • Gilgamesh will buff his attack each turn for 20 turns, so you must kill him quickly before he starts wipping your team.
  • DO NOT REMOVE HIS BUFF, ITS A TRAP!! He will simply recast it on himself again and it will completely fill up his NP Bar.
  • Gilgamesh strikes 5 time each attack, meaning he will fill up your NP Gauge Fairly Quickly when he strikes you.
  • Gilgamesh has high debuff resistance, so don’t rely too much on debuffs for this stage. Only Scathach’s Stun is guaranteed.


  • Since NP Damage is reduced in the event, Being able to deal damage with Crits and quickly charging up your NP would be very helpful.
  • A strong ST Lancer that is able deal crit damage and possess some form of evade/invul would be helpful.
  • You will want to end this battle as quickly as possible as Gilgamesh will boost his attack each turn.

How to deal with Gilgamesh:

  • One of the best Servants for dealing with Gilgamesh is of course Scathach, if you have your own then great, if not try to find a friend who does.
  • Scathach can not only do massive damage to Gil with her Anti-divinity NP and Stun. But when she’s pair with a crit damage buff, she can make short work of him
  • Make sure you have a 2 Gods/3 Legs CE equipped on her as you’ll need it.
  • Try to pair her up with servants that can generate crit stars and give her crit damage. IE. Hans/Waver
  • Quickly try to get past Wave 1 and 2 and don’t bother trying to build up your NP as it will all get wiped once the Fatal Battle Starts.
  • Use Crit Damage to not only deal damage on Goldie but also will help generate NP.
  • When Gil is about to fire off his NP, get your evade ready. As long as Scathach survives, it doesn’t really matter at this point if the rest of your servants do.
  • Continue beating down Gil and eventually he should fall.

Attacking Servant Recommendations:

ScathachAs mentioned above, say no more.
Raikou Lancer
Deals some strong Crit Damage. NP Damage is not a concern when she can practically nuke Gilgamesh with a few well placed Buster Crits.
Tamamo Lancer
Can deal Big Damage, Quickly Generate NP and star, and has an Invul to survive his NP.
Cu Chulainn
Cu has returned for payback. His uncanny ability to survive makes him a decent Backline finisher just in case your Shishou Dies.
Lancer Artoria Alter
Her ability to Crit Smash on Demand can potentially destroy Gil in a few turns without relying on her NP provided she has some support.

Support Servants Recommendations:

Defense Buffs, Attack, Heals are nice. But his ability to provide Crit Damage boosts and stars is handy for this.
Waver is amazing as always and this place is no exception.
Her defense buffs, targetted invul, and taunt come handy in a tight spot.
Crit Buster Memes let you nuke down Gilgamesh Easily with a few buster crits.

Revival 2018 Finale : All Out Battle

Battle 1/1
1Jack ~ 111,000 HP
2Medea ~ 130,000 HP
3Lancer Artoria Alter ~ 155,000 HP
4Amakusa Shirou ~96,000 HP
5Ozymandias ~ 164,000 HP
6Nero ~ 259,000 HP
  • 1-3 – First Initial Starting Wave.
  • 4-6 – Replacements that come in after Wave 1 Servants die.

Enemy Effects:

Jack – Reduce Buff rate of all enemies(3 times) (start of the battle) and Recover 5,000 HP to all allies each turn(including Sub) upon Death.
Medea – Inflict 1,000 Damage Poison to all for 10 turns(Used During her First Turn) and Increase Defense +50% for all allies(Including Sub) upon Death.
Lancer Alter – Increase NP charge of all Allies by 2 PER TURN (Including Sub) upon Death
Amakusa Shirou – Decrease Max HP of all Enemies by 2,000 for 10 turns and increase Crit Rate of all allies(Including Sub) upon death
Ozymandias – Increases Attack and Defense for 5 turns and heals 3,400 HP Upon Entry, Increase NP of all allies by 1, Gives Ignore Evasion to all Allies on death.
Nero – 3 Times Guts(Revives with 51,713 HP), Increase Crit Rate and Crit Damage(Unremovable Passive), Increase Attack and Defense for 5 Turn and heal 3,400 HP.
Nero – Provides Guts to all allies(1 Time) When Defeated.


  • All the buffs that each Servant puts on their allies on their death is unremovable.
  • It would be a good idea to save your command spells for this exhibition due to its difficulty.
  • There is one Servant that shines in this and that is Amakusa Shirou. Ever wonder why he’s rated so high? That’s because of Challenge Quests such as this.
  • If you have a friend with a Shirou, then it would be worth it to put it into your team especially on the 2nd Wave.
  • You will want a Team Debuff Cleanser such as Martha, who will remove the poison and reduced buff rate debuff that is applied after the first turn.
  • You will want to kill Jack First as she has a short NP Bar and can deal significant Damage if left alone.
  • Save Killing Medea for Last, As annoying as her constant Rule Breaker Spam can be, killing her for the 50% Defense Buff will make the fight take much longer.
  • Kill Amakusa Shirou who will pop up after Jack Dies, if Lancer Alter is getting close firing off her NP, you’ll want to kill her as well before she does.
  • You will want to kill Ozymandias Afterwards so that he can’t keep charging up his team’s NP. A Defense Ignore NP/Buff Removal will make this Job Easier.
  • Smack Nero Down, and avoid brave chaining so you can take multiple lives of her’s down. When she dies, she will Cast Guts on the only survivor Medea.
  • Now kill Medea and You Win!

Attacking Servant Recommendations:

Amakusa Shirou
As mentioned before. As an Ruler, Amakusa only takes half the damage. His ability to generate NP and Star, and his AOE NP Removing Buffs make him invaluable.
Kintoki’s Ignore Defense NP will let him melt through the enemy Servants like its nothing.
Emiya’s NP actually comes handy as it Ignore Defense. Not to mention his Class Advantage against Nero will make dealing with her easier.
Cu Alter
Cu Alter is the King of Solo, he is capable of fighting it out solo, provided you know how to use him.
Jeanne Alter
You can smash your way through this with Merlins.
Can easily burst her way through majority of the enemy Servants.
Has NP Damage Bonus Against all the Servants in this CQ. If you have him then use him.
Another Option an inferior Gilgamesh but good nonetheless.

Support Servants Recommendations:

Her Buffs and Support set make her very good for this, as this maybe a long battle.
As mentioned about Martha’s Debuff Cleanse and Small Heal along with Debuff Removal make her very handy for this Fight.
Waver is always useful. No exception Here.
The ability to provides Heals, NP Charge, Skill cooldown Reduction. Tamamo comes very handy for long fights like this.
Buster Crit Memes. NP and Star Gen, and Teamwide Invul Makes this fight easy especially when you have Jalter.
Hans possesses many buffs in one and he will keep your team alive and killing.

2019 Act 1 – Super Regeneration Muscles

Battle 1/1
Mindless(Berserker) x 3 ~ 28,000 HP
Fatal Battle 2/2 (Break Bar 1st/2nd/3rd)
Spartacus ~ (401,820/499,560/575,480)


  • Spartacus will inflict Buster Down for 3 turns on Frontline Team.
  • Delayed HP Recovery of 90,000 HP once every 3 turns.
  • Grants self Damage UP and Anti-King Servant Crit Bonus.
  • Quick cards will debuff HP Recovery Rate on Spartacus.
  • Can boost own NP Charge by one bar.
  • Traits: Male, Man, Greek Mythology Male, Servant.


  • As a Male Berserker, you can trivially handle him using Anti-Male Servants.(Avoid Medb as she possesses the King Trait)
  • Euryale comes as the most accessible and capable Anti-Male Servant here.
  • Avoid Bringing any servants with King Trait as Spartacus can easily kill them.
  • You may use any of the following Anti-Male Servants: Euryale, Orion, and Summer Tamamo.
  • I would recommend Euryale in this CQ due to her NP High Damage Multipliers and double Charm.
  • You may use any of the following Anti-Male Servants: Euryale, Orion, and Summer Tamamo.
  • When going with Euryale or Orion go with Tamamo Caster along with Mash. If you using Summer Tamamo go with Merlin and other Buster Supports
  • Use Wave 1 to build up NP for your Team so they’ll be ready to Fire off on turn 1.
  • With the sheer amount of damage you will deal, the Healing won’t be an issue as you’ll be breaking his bars easily with your NP/Crits.
  • Since Spartacus lacks Sure Hit or Invul Pierce you can use Merlin, David, Tristan to protect your team incase he’s about to use his NP.
  • Charms and Stuns will help delay him from firing off his NP as well since he doesn’t have any sort of debuff resistance.
  • Penthesilea is another option but she possesses the King Trait which would get her killed easily.




2019 Act 2 – Cursing Ootakemaru

Battle 1/1
Imp(Berserker) x 3 ~ 24,000 HP
Fatal Battle 2/2 (Break Bar 1st/2nd/3rd)
Suzuka Gozen ~ (272,916/311,904/383,888)


  • Suzuka will randomly place Taunt on one servant and focus on them.
  • Each hit she lands will reduce NP Gain of the target Servant.
  • Suzuka has a special mechanic for each break bar:
  • First Phase will rotate her weakness to one Card Type while resistant to others in this starting order: Quick -> Arts -> Buster.
  • 2nd Phase will instead rotate her Class Type in the starting Order: Lancer -> Rider -> Caster.
  • 3rd Phase will rotate her weakness to a Servant’s Alignment in the starting Order: Neutral -> Good -> Evil.
  • Traits: Female, Divine, Sky, Riding, Saber


  • A quick way of defeating Suzuka is having a Quick/Saber/Neutral Servant which there are two: Okita and Caesar.
  • An NP1 Okita with decent skill levels can practically solo this CQ with 2 Gods 3 Legs CE. You can use yours or use a friend’s
  • Use Wave 1 to build up their NP so that they are ready to fire it off once the Final Battle Begins.
  • Suzuka can crit your servants down so you want to finish this battle as quickly as possible.
  • First Phase you want a ST Quick NP ready to fire off. Alternative options are Billy the Kid or Tristan.
  • Second Phase you want to have a Saber that can either NP or Crit her down before she rotates. Bedivere and Lancelot are decent alternatives here.
  • Third Phase you want a Neutral Archer servant to quickly reduce her defensive protection with their cards: David, Nobunaga, Arjuna, Emiya, Billy, Orion, Summer Anne/Mary.
  • Okita Solo Option(Using Default Starting Mystic Code):
Pair Okita up with servants that draw fire such as St. George and Leonidas. Giving them NP Charge/Def Up CE on Defeat would be ideal.
Build up NP on Okita while the berserkers kill your bait servants.
Start off Phase one by using the Mystic Code’s Attack Buff and having Okita fire off with her NP with Quick Cards for Q Brave chain.
Use Okita’s Evasion Skill to boost her Crit Damage and smash Suzuka’s 2nd Bar.
Start building Okita’s NP Bar back up while trying to deal more crit damage to Suzuka.
Once Okita’s NP is ready user her Quick Up skill and finish Suzuka off.



2019 Act 3 – Stellar Rainfall

Battle 1/1
Sea Demon(Archer) x 3 ~ 20,000 HP
Fatal Battle 2/2 (Break Bar 1st/2nd/3rd)
Arash ~5,308,380 HP


  • Arash has unremovable 3 times Guts along with Stun Immunity and Buff Removal Resistance.
  • His NP will penetrate invulnerability and evasion.
  • Everytime Arash fires off his NP he comes back with half HP of over 2 Million.
  • After his 3rd Stella he will cast one more guts on himself and charge his NP Back to Full.
  • Stella Deals a massive damage of 150,000+ to your team, you practically need 100% Defense Buff to survive.
  • Traits: Male, Earth


  • Your main goal will be to let Arash fire off Stella 5 times and kill himself
  • The usages of defense stacking and guts will be the way for you to win.
  • Its very impractical to try to use Damage to kill him as he has million of hitpoints and need to be killed atleast 4 times.
  • Focus on using purely defensive or utility Craft Essense.
  • Defensive CE’s such as Steel Training, Melty Chocolate, Magdelene Shroud will greatly help in letting you tank Stella.
  • Guts from Irisviel will protect your whole team and bring them back after his Stella.
  • When using Guts combine with Defense Boost and Healers to stay alive long enough for Arash to fire Stella 5 Times.
  • A frontline Team(with Defense Up CE’s) of Mash, St. George, and Leonidas will let you tank Stella long enough for Arash to fire off 4 times before dying.
  • A guts team of Irisviel, Medea Lily, Mash/Tamamo, will let you live and heal your way through the stellas up until the 4th one.
  • Your Backline can have servants like Cu and Heracles who can delay for turns long enough for Arash to kill himself with his Stella.




2019 Act 4 – Black and White Brothers

Battle 1/1
Homunculus(Lancer) x 3 ~19,000 HP
Fatal Battle 2/2 (Break Bar 1st/2nd/3rd)
Karna ~(190,848/245,376)
Arjuna ~(238,140/291,060)

Karna and Arjuna

  • Karna and Arjuna both deal heavy damage against Divine Servants so avoid bringing them.
  • When you break Arjuna’s 1st bar, Karna becomes extremely tanky and gets a full NP Bar.
  • When you break Karna’s 1st bar, Arjuna gets Instant-Kill Rate up on his NP.
  • If Arjuna dies, Karna deals more damage and gains an NP Charge Every Turn.
  • If Karna dies, Arjuna will drain all NP Gauge to 0 and reduces NP Gain and reduces NP Charge Skill Amount by 90%.
  • Arjuna has debuff immunity while Karna deals additional crit damage.
  • Traits: Male, Sky, Divine


  • Focus on Killing Karna first and avoid breaking Arjuna’s first bar while Karna is alive as it will make him much harder to kill.
  • Using AOE to damage them both while using normal cards to break Karna’s bars is the fastest solution.
  • The battle is fairly quick one but instant death from Arjuna is fairly high and can mess you up. Don’t fret if you have to try a few times.
  • Lancer Artoria is probably the most ideal servant for this as she can spam her AOE NP and kill Karna and then Arjuna.
  • Use Wave 1 to prepare your NP using face cards.
  • Start off turn 1 of the Boss Battle by firing off your NP and breaking Karna’s First Bar while trying to leave Arjuna’s First bar unbroken.
  • Now use up your NP charge Skills to get your AOE Fired off once again to kill Karna and break Arjuna’s First Bar.
  • Remember that Arjuna has immunity so you can’t stun/charm him. Use Invul or evade to protect yourself from his NP(instant death might still get you though)
  • Since Arjuna drains your NP and reduces your NP Charge abilities it is best to try to rely on some Crit Supports to quickly knock him down and win the match.




2019 Act 5 – The Last Supper

Boss (Break Bar 1st/2nd/3rd)
Da Vinci ~(106,942/392,122)
Minions(Single Wave with replacements)
1Doll(Assassin) ~107,000 HP
2Helter Skelter(Saber) ~113,000 HP
3Chimera(Berserker) ~129,000 HP
4Gazer(Archer) ~152,000 HP
5Bicorn(Lancer) ~146,000 HP
6Soul Eater(Assassin) ~154,000 HP
7Sphinx(Caster) ~175,000 HP
8Manticore(Rider) ~205,000 HP
9Demon(Rider) ~231,000 HP
Massive Ghost(Assassin) ~239,000 HP
11Boar(Berserker) ~277,000 HP
12Spriggan(Saber) ~260,000 HP

Da Vinci and Minions

  • Hitting Enemies will Drain 1 NP Bar per hit(including on Da Vinci Boss).
  • All Enemies have 5 Turn NP Bar
  • Hitting Enemy will trigger their skills:
    Helter Skelter – 5 Turn Curse
    Doll – 1 Turn Skill Seal
    Chimera – 3 Turn NP Down
    Gazer – 3 Turn NP Gain Down
    Sphinx – Cast Taunt on Self Every Turn
    Manticore – 2 Turn NP SEAL
    Demon – Defense Down
    Massive Ghost – Reduce NP to 0
    Boar – Reduce MAX HP to 1
    Spriggan – Stun
  • Breaking Da Vinci’s First Bar will full charge the NP of all enemies on the field.
  • Killing Da Vinci will give 99% Defense Up, NP Damage Up, Invul Pierce, and Attack Up to every enemy.
  • Da Vinci can randomly buff any enemy with 2 NP bars and grant Invul Pierce on herself.
  • Traits: Female, Star


  • Avoid Killing Da Vinci at all costs until the very end.
  • Try to quickly kill her minions, especially the Sphinx.
  • If Da Vinci has an invul pierce and her NP ready to fire. Hit her a few times to reduce her bar and make the invul pierce expire.
  • You could sort of cheese this by having Cu Alter with 2 Gods 3 Legs CE along with the Atlas Mystic Code. (Need George and Leonidas to buy some time)
  • Leave the Helter Skelter alone until its NP gets close to firing off.
  • Focus on the other minions and then focus on killing the Sphinx ASAP once it appears.
  • As long as you can consistently kill a minion per turn, Da Vinci will be busy buffing one of her Minion’s NP rather than using invul pierce.
  • You’ll want to use your NP to kill Manticore and the Massive Ghost when they show up as they prevent you from using it for a while.
  • When the boar appears it will reduce the MAX HP of your Team to 1 so make sure to have a teamwide defense skill available to use.
  • Once the boar and the spriggan show up, make sure to have a Team wide invul/evade up to break Da Vinci’s First Bar(as long as she doesn’t have invul pierce) and make them waste it.
  • Kill the boar first and then the spriggan.
  • Finally finish off Da Vinci and win the battle. (YOU DO NOT WANT TO KILL DA VINCI BEFORE ALL THE MINIONS ARE DEAD!)


2019 Act 6 – Old Man of the Mountain

Boss (Break Bar 1st/2nd/3rd)
King Hassan(666,900/717,310 HP)
Minions(99 Hassan Reinforcements)
Makhur ~ 7,548
Zayd ~63,883
Gozhur ~101,340


  • King Hassan has a 20x Damage Resistant Buff that makes him invincible.
  • Each turn he sacrifices one of his Hassan Minions to buff himself and reduce the Damage Resistance buff.
  • King Hassan will target your frontmost servant and has a chance to instant kill on regular attacks
  • King Hassan will always be the first enemy to make his move each turn.
  • Starting at 15x Damage Resistance, you can start dealing damage to him.
  • King Hassan will consume the Highest HP Hassan for the following effects:
  • Gozhur – Grants him 3 Turn Attack up and increase NP Bar by 1.
    Zayd – Increases Critical Hit Rate for 3 turns.
    Makhur – Heals for 10,000 HP
  • King Hassan will easily instant death any servant that isn’t BB or another King Hassan with his NP.
  • Once King Hassan’s First Bar is Broken he will randomly be able to evade any attack that is Quick/Arts/Buster. You can use a card type he isn’t evading or use sure hit/invul pierce to bypass his evade.
  • Battle Ends once King Hassan is dead regardless of how many Hassan Minions remain.
  • Traits: Male


  • You will want your frontmost servant to be a servant with very low death chance and be able to tank King Hassan’s attacks.
  • BB has the lowest death rate in the game at only 0.6% and able to tank/provide support to your team.
  • King Hassan is immune to instant death, but his utility to the team is rather limited.
  • Another option is using the Mature Gentleman CE that provides 60(80)% death resistance.
  • If you’re using BB, it would be a good idea to fit her with Defense boosting CE especially Magdelene Shroud that will reduce King Hassan’s damage by 30% by itself.
  • You’ll want to go with a sustain team with servants like Merlin, Tamamo, Mash, Hans, Irisviel, Medea Lily and other options.
  • Having a Damage Dealing Caster or Alter Ego with 2 Gods 3 Legs would good for killing King Hassan and Guts from instant death.
  • You generally want to leave the hassan minions as having them on the field prevents King Hassan from taking 3 full actions.
  • You’ll want to be hitting King Hassan the whole battle and wear him down as quickly as possible.
  • A lot of the fight depends on luck so if you lose a bunch of servants to instant death its best to start over.


2019 Finale

1Kid Gil(Archer) ~129,600 HP
2Martha(Rider) ~158,951 HP
3Medea Lily(Caster) ~158,983 HP
4Cu Alter(Berserker) ~135,516 HP
5Kotarou(Assassin) ~131,268 HP
6Brynhildr(Lancer) ~163,075 HP
7Nero(Saber) ~155,952 HP


  • Each Enemy has a special buff from themselves and one that applies to the entire team while they’re on the field:
  • Kid Gil – Self: Buster Resist(3T) / Team: NP Damage Up
    Martha – Self: Crit Damage Resist(3T) / Team: Crit Damage Up
    Medea Lily – Self: NP Damage Resist(3T) / Team: Defense Up
    Cu Alter – Self: Quick Resist(3T) / Team: Attack Up
    Kotarou – Self: Negate Damage to 0 (3 Times) / Team: Crit Rate Up
    Brynhildr – Self: Arts Resist(3T) / Team: Pierce Invul/Evade
    Nero – Provides 1 Time Guts to Full HP and charges allies Bar to MAX when showing up on field.
  • Medea Lily can buff herself with incredibly High Defense randomly.


  • You have two options: go fast and kill Medea Lily first or go slower but safer and kill Martha first.
  • Speed Run Kill Order: Medea(Lily) > Cu Alter > Kid Gil > Brynhildr > Nero > Kotarou > Martha.
  • Slow but Steady Kill Order: Martha > Cu Alter > Kid Gil > Kotarou > Brynhildr > Nero > Medea Lily
  • Remember that once Nero Shows up on field make sure to have a teamwide Invul/evade ready and kill Bryn.
  • Your best options are to have defense ignore or Invul Piercing NP Servants to deal with this CQ.
  • It is best to use ST rather than AOE so you can control the kill order more easily. You don’t want Nero to pop out too early.
  • If you have Def Ignore than Medea Lily can easily be taken care of later as she’ll do very little damage and her NP only heals.
  • The CQ is rather easy, as long as you pay attention to the kill order and be prepared for Nero to show up, you’ll get through this rather easily compared to some of the previous CQ’s.

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