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GUDAGUDA Meiji Ishin Re-run(05/08 01:00 – 05/19 20:59 PST)

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S001 status servant 1

Main Event Page

General Info

Main Quest

Support Setup

S068 status servant 1Battle Round 1

Round 1 Info

Drop Table

S161 status servant 1Battle Round 2

Round 2 Info

Drop Table

S162 status servant 1Battle Round 3

Round 3 Info

Drop Table

S069 status servant 1Epilogue + CQ

Epilogue Info

Drop Table

Challenge Quest



-No, not really, the drops aren’t all that great and you can clear the point banner and shop using natural alone. Save your apples for the upcoming Hunting Quest that will most likely come after.

Straight up what you need to know:

  1. You will need to grind 1 Million Points for each of the two Factions in this event by running “Opposing Armies” Free Quests.
  2. You can do these Battles for Both Sides whenever you want, you are not locked to one side.
  3. There will be a total of three rounds, after the three rounds, you will have an epilogue round that you can grind til the end of the event.
  4. Focus on farming Faction Point in the three rounds. Epilogue is better for Event Currency Farming with greater yields.
  5. At the end of each round, the winning faction will grant bonus points for that faction to ALL PLAYERS, as long as you have done an “Opposing Armies” Quest during the Battle Round.
  6. You have Two Event CE you can get. The Shop CE will boost your Point Gain(MLB at your discretion) while the Point Banner CE will increase your Team Damage(MLB ASAP).
  7. There will be Bonus Servants that receive Damage Boost for this event (Refer to Infographic)
  8. Last Chance to get 4* AOE Berserker Chacha(Mostly a starter AOE Berserker, but if you already played this event then you probably have someone better to use).
  9. First Time Event Participants will receive a Grail(Crystallized Lore for previous participants).

Battle Schedule

“Opposing Armies” BattleBattle Period
Battle 12020-05-08 01:00 – 05-09 00:59 PDT
Battle 22020-05-09 01:00 – 05-10 00:59 PDT
Battle 3Begins 2020-05-10 01:00 PDT


Infographic by Kevinrealk:

Main Quests

Ch 1


Class-Saber-Bronze Nobu x2

Eiraku Coins

Gold Dust

Ch 2Class-Saber-Gold Okita ~59,044 HPMonuments
Ch 3-1Class-Berserker-Bronze Mecha Nobu x7


Eiraku Coins

Ch 3-2

Wave 1

Class-Berserker-BronzeMecha Nobu x3

Wave 2

Class-Caster-Gold Edison ~53,240 HP

Class-Archer-Gold Tesla ~51,156 HP

Class-Rider-Bronze UFO Nobu ~17,602 HP

Eiraku Coins

Gold Dust


Ch 4Class-Archer-Gold Tesla ~55,328 HPMonuments
Ch 5

Wave 1

Class-Berserker-Gold MHX Alter ~23,998 HP

Class-Assassin-Gold MHX 18,600 HP

Class-Berserker-Bronze Nobu 6,307 HP

Wave 2

Class-Lancer-Silver Cu Chulainn ~28,750 HP

Class-Caster-Silver Medea ~16,780 HP

Class-Berserker-Bronze Mecha Nobu ~10,080 HP

Wave 3

Class-Berserker-Bronze Mecha Nobu x2 10,482 HP

Class-Archer-GoldEmiya Lifebar1 70,900 HP
Lifebar0 60,660 HP


Eiraku Coins


Ch 6

Class-Rider-Bronze Edward Teach ~30,632 HP

Class-Caster-GoldHelena  ~30,072 HP

Ch 7

Class-Ruler-Gold Demon Pillar Andras Lifebar1 145,792 HP
Lifebar0 98,950 HP


Class-Berserker-Gold Hijikata Lifebar1 240,520 HP
Lifebar0 200,110 HP



Free Quest Drop Table

Event Currency Drop rates are Base numbers without any bonus.

Event Currency Drop = Total Drops (Numbers of Stacks x Drop Bonus)

Challenge Quest

  • Challenge Quests will unlock once you have cleared the Event Main Quests.
  • You will be facing against Nezha(AOE Lancer) for this battle.
  • Traits: Female, Servant, Humanoid, Divine, Sky, Neutral Good.
  • Health Bars: 254,267 / 308,039 / 354,914 
  • NP Bar: 4 Charges to fire.

Special Boss Abilities:

  1. Starts off with 3 Turn Sure Hit at Start of battle.
  2. Breaking her first bar will inflict Massive Debuffs to your Frontline Team that last 5 Turns and cannot be cleansed by normal means.
  3. Striking her with an NP will remove 3 of those debuff from your team.
  4. On her last bar she will grant her self substantial Offensive and Defensive Buffs that cannot be removed by normal means.
  5. You must Strike her with QUICK Damage to strip these buffs.
  6. On her last bar she will be able to grant her self invincibility for one turn and Invincibility Pierce for 3 turns.

Dealing with Nezha:

  1. Nezha does some significant damage, you will want someone to be able to draw her attacks and survive, Chevalier De’on works perfectly for this as a Saber she takes only half damage, has a high HP pool, can Taunt for 3 turns, can buff herself with Evade and 3 turn Defense Buff, and an NP that reduces Nezha’s Attack/Defense, along with a chance to charm her. (Chevalier equipped with Iron-Willed Training will let her easily tank Nezha for a long time).
  2. She has 4 turns before she fires off her NP, you will want to break her First Bar and let the Sure Hit Expire with some form of evade/invul to protect your team and make her waste it.
  3. A Quick Saber such as Caesar, Okita, Saber Frankenstein are the best choices as they deal Single Target Damage, deals quick damage to dispel Nezha’s Buffs. Equip them with a CE that grants Invul Pierce such as Sweet Crystal CE so you don’t have to deal with her Invul on last bar.
  4. Have two Sabers, one on your Frontline to break her First bar while having an NP Ready for her 2nd Bar, and the other in the backline to bring in once she is on her 2nd bar. The Backline Saber will not be debuffed when you break her first bar.
  5. After Nezha fires off her NP, quickly break her last bar and use quick attacks to get rid of her buffs and finish her off before she has a chance to fire off her NP with Invul Pierce.

Support Formation Setup

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