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General Information(02/18 00:00 – 03/01 19:59 PST)

Guide Work in Progress, will be adding more content tomorrow.

  • Fuyuki Singularity Required to Participate in Main Event.
  • Solomon Singularity Required to Participate in Challenge Quest.
  • This is a 100 Mission Based Event. Clear Missions to Progress and Receive Rewards.
  • Many of the Missions will require to kill a clear number of specific enemy types.
  • The Event will provide you with CE’s boost that enemy spawn rate 25-50%.
  • Asagami Fujino is a 4* Limited Servant that has not been featured outside of this event. If you want her this is your only chance for the foreseeable future!


Event Tips and Advice

  • This guide will list step by step what you should do to clear 100 Missions while being efficient as possible.
  • You can clear this event on Natural AP with time to spare as long as you’re diligent, so save your apples towards the end if you need to.
  • Combine your MLB Spawn CE with a Friend’s MLB CE to get guaranteed double spawns to help you clear mission progress faster.
  • A Few Missions will require you to Bond 5 Shiki and Ascend her Twice. Make sure you save those Embers in the shop for when you get Shiki. Also place her on the team when you get her.
  • Shiki is one of the best 4* Assassins in the game, she gets an NP Interlude later that makes her hit very hard as a NP5 Welfare.
  • Instant Death will come handy here as most enemies are Undead, which have high death rates.
  • If you’re looking Bones, Dust, or Lanterns then you’re in luck as you’ll be doing plenty of quests that drop them at fairly decent rates.

Infographic created by Kevinrealk:

Step by Step Walkthrough Part 1 (30+ Missions Completed)

  1. Clear First Encounter Main Quest. (Shiki Assassin ~30k HP) To clear mission 1 and get a temporary copy of Shiki.
  2. Clear Room 101 Main Quest.
    1/2Living Corpse x 2Rider2,230
    DropsIce Cream  
  3. Farm Room 101 until you killed 10 Living Corpse(Summer’s Precognition CE) for Mission 11.
    1/2Living Corpse x 2Rider5,720
    2/2Living Corpse x 2Rider10,748
    DropsIce CreamVoid Dust 
  4. Clear Room 102 to clear Mission 2.
    1/2Ghost x 3Assassin967
    2/2Ghost x 2Assassin967
    DropsMineral Water  
  5. Farm Mansion Entrance until you killed 20 Ghosts(Chorus CE) for Mission 15.
    1/2Ghost x 3Assassin967
    2/2Ghost x 2Assassin967
    DropsMineral Water  
  6. Clear Room 104 for Mission 3.
    1/2Living Corpse x 2Rider1,379
    2/2Living Corpse x 2Rider1,883
    DropsMineral Water / Ice Cream  
  7. Farm Room 103 until you kill 20 skeletons(Chorus CE) for Mission 19.
    1/2Skeleton x 2Lancer5,266
    2/2Skeleton x 2Lancer14,652
    DropsMineral WaterBones 
  8. Clear Room 201.
    1/3Ghost x 2Assassin3,248
    2/3Ghost / Base ModelAssassin4,541
    3/3Ghost / Base ModelAssassin8,641
     Phantom of OperaAssassin22,916
    DropsMineral Water / Ice CreamLantern 
  9. Farm Room 202 until you kill 20 Base Model(Threefold Barrier CE) for Mission 23.
    1/3Base ModelAssassin4,541
    2/3Base ModelAssassin5,616
    3/3Base ModelAssassin9,713
     Cursed Arm HassanAssassin25,861
    DropsMineral Water / Ice CreamGear 
  10. Clear Room 203.
    1/3Skeleton x 2Lancer2,281
    2/3Skeleton x 2Lancer3,296
    3/3Vengeful SeptetRider7,422
    DropsMineral Water / Black CatLanternBones
  11. Clear Room 204 for Mission 4.
    1/2Ghost x 3Assassin2,270
    2/2Ghost x 2Assassin4,037
    DropsMineral Water  
  12. Farm 201/202 until you kill 10 Male Servants for Mission 27.
  13. Farm 203 until you kill 10 Female Servants for Mission 31.
  14. Farm 301 until you kill 30 Vengeful Spirit Septets(Decapitating Bunny CE) for Mission 35.
    DropsBlack Cat / Ice CreamLantern 
  15. Clear Room 304(Zombie Soldiers / Boudica Berserker) for Mission 5.
  16. Farm 201/202 until you kill 15 Assassin Servants for Mission 39
  17. Clear Room 404(Ghosts / Lancer Alter) for Mission 6.
  18. Farm 203 until you kill 10 Divine Servants for Mission 45.
  19. Farm 502 (Ghost / Vlad III) until you kill 200 Mansion Spirits(Chorus CE) and Farm Mineral Water for Chorus CE. Mission 16-18.
  20. Clear Room 504(Ghost / Massive Ghost) for Mission 7 and obtain a Permanent Copy of Shiki.
  21. Farm 202 until you kill 10 Evil Servants for Mission 50.
  22. Farm 603(Skeletons / Mordred) to kill 200 Skeletons(chorus CE) and Farm Mineral Water for the Shop. Mission 20-22.
  23. Farm 403(Ghosts / Base Model / Stheno) to kill 100 Base Forms(Threefold Barrier CE) and Farm Strawberry Ice Cream for the Shop. Mission 24-25. You should have cleared at least 30 Missions at this point for Mission 81 to unlock Incinerated Remains.
  24. Clear the newly unlocked Incinerated Remains. You can use the Support Saber Shiki along with other instant death Servants to kill the 6,666,666 HP Ghost Boss and obtain the Hidden Key.




Step by Step Walkthrough Part 2 (After clearing Incinerated Remains)

You’ll want to clear any open rooms you have available, if they are not available check the Missions below:

  1. Clear Room 302(Ghost / Septet / Ushiwakamaru)
  2. Clear Room 303(Living Corpse / Base Model / Spartacus)
  3. Clear Room 401(Skeletons / Living Corpse / Darius).
  4. Clear Room 402(Septets / Living Corpse / Nursery Rhyme).
  5. Clear Room 403(Ghosts / Base Model / Stheno).
  6. Clear Room 501(Ghost / Skeletons / Gilles Caster).
  7. Clear Room 503(Septets / Base Model / Jack).
  8. Clear Room 601(Lu Bu / Fran Boss Fight). Mission 54 – Requires 10 Chaotic.
  9. Clear Room 701(Soldiers x 8 / Leonidas Boss Fight).

At this point you’ll have needed to have 60 Missions for Mission 82 to unlock parking lot. Here are some missions you’ll want to complete if you haven’t reach that mark(Refer to Infograph for locations of enemy types):

  • Mission 58 – 62: Clear every room on 1st – 5th Floor.
  • Mission 73 – 79: complete 10 Quests on 1st – 7th Floor.
  • Mission 84 – 85: 100 – 500 Mineral Water.
  • Mission 86 – 87: 100 – 500 Strawberry Ice Cream.
  • Mission 88 – 89: 100 – 500 Black Cat.
  • Mission 28 – 43: Kill 20 – 40 Male Servants.
  • Mission 32 – 34: Kill 20 – 40 Female Servants.
  • Mission 40: Kill 25 Assassin Servants.
  • Mission 41 – 42: Kill 15 – 25 Rider Servants.
  • Mission 43 – 44: Kill 15 – 25 Berserker Servants.
  • Mission 46 – 47: Kill 15 – 25 Divine Servants.
  • Mission 51 – 53: Kill 20 – 40 Evil Servants.
  • Mission 54 – 57: Kill 10 – 40 Chaotic Servants.
  • Mission 91 – 92: Ascend Shiki Twice.
  • Mission 93 – 97: Get Shiki to Bond 5.

Once you get 60 Missions, you will unlock Parking Lot where you will farm for Rapunzel and is the best place for Septets and Black Cats.

  1. Farm Parking Lot until you have killed 10 Rapunzels and 200 Septets(Decapitating Bunny). Farm here for Black Cats. Mission 36-38, 49.
  2. Clear Room 604(Pirates / Blackbeard / Anne and Mary Rider) for Mission 63 and 71.
  3. Clear Room 704(Caster Cu Boss).
  4. Farm 602(Living Corpse / Carmilla) to kill 200 Living Corpse (Summer’s Precognition CE) Mission 12-14.
  5. Farm 702(Base Model / Arjuna) until you have killed 200 Base Model(Threefold Barrier) and Farm Ice Cream. Mission 26.
  6. Clear Room 703(Septets / Chimera / Marie Rider) for Mission 64 and 79.
  7. Clear Room 801(Archer Nobunaga Boss) for Mission 66.
  8. Clear Room 802(Living Corpse / Demon / Nero Bride) for Mission 67.
  9. Clear Room 803(Septet / Demon / Brynhildr) for Mission 68 and 72.
  10. Clear Room 804(Archer Emiya / MHX / Babbage) for Mission 69 and 80.

At this point you will have two quests left which are Rooftop and Clear Boundary that are time locked til around Feb 24-25th. In the meanwhile clear any missions you haven’t finished(Refer to Infograph for farming locations).


Drop Table

Drop Table contains information for the best nodes of the event. 

Event Currency Drop rates are Base numbers without any bonus.

Event Currency Drop = Total Drops (Numbers of Stacks x Drop Bonus)

Ascension Material Drop Rates are WITH 100% Spawn Bonus. 



Drop Table KnK

Support Setup Knk

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