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General Information(6/03 01:00 – 6/16 20:59 PDT)

Requires Solomon Singularity to Participate

If you haven’t gotten Solomon Done, there is the 1/4 AP Part I Singularity Quests for the 10 Million Download Celebration.

100 Mission Event

  • Your goal for this event is to expand your territory, in order to do so you must clear “Territory Control” Missions.
  • Farm Free Quests to clear “Territory Control” Missions and expand the territory you hold.
  • Unlock additional Main Quests by conquering and suppressing territory.
  • By clearing missions, You will obtain valuable items including the new Event Welfare Servant, Sakamoto Ryoma.
  • Some missions will require you to kill a certain amount of enemies.
  • You can boost enemy spawns by using Event CE from the Event Shop. (Caps at 100%, anything beyond does nothing).
  • This event will help guide you by indicating missions you need to fulfill with an Exclamation “!” Mark. So if you do get lost, make sure to look for the “!” Mark.
  • Completing all the Main Quests will grant you a Holy Grail.
  • NOTE: This event will require the use of apples in order to Complete all Missions and Clear the Shop. Make sure you pace yourself well throughout the event’s duration.

Bonus Servants

The following servants below will receive a damage bonus for the event:

Enemy Appearance Bonus

  • Double the number of enemy spawns for faster missions progression and increased rewards.
  • Purchase “The Sailor in White” Event CE from the shop to boost enemy spawns in battle.
  • CE starts at 25% base chance and becomes 100% when Max Limit Broken, so MLB once you get all 5 Copies.
  • 100% is the maximum cap, going beyond that does nothing.

Event Currency and Gatcha Craft Essence

New Free 4* Servant – Sakamoto Ryoma

  • Receive a Temporary Copy after clearing Main Quest Section 3.
  • Receive a Permanent Copy after clearing all Main Quests.
  • All Progression Made on the Temporary Copy will Transfer to the Permanent Copy.
  • Obtain Additional Copies and Ascension Items from Completing Missions.

Quick Excel Sheet Guide in collaboration with Chaldea Gurus:

GUDAGUDA 3 Excel Doc


GUDAGUDA 3 Video Guide by Chaldea Gurus:

GUDAGUDA 3 Support Formation Setup

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