About the Event

  • Requires Solomon Singularity to be completed in order to participate.
  • Last opportunity to get Sakamoto Ryouma without needing to use Rare Prisms.
  • Obtain a Holy Grail for completing the Event. Crystallized Lore for players who had prior completion of the event.

100 Mission Event

-Your goal for this event is to expand your territory, in order to do so you must clear “Territory Control” Missions.

-Farm Free Quests to clear “Territory Control” Missions and expand the territory you hold.

-Unlock additional Main Quests by conquering and suppressing territory.

-By clearing missions, You will obtain valuable items including the Event Welfare Servant, Sakamoto Ryoma.

-Some missions will require you to kill a certain amount of enemies.

-You can boost enemy spawns by using Event CE from the Event Shop. (Caps at 100%, anything beyond does nothing).

-This event will help guide you by indicating missions you need to fulfill with an Exclamation “!” Mark. So if you do get lost, make sure to look for the “!” Mark.

-NOTE: This event will require the use of apples in order to Complete all Missions and Clear the Shop. Make sure you pace yourself well throughout the event’s duration.

Free SR Servant – Sakamoto Ryoma

Receive a Temporary Copy after clearing Main Quest Section 3.

Receive a Permanent Copy after clearing all Main Quests.

All Progression Made on the Temporary Copy will Transfer to the Permanent Copy.

Obtain Additional Copies and Ascension Items from Completing Missions.

Special Event Mechanics and Bonus

Double the number of enemy spawns for faster missions progression and increased rewards.

Purchase “The Sailor in White” Event CE from the shop to boost enemy spawns in battle.

CE starts at 25% base chance and becomes 100% when Max Limit Broken, so MLB once you get all 5 Copies.

100% is the maximum cap, going beyond that does nothing.

Special Event Damage and Bond Point Bonus for Featured Servants.

Support Setup Formation Recommendation

This is a recommendation of how you should set your support formation up for maximum friend points.

Emphasis on bonus servants.

Infograph(Normal) by Kevinrealk

Click to open a full sized version in a new tab.

Event Walkthrough

Some details you should know:

-Whenever you get lost, look for the mission/quest with the “!” Marker, that will indicate what you should be doing to progress.

-Buy out the Event Shop CE ASAP you have enough Event Currency and Max Limit Break once you have 5 copies.

-Spawn Rate Bonus is capped at 100%, so all you need is a single MLB Sailor CE and you’re set. Fill the rest of the slots with drop bonus.

-Once you get Ryoma, immediately place him on your team as he needs to reach Bond 3 for the missions.

-Make sure you save enough Embers to Ascend Ryoma 3 Times as that is another mission requirement.

-NOTE: While Ryoma is temporary, you cannot put him in your support formation and all progress on him will be lost if you fail to get him permanent by the time the event is over.

-This event will require some apples if you want to complete all the Missions and Clear the Shop. So make sure to pace yourselves!

-Use the Infograph for reference on enemies, shop currency, and quest drops.

Time Lock – Epilogue Release Date: 4/18/2021 21:00 PDT – Login Reset

Part 0: Prologue – Chapter 2

1- Watch Prologue Cutscene, there are no battles.

2- Clear Chapter 1 Main Quest. (Nobunaga will fully charge her bar at the start of every turn. Battle ends when you break her 1st bar.)

3- Watch Chapter 2 Cutscene to get a temporary copy of Ryoma.

4- Place Ryoma on your team so he can collect Bond Points for missions.(You don’t need to do this if you have done this last year)

Part 1: Chapter 3 – 5

-Step 1: Farm Shinjuku Free Quest until you have completed Mission 15 (Kill 8 Chibi Nobbu) to unlock a section of Blue Territory and Mission 32 (Kill 20 Beast Trait Enemies) to unlock a section of Yellow Territory. This will also complete Mission 2 (Control 1 Blue Territory) to unlock Chapter 3.

-Step 2: Clear Chapter 3 Main Quest. Okada Izou Boss.

-Step 3: Farm Sakamoto Detective Bureau until you have completed Mission 16 (Kill 8 Lawful Servants) for more Blue Territory and Mission 19 (Kill 20 Silver Nobbu) for a section of White Territory. Mission 3 (Control 1 White Territory) should automatically complete, unlocking Chapter 4 Main Quest.

-Step 4: Watch Chapter 4 Cutscene.

-Step 5: Farm Ryusenji – Meguro Fudo Free Quest until you complete Mission 17(Kill 30 Demonic Trait Enemies) to unlock another Blue Territory Section. Mission 4(Control 3 Blue Territories) should autocomplete, unlocking Chapter 5 Main Quest.

-Step 6: Clear Chapter 5 Main Quest. Li Shuwen – 306,720/204,480 HP

-Step 7: Farm Tsukiji Free Quest until you complete Mission 33 (Kill Clear any Southern Quests, except Shinjuku and Sakamoto Detective Bureau, 10 times) to unlock a section of Umber Territory.

-Step 8: Farm Saisho-ji – Meao Fudo until you complete Mission 34 (Kill 10 Lancer Servants) to unlock another section of Umber Territory. Autocomplete Mission 5(Control 3 Umber Territories) to unlock Chapter 6 Main Quest.

-Step 9: Clear Koenji Free Quest Once.

Part 2: Chapter 6-8

-Step 1: Watch Chapter 6 Cutscene

-Step 2: Farm Ryusenji – Meguro Fudo Free Quest until you complete Mission 20(Kill 40 Golden Nobbu) to unlock another White Territory Section.

-Step 3: Farm Egota Free Quest until you complete Mission 21 (Kill 40 Human Trait Enemies) to unlock another White Territory. Mission 6 (Control 3 White Territories) should autocomplete and unlock Chapter 7 Main Quest.

-Step 4: Clear Chapter 7 Main Quest to complete Mission 22(Clear Chapter 7) and gain another section of White Territory. You should have completed at least 30 Missions at this point to complete Mission 99 (Complete 30 Missions). Okita Souji(Saber) boss – 304,175/173,400 HP.

-Step 5: Farm Konjoin – Mejiro Fudo Free Quest until you completed Mission 23 (Kill 140 Chibi Nobbu) for more Red Territory and Mission 35 (Kill 15 Evil Servants) for more Umber Territory.

-Step 6: Farm Shiba Park Free Quest until you complete Mission 24(Kill 60 Mecha Nobbu) for White Territory. Mission 7 (Control 2 Red Territories) should autocomplete and unlock Chapter 8 Main Quest.

-Step 7: Watch Chapter 8 Cutscene.

-Step 8: Clear Tabata Free Quest Once.

-Step 9: Farm Sakamoto Detective Bureau until you have completed Mission 25 (Kill 100 Beast Trait Enemies) for some yellow territory, Mission 58 (Kill 70 Wild Beast Enemies)Mission 68(Kill 15 Lawful Servants), and Mission 46-47 (Kill 70-120 Deka Nobbu).

If you haven’t completed 50 Missions for Mission 26 at this point, then clear any close to complete missions until you do have 50 missions. Mission 8(Control 16 Territories) should automatically complete to unlock Chapter 9.

Part 3: Chapter 9-12

-Step 1: Clear Chapter 9 Main Quest. Mission 73(Kill 20 Earth Servants) should autocomplete and unlock Chapter 10 Main Quest, if not then go farm for more Earth Servants (Check Infograph for the locations).

-Step 2: Clear Chapter 10 Main Quest. (Battle Ends after 5 turns or when first bar is broken). Demon King of The Sixth Heaven・Akechi Mitsuhide – 556,288 HP for first bar. Self Helfs 50,000 per turn.

-Step 3: Farm Eikyuji – Megi Fudo Free Quest until you have completed Mission 30 (Kill 15 Assassin Servants) for Yellow Territory and Mission 56 (Kill 130 Demonic Trait Enemies) to unlock Chapter 11 Main Quest.

-Step 4: Beat Chapter 11 Final Battle. 

Demon King of The Sixth Heaven・Akechi Mitsuhide – 218,541 HP / 186,754 HP / 170,860 HP

Boss has the follow properties:

-Heals 10,000 HP every turn.

-Will deal normal damage to one enemy while dealing critical hits to everyone else.

-Can increase Crit Chance for 1 Turn.Can Drain a Servant NP by 20% and increase his own NP by 1 bar.

-Noble Phantasm deals AOE Damage and removes all Buffs.

-Breaking the first bar will debuff all frontline Servants with Buster Down for 3 turns and Nullify 1 Defense Buff.

-Breaking the 2nd bar will debuff all frontline Servants with NP Damage Down for 3 turns and Nullify 1 Attack Buff.

-Step 5: Watch Chapter 12 Cutscene.

Infograph(Reversed) by Kevinrealk

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Epilogue Part 1(Unlocks 4/18 21:00 PDT – Login Reset)

-Step 1: Watch Epilogue and Part 2 Prologue Cutscenes to get make Ryoma Permanent and unlock the Reversed Free Quests. You can now place Ryoma in your support setup.

-Reversed Side Map becomes unlocked.

-Step 2: Clear Meaka Fudou(Normal).

-Step 3: Farm Holy Grail Research Institute(Normal) until you completed Mission 29(Kill 15 Caster Servants) to unlock a Section of Yellow Territory. This will also make progress toward Mission 41(Kill 50 Heroic Spirit Soldiers), Mission 54(Kill 30 Heroic Spirit Soldiers), and Mission 40(Kill 130 Mecha Mobbu).

-Step 4: Clear Kiba(Normal) to Clear Mission 81(All Southern Quests) and Mission 79(All Seaside Quests).

-Step 5: Farm Tsukiji(Normal) until you cleared Mission 77(Clear 10 Seaside Quests). If you have already cleared Mission 77, you can skip this step.

-Step 6: Farm Shinjuku Reverse until you have cleared Mission 36(Kill 160 Deka Nobbu) to unlock Reverse Side Territory containing Konjoin – Mejiro Fudou.

-Step 7: Clear the Sevens Spears Quest (around Konjoin – Mejiro Fudou). Super Mecha Nobbu will apply Ignore Invincibility 1 time every turn.

-Step 8: Clear the Seven Spears Quest (around Meao Fudou) when you claim Mission 38(Kill 20 Lawful Servants) to unlock Reverse Territory around Meao Fudou. Li Shuwen will self buff Critical Damage Up Every Turn. Breaking his first bar will allow him to lower defense with every attack and poison himself for 6000 HP a turn.

Epilogue Part 2

-Step 1: Farm Reverse Meao Fudo until you have cleared Mission 37(Kill 20 Lancer Servants) to unlock Territory around Meaka Fudou, Mission 42(Kill 120 Human Trait Enemies) to unlock Territory around Shiba Park, Mission 40(Kill 130 Mecha Nobbu) to unlock Territory around Sakamoto Detective Agency, Mission 63(Kill 15 Lancer Servants), and Mission 52(Kill 160 Gold Nobbu).

-Step 2: Clear the Seven Spears Quest (around Sakamoto Detective Agency). Mission 11(Clear 3 Seven Spears Quest) should complete. Medusa has 50% Buster Resist and will seal skills of all party members after breaking first bar.

-Step 3: Clear Reverse Sakamoto Detective Agency. 

-Step 4: Clear Seven Spears(around Meaka Fudou) Emiya has 50% Arts resist.

-Step 5: Clear Reverse Meaka Fudou Free Quest.

-Step 6: Clear Seven Spears Quest(around Shiba Park). This should clear Mission 12(Clear 5 Seven Spear Quest). MHX Alter will steal 10 Critical Star from the team every turn. Breaking her first bar will increase that amount to 20 Stars per turn.

-Step 7: Farm Reverse Shiba Park Free Quest until you have cleared Mission 41(Kill 50 Heroic Spirit Soldiers) to unlock Ryunsenji – Meguro Fudou Territory, Mission 61 & 62(Kill 10 &15 Massive DANGER Enemies), Mission 54(Kill 30 Heroic Spirit Soldiers), Mission 83(Clear 10 Southern Reverse Quests)

You should have completed at least 80 missions at this point, completing Mission 39(Clear 80 Missions) to unlock Eikyuji – Meki Fudou.

Epilogue Final

-Step 1: Clear Seven Spear Quest(around Eikyuji – Megi Fudou). Medea recharges her NP by 2 bars every turn. Breaking her first bar will fully charge her NP.

-Step 2: Farm Reverse Megi Fudou until you have cleared Mission 28(Kill 120 Floating Enemies).

-Step 3: Clear Final Seven Spears Quest(around Meguro Fudou) which should clear Mission 13(Clear All Seven Spears Quests) and unlock Part 2: Epilogue Final Main Quest.

-Step 4: Clear Final Epilogue Part 2 Battle. Boss will Inflict Burn to all front line servants each turn, this burn can be dispelled. Each time you break her bar, she will inflict Ignite Debuff which will magnify Burn Damage, Ignite can be dispelled as well. Finish the Battle quickly before you succumb to burn damage. Use your BB or a support BB to beat this battle with ease. Mission 14(Clear Avenger Yodo) will complete.

-Step 5: Farm Reverse Meguro Fudou Free Quest until you have cleared Mission 67(Kill 20 Assassin Servants) and Mission 85(Clear all Southern Reverse Quests).

-Step 5: Farm Reverse Meguro Fudou Free Quest until you have cleared Mission 67(Kill 20 Assassin Servants) and Mission 85(Clear all Southern Reverse Quests)

Congratulations, you pretty much have cleared nearly all the event missions. Finish any missions remain by referring to the Infograph. Once you complete all 100 Missions, the Challenge Quest will be available for you.

Challenge Quest

Demon King of the Sixth Heaven – Oda Nobunaga(Archer Version)

-Challenge Quest will unlock once you have cleared 100 Missions.

-You will be facing against Oda Nobunaga(Archer) for this battle.

-Each time you break her bar, she will change classes in the following order: Archer(154,416 HP) -> Assassin(199,454 HP) -> Rider(321,700 HP) -> Caster(321,700 HP).

-Traits: Female, Servant, Humanoid, Man, Chaotic Neutral.

-Her NP Bar will also change based on her current class: 3 Bars for Archer/Assassin and 5 Bars for Rider/Caster.

Special Boss Abilities

1- Starts out with 3 Stacks of Defense Up that can be Removable, but DO NOT REMOVE THEM as it will make herself boost her Attack and Critical Damage to insane levels.

2- Each you break her bar, she will naturally lose 1 stack of defense down.

3- Breaking her bar each time will also inflict your team with attack, defense, and star generation debuff.

4- On her last bar she will boost herself with attack up and critical rate up, so kill her quickly on the last round.

Beating Nobu

1- DO NOT REMOVE HER BUFFS! Instead use skills that increase your attack and inflict defense down as this will help counter against her high defense. Using Noble Phantasms or abilities that ignore defense work well here as well.

2- Nobu natural deals a lot of crit damage you can use defense buffs to help mitigate the damage along with attack debuffs.

3- Teamwide invul/evade ready when she about to fire her NP, it will be very hard to survive with just defense buffs due to her constantly debuffing your defense.

4- Teamwide cleanse or immunity will help counter attack the debuffs that are inflicted each time you break her bar.

5- A unit with taunts to draw her fire will make your fights much easier, otherwise you may just get unlucky and have her kill your main damage dealer. 2-3 Crits in enough to kill most units who aren’t class advantaged.

Free Quest Farming

Hold off on farming Event Currency for the Reversed side Map as those are far superior than the Normal Nodes.

The Nodes for this event does not have very good drop rates overall. You are better off farming Singularity Free Quests Nodes after you are done with the event. 

For Fulfilling Mission Requirement and Farming Event Currency you can check out the tables below for reference:

GUDAGUDA 3 Enemy Data

Traits, Attributes, & Other Conditions Enemy Quest
Chibi Nobbu-type Chibi Nobbu Tantei Chosa – Shinjuku, Tantei Chosa – Kiba
Silver Deka Nobbu Tantei Chosa – Sakamoto Detective Bureau
Silver Chibi Nobbu Tantei Chosa – Koenji
Silver Meka Nobu Tantei Chosa – Shiba Park
Golden Deka Nobbu Tantei Chosa – Ryusenji, Tantei Chosa – Eikyuji
Golden Chibi Nobbu Tantei Chosa – Egota
Golden Meka Nobu Tantei Chosa – Saisho-ji, Tantei Chosa – Holy Grail Research Institute
Nobu-Sengumi Tantei Chosa – Konjoin
Nobbu UFO Tantei Chosa – Tabata
Chibi Nobu-Sensha Tantei Chosa – Nankoku-ji
Beast Trait Stray Dog Tantei Chosa – Sakamoto Detective Bureau, Tantei Chosa – Tabata
Common Boar Tantei Chosa – Shinjuku, Tantei Chosa – Shiba Park
Human Trait Land Shark Tantei Chosa – Egota
Ruffian Tantei Chosa – Tsukiji, Tantei Chosa – Konjoin
Outlaw Tantei Chosa – Saisho-ji, Tantei Chosa – Kiba
Heroic Spirit Soldier Tantei Chosa – Holy Grail Research Institute
Demonic Trait Common Boar Tantei Chosa – Shinjuku, Tantei Chosa – Shiba Park
Outlaw Tantei Chosa – Saisho-ji, Tantei Chosa – Kiba
Floating Type Spirit of a Frosaken Well, Spirit of a Forsaken Residence Tantei Chosa – Shinjuku, Tantei Chosa – Eikyuji
Nobbu UFO Tantei Chosa – Tabata

GUDAGUDA 3 Event Currency Farming Spots

Token Quest Recommended CE
Tantei Chosa – Eikyuji Imperial Capital Holy Grail War
Tantei Chosa (Reversed) – Ryusenji Imperial Capital Holy Grail War
Tantai Chosa – Nankoku-ji Sakamoto Detective Bureau
Tantei Chosa – Kiba Fang-Sharpening Shadow Blade
Tantei Chosa (Reversed) – Eikyuji Fang-Sharpening Shadow Blade

Drop Rate Tables:

GUDAGUDA 3 Normal Drop Rate

GUDAGUDA 3 Reverse Drop Rate