FGO Valentine’s 2021 Event Guide

Experience Valentines once again but this time with Voiced Cutscenes.
Another Raita Servant to add to the collection.

Event Ends In:


General Event Details

  • Event Requires only Fuyuki Singularity to participate
  • Valentine Event have no Reruns, this event will not come back.
  • Obtain a Holy Grail for completing the Event.
  • The Event is a simple point banner event where you farm points from completing free quests and receive rewards from the point banner.
  • Playing the event is extremely simple: Clear the available Main Quest of the day to unlock new Free Quests and Farm the Free Quests for Shop Currency and Points.
  • Event Features Voiced Dialogue for the Valentines Chocolate Scenes for every servant.
  • Brand new Ascension Material – Tsukumo Mirror.
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Event Guidelines

  • Event is time-locked, each Main Quest will be unlocked at login reset at 20:00 PST.
  • Clearing a Main Quest will unlock a new Free Quest.
  • There are 7 Main Quests and Free Quests for this event.
  • Focus first and foremost in buying out the Craft Essences from the Shop and equipping them onto your team.
  • Avoid Max Limit Breaking the Event Shop Craft Essences, unless you have plenty of CE Drops.
  • You will require a copy to drop in the Event in order to Max Limit Break it.
  • THERE IS NO RERUN – So try to get a copy if you can to Max limited Break.
  • Prioritize on Point Farming in the early stages and then switch to event currency farming after unlocking the final set of free quests.
  • The Event provides you enough Chocolates to unlock a Chocolate Cutscene with every servant in the game, you need not worry about having to choose. You will have them all unlocked as long as you complete the event.
  • You can use the Lock-On Chocolate to unlock Valentines Cutscenes of your favorite Servant Early.
  • Surprise Chocolates will unlock Valentines Cutscenes for Servants you have not yet unlocked.

Event Playthrough

  • Play off Natural AP for the first few days, you can start farming on the 4th Day when the better Currency Nodes unlock.
  • Purchase the Shop Craft Essence the moment you have enough currency to do so and equip it to your team.
  • Focus on farming points as you need to grind 3 Million Points to complete the Event.
  • Day 1: Clear Main Quest Section 1 and Farm Beginner Free Quest for Paper Currency(3* Gacha CE).
  • Day 2: Clear Main Quest Section 2 and Farm Intermediate Free Quest for Ink Currency(4* Gacha CE).
  • Day 3: Clear Main Quest Section 3 and Farm Advanced Free Quest for Brush Currency(5* Gacha CE).
  • Day 4: Clear Main Quest Section 4 and Farm New Book Free Quest for Paper Currency(3* Gacha CE).
  • Day 5: Clear Main Quest Section 5 and Farm Old Book Free Quest for Ink Currency(4* Gacha CE).
  • Day 6: Clear Main Quest Section 6 and Farm Unusual Book Free Quest for Brush Currency(5* Gacha CE).
  • Day 7: Clear Main Quest Section 7 and Farm Forbidden Book Free Quest for the highest point gain and all 3 Shop Currencies.

Section 1:

BattleEnemy 1Enemy 2Enemy 3
1/1Dragon Tooth Warrior(Assassin) – 5,765 HPDragon Tooth Warrior(Assassin) – 5,765 HPSoul Eater(Assassin) – 42,308 HP
Anthology Book(Assassin) – 13,487 HP
DropsBlack GreaseInk + Papers Currency

Farming the Event

  • You should farm the Forbidden Book Free Quest as it provides the best point amount and all 3 shop currencies. You’ll want to get the point farming done first as it takes the most amount of time.
  • You can farm New/Old/Unusual Book for any specific shop currencies you are lacking after getting most of your point farming done.
  • Forbidden Book Free Quest has the best overall in terms of having the highest material and Craft Essence drop rate for the event.
  • Forbidden Book provides you with Tsukumo Mirror, Aurora Steel, and Iron Stakes at a fairly decent rates.
  • Other than Forbidden Book, the rates of the other nodes are pretty bad and you’re just better off Singularity Free Quest Farming or waiting for Hunting Quests for those.