Fate/Accel Zero Order LAP 2 Revival Event Guide

Experience the wonderful story of the Fate/Zero Collaboration Event once again and obtain a copy of 4* Caster Healer – Irisviel von Einzbern.

Fate/Accel Zero Order Ends in:


General Event Information

Event requires Fuyuki Completion to participate.

Rewards a Holy Grail for First Time Players on Completion.

Accel Order Rerun is a 100 Mission Event that will last for 2 weeks. As long as you are diligent and use your natural AP everyday, you should clear the Main Event Story.

NOTE: 100% completion of the event may require a few apples, but not too much. It is generally not worth using any apples beyond what is necessary to complete the event.

The Ascension Material drops in this event are not spectacular and the Rerun has had its Seal/QP conversion nerfed in half, so its no longer worth farming seals to exchange for QP.


Item Unlock Quest Progression
  • As you play the event, you will need to obtain special items from the Shop or Quests in order to unlock certain quest nodes in the event.
  • Prioritize on purchasing the specific items listed in the Walkthrough Directions, make sure you purchase the correct one your need and worry about the Shop CE’s later.
  • Unlock items in the shop will cost 20/50/100 of a specific class seal, the cost will increase for each subsequent purchase.
100 Mission Event System
  • This event will have 100 Missions you will need to complete the event.
  • Missions will have specific requirements such as killing X number of specific enemies, doing quests in specific areas, clearing main quests, enhancing the welfare servant, etc.
  • This Event Guide will have Step-by-Step Walkthrough instructions on how to complete the 100 missions.
Seal Currency
  • This event will use special Servant Class Seals are a means of currency for the Shop and the Missions.
  • There will be Bonus Servants for this event that will increase drops of the Class that the Servant is strong against ie. Archer gives Saber, Rider gives Caster, etc.
  • The Event Gacha CE’s will increase drop bonus for the above mentioned class-advantage seals.
  • The Shop CE’s will increase drops for ALL Classes of Seals regardless of what servant it is placed on.
  • Avenger Angra Mainyu is a special servant that can only be obtain in the Friend Gacha, he will provide drop increases to ALL Classes of Seals and giving him Gacha CE’s will boost the amount of ALL Class Seal Bonus.

Fate/Accel Zero Order Revival Infograph by Kevinrealk

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Support Setup Recommendation

This support focuses on maximizing Seal drop bonus with the proper event bonus servants and CE’s.

Basically you want to put the highest rarity Gacha CE’s, but for simplicity sake, the most used supports will be the ones with the 5*.

NOTE: Table is interactive, you can scroll horizontally to see more information, especially on mobile.

Irisviel von Einzbern 4* Caster

Completing the Main Event Story will grant you a copy of Irisviel(No temporary copies for this event). You can obtain additional copies from special Bonus Quests and Ascension Materials from clearing EX Free Quests. This will be your last opportunity to get her, so make sure you don’t miss this event.

  • Irisviel is a support caster that specializes in Healing.
  • While not being the most versatile, she does have her uses in certain Challenge Quests.
  • You will need to Ascend her twice for the missions, so save the Shop Embers for her.
  • Irisviel will need to reach Bond 3 for the missions, so place her in your team as soon as you get her.

Event Walkthrough

Event Preparation & Mission List

This portion details what you should do to set yourself up for the fastest and most efficient completion of the event.

Main Story

There are a total of 18 Story ACT Stages you will need to clear for the full completion of the Main Story. Completing this stage will grant you the first copy of Irisviel and a Holy Grail(Crystalized Lore if you completed this before).

Post Story Stage

After Completing the Main Story Quest, you will be finishing up the remaining mission, clear the shop, and get all the materials for Irisviel.

Event Walkthrough

This section goes through an in depth walkthrough the event. Its advised that you try to follow this to the best of your ability as it will let you clear the event without needing to use much apples to complete it.

Event Preparation

  1. Setup your team to maximize on seal drop bonus, Use the event filter on your servant selection screen and for your craft essence selection.
  3. Don’t bother farming Rank D-B anymore than needed. you can farm when you get Rank A-EX Quests.
  4. EX Quests will be available after you have cleared all 18 Story ACT’s, so just follow the walkthrough and worry about farming for shop currency afterwards.
  5. Enemies will drop Seals that match their Class. IE. Assassin Hassans will drop Assassin Seals, Caster Spellbooks will drop Caster Seals etc.
  7. MAKE SURE YOU RESERVE 65 Golden CASTER/ALL Embers so you can Ascend Irisviel Twice for the Missions.
  8. Avoid Max Limit Breaking the Shop CE unless you have Gacha CE’s or extra Shop CE’s laying around.
  9. As long as you use your Natural AP Everyday and follow the directions in the Walkthrough, you should clear the event within the 2 weeks. You might need a few apples, but you won’t need to use much.

Event Mission List + Enemy Quest Composition List

This is the list of 100 Missions, you can control the amount of entries that can be displayed, quick search the table to find what you need, etc.

Below that is a simple list of enemies you will face in the various quest locations in the event.

Fate/Zero Rerun Mission List

wdt_IDMission No.DescriptionReward
11Clear Residential AreaGolden Apple
22Complete quest [BRIDGE BATTLE Rank D] (Open ACT 2)Gold Ticket
33Clear ACT 2Gold Ticket
44Complete [Demonic Rooted Harbor Rank C] questQP
55Clear ACT 7Gold Ticket
66Clear ACT 8Saint Quartz
77Clear ACT 10Gold Ticket
88Clear ACT 13Gold Ticket
99Clear ACT 14Tentacle
1010Clear ACT 15Gold Ticket
Mission No.DescriptionReward

Fate/Zero Enemy Quest Composition

wdt_IDLocationEnemy ClassEnemy Type
1Residential Area/Large CavernAssassinHassans
2Reservoir(Sewer)ArcherSea Fiends
3Homurahara AcademyCasterSpellbooks / Grimoire
4Wharf/Samurai DojoRiderBlade Worm / Swarms
5Einzbern CastleLancerHomunculus / Proto Homunculus
6New FuyukiSaberAutomata / Killing Doll/ Old Gear
7Tohsaka ManorBerserkerRuby/ Crystal Golems

Main Story

This walkthrough will try to complete multiple requirements all at once. If you get stuck, check if you have failed to clear any missions and clear the mission.

Note: Table is responsive for mobile, you can scroll horizontally to see more details. Try navigating around the table to see more.

Fate/Zero Main Story Walkthrough

wdt_IDStepDetailsEnemiesMissions Cleared
11Run Act 1Assassin (x1)
22Run Residential Area “D” twiceHassan(x2)1, 18
33Run Fuyuki Bridge “D” onceHassan(x3)2
44Run Act 2Artoria(Saber)3
55Run the Wharf “D” 7 timesBlade Wing Worm(x3)49, 80
66Run Act 3Spellbook(x5) / Ruby Golem(x1)
77Run Fuyuki Bridge “C” 9 timesSpellbook(x3) / Ruby Golem(x1)26
88Run Act 4Small Sea Fiend(x6)
9BuyBuy 2 Assassin Mask from the shop using 20 Assassin Seals and 50 Rider Seals.
109Run Residential Area “C” onceHassan(x4)50

Post Story

This part may be timelocked until the 8th day you will spending your time getting all of Irisviels Materials and Farming EX Rank Quests for the Missions and Currency. Make sure to place Irisviel on your team so you can get her Bond 3 for the Missions.

Note: Table is responsive for mobile, you can scroll horizontally to see more details. Try navigating around the table to see more.

Fate/Zero Post Story Walkthrough

wdt_IDStepDetailsEnemiesMissions Cleared
151Run Act EX - Time locked til 8th dayAngra Mainyu (Avenger)13
2BuyBuy all remaining Masks, Appendages, Ores, and chalices from the shops:
31 Assassin’s Mask using Saber Seals, 1 chalice of Treasures using 50 Assassin Seals,
45 Fiend’s Appendages using 100 Caster Seals, 50 Beserker Seals, and 150 Lancer Seals,
5and 2 Ruby Ores using 50 Caster Seals and 100 Lancer Seals.
6*You should have 16 masks, 16 Appendages, 17 ores, and 18 chalices as your final count.
7Irisviel PartyPut Irisviel(Dress of Heaven) in your party
8to raise her Bond Levels(up to Level 3 at 11250 Bond Points) and bonus drops
9CheckpointYou can spent anything BUT THE Rider and Saber Emblems, you'll need these to buy more unlock items.
10Spending*Now that you have purchased nearly all the unlock items,

Challenge Quest(WIP)

  • WIP


  1. Focus on following the Walkthrough first. You can start farming after you have cleared all the 18 Acts.
  2. Lower Rank Nodes are not worth farming, Farm A Rank Quests then switch to EX Rank Quests as soon as they are available.
  3. NOTE: Table(WIP) is interactive, you can scroll horizontally to see more information, especially on mobile.