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General Information

Part 2 Guide Ready Click Here

  • Must Complete Fuyuki Singularity to Participate in Main Event.
  • Solomon Singularity must be completed to access Challenge Quest.
  • Just like the previous Summer Event, there are two parts with the Part 2 starting on July 23rd 21:00 PDT(Refer to 2nd Race Timer).
  • The Event will provide you with Welfare 4* Rider Ishtar. She will be give to you as a Temporary copy on clearing the first Main Quest and will be Made Permanent once you have beaten Part 2 Main Story. (Failure to complete Part 2 will make your temporary copy along with all the progress made on her disappear)
  • Ishtar’s Ascension Materials will be available from Part 1 Shop and can be purchased anytime.
  • Ishtar’s Additional NP Copies will be available from Part 2 Shop.
  • Event operates in a similar fashion to GudaGuda 2: Meiji Ishin Event. You will pick a Team to grind points for and the top 3 winning teams will reward their associated ascension materials to every player who participated in the round.
  • It is a race to see which team can grind to a certain amount of points first. Once the round is over all participating players in the round will receive the top 3 team rewards. 
  • There will be a bonus to Event Currency Drops from both Gatcha/Event Shop CE and Bonus Servants. (Refer to Infograph for Details)

Racing Rounds

  • There will be 6 different teams for players to support.
  • Players are not tied down to one team, they can freely grinding points for any team at any time.
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure to complete a battle in the round to receive the reward of the winning teams.
  • Clearing Quests will yield Support Points at get added to the Team’s progress. The first 3 teams to reach the points required for completion will be the winners.
  • Special Boost Items will be provided through drops and the shop.
  • Special Boost Items will provide Buster/Arts/Quick Bonus and multiply the amount of points gained in battle.
  • Special Boosts will provide Double the points gained when used with an unmatched team and will TRIPLE the points when used with a matched team. (Check Infograph for reference to matching Boost Items and Teams).

Getting Started

  • Pull or not pull the Gacha.
  • Quickly clear the first set of Main Quests to receive a Temporary Copy of Ishtar.
  • Setup your Support Formation (Check Part 1 Support Setup for details).
  • Setup 3 Different teams optimized to farm the 3 different event currencies using the properly Bonused CE’s and Servants(Check Infograph for Details).
  • There are no first-clear rewards for the Team Racing Quests. So Simply Jump to the highest difficulty quests you can do for maximum rewards.
  • Make sure to do at least one quest in the Round to get the Round Rewards.
  • As you gain event currency, make sure to buy the Event CE from the shop as it gives drop bonus for all three types of currency. Equip and adjust your team accordingly.
  • Boost Items will provide you 100,000 QP each when used on a proper 3x bonus after the round ends. SO USE YOUR BOOST ITEMS!!!! (They’re only worth 10,000 QP each when sold after the event.)
  • Once you have cleared all the Rounds and the Main Quest. You can go back to the previous rounds to farm the newly unlocked Gathering nodes with Overheat Mode which has higher difficulty and drops.
  • Clear all Gathering nodes first time to get apples.
  • Challenge Quests will also be unlocked after clearing the Main Quest.

Infographic Courtesy of Kevinrealk:

Part 1 Support Formation Setup Recommendation

Dead Heat Summer Race Servants with the Bonus CE’s will be the most sought after for usage by Fellow Players.

Other widely used servants such as Waver, Merlin, Tamamo, Gilgamesh, Kintoki, Chloe, etc can be put into consideration if you do not have the bonus servants to place within the slots.

NOTE: This is just a recommendation, you are free to go with as you see fit. You can make adjustments to your support as the rounds go by. 

Dead Heat 1 Rerun Support Setup

Racing Rounds

All nodes drop approximately the same amount of Currency around 42 Base Total Amount at 13 stacks that multiply with your event currency bonus.

Round 1

All Nodes Drop Bicorn Horn. Options for which team to farm:

  • Nero/Salter for Plates – Cerebral Spinal Fluid.
  • Frankenstein for Plates. – Chains.
  • Raikou for Wheels – Cerebral Spinal Fluid + Gears.
  • Helena for Junk – Chains.
  • Nobunaga for Junk – Chains + Gears.
  • Nitocris for Wheels – Gears.


Round 2

*All Frontline Servants will lose 300 hp at every start of the player’s turn. This will kill any servants below 300 hp. 

  • Nero/Salter for Wheels – Root + Snake Jewel + Octuplet.
  • Frankenstein for Junk. – Lamp + Octuplet.
  • Raikou for Junk – Lamp + Needle + Snake Jewel.
  • Helena for Plates – Lamp + Snake Jewel.
  • Nobunaga for Plates – Root + Needle + Octuplet.
  • Nitocris for Wheels – Lamp + Needle.


Round 3

*All Frontline Servants receive increased Arts Effectiveness.

  • Nero/Salter for Junk – Scarab + Snake Jewel + Seashell.
  • Frankenstein for Plates – Scarab + Feather + Seashell.
  • Raikou for Wheels – Talons + Snake Jewel.
  • Helena for Wheels – Scarab + Snake Jewel + Feather.
  • Nobu for Junk – Talons + Seashell.
  • Nitocris for Plates – Talons + Feather.


Round 4

*All Enemies are Male. Anti-Male abilities are effective this round. All Node Drop Gallstone.

  • Nero/Salter for Junk – Pages.
  • Frankenstein for Wheels – Pages + Fangs.
  • Raikou for Plates – Pages + Seed.
  • Helena for Plates – Seed.
  • Nobu for Wheels – Seed + Fangs.
  • Nitocris for Junk –  Fangs.

Dead Heat Part 1 Race Drops

After Race Part 1

After the Race is over and Main Quests are cleared, you will have new Gathering Nodes Unlock along with a new Overheat Difficulty, which is more difficult than Full Throttle but higher rewards. Clear all nodes for first time Apple Rewards.

My Recommendations on some Good Places to Farm for Event Currency:

  • For Plates: Round 2 Area (Crater B) 
  • For Junk: Round 1 Area(Plains A) 
  • For Wheels: Round 3 Area(Rift Zone P)
  • Round 4 Area(Valley A) are mixed nodes contain all three currency, not the most efficient to farm but worth clearing for first time rewards. 

As for Ascension Material Farming: None of the Summer Event Nodes are really noteworthy for Ascension Material Drops. SAVE YOUR APPLES INSTEAD. 

You have plenty of time to Farm for Event Currency. Even with no Gacha CE’s or Servants, you’ll be able to clear the shop with plenty of time to spare. So no need to use apples.


Challenge Quests

  • There are 4 non-repeatable CQ’s in Plains A, Crater B, Rift Zone P, and Valley Zone A. These CQ’s reward 4* Golden Fou’s.
  • Grand Bridge CQ is repeatable and costs 5 AP and rewards a Crystallized Lore on Completion.
  • NOTE: Enemies in CQ will prioritize Support Casters especially Merlin, so make sure to keep them protected.

Plains A – Atalante

  • The level comprises of three waves.
  • First two waves are a mixture of Caster Gangsters, Saber Helter Skelters, and a Lancer Bicoin.
  • WARNING: Helter Skelters Crit hard against any Lancers you bring. Kill these ASAP.
  • The third wave will start off with a wave of the same type of minions mentioned above. With a total of 9 Minions.
  • After you kill about 5 Minions, Atalante will appear finally appear. 
  • Atalante tends to debuff herself with critical damage reduction, so her normal attacks are trivial. 
  • Every time you break Atalante’s health bar, She will buff herself with Evade, Sure-hit, and increase her NP Charge by One.
  • When you start damaging her on her final bar she will cast Invul-pierce on herself, so make sure to kill her fast on her last bar.

How you should deal with this CQ:

  1. Use Arash to Wipe Wave 1 and make sure to kill the Helter Skelter quickly.
  2. Kill the Helter Skelter first on Wave 2, followed by the Bicorn, then build up your np by hitting Gangster(hitting casters give you higher np gain)
  3. On the final wave, do the same thing as above. Kill the minions until you killed 5 with Atalante Appearing. 
  4. Beat down Atalante’s first bar, while Atalante is in evasion kill any minion whose NP Bar is closest to filling up. 
  5. Make sure that you leave 2 minions with Atalante so that she can only do one action per turn. 
  6. Once Atalante is out of evasion, knock her bar down again and hit some of the minions when she evades again.
  7. When Atalante is on her third Bar, kill her quickly as she has invul-pierce and can wipe your team with her NP.
  8. Finish off the remaining Minions and you’ve won!

Crater B – Boudica

  • This CQ is probably the easiest out of all since Boudica Avenger does not hit very hard and has an NP that deals no damage.
  • Minions are Golems and Efreets who are Berserker and Caster Respectively.
  • If you have BB then use her to kill Boudica, if you don’t have BB find a friend who has one on support.
  • Boudica can increase her NP Charge when bar broken.
  • Boudica can cast Def buffs, guts, and Arts buff on the team.

How you should deal with this CQ:

  1. Smash through Waves 1 and 2 with normal cards while building up NP.
  2. Keep hitting Boudica with BB.
  3. Make sure to kill any Minions whose NP Bars are starting to get full as they are a bigger threat than Boudica.
  4. Keep using BB’s NP to deal damage and charge up the Team’s NP Bar.
  5. The Battle is pretty easy and you’ll eventually win.

Rift Zone P – Penthesilea

  • This Challenge Quest is probably the 2nd Easiest after Boudica as Penth as a lot of vulnerabilities that can be taken advantage of.
  • Penth is a Berserker with the following traits to be exploited: Female, Divine, Earth/Sky, King
  • Any Servant that are specialized to deal with these traits are the best to use(Especially Jack).
  • Penth will dramatically increase her Damage but decrease her Def each time you break her bar. 
  • Penth will cast immunity on herself time to time.
  • The Waves consist of same Saber Amazon/Crabs and an Sphinx Midboss. 

How you should deal with this CQ:

  1. Smash through Waves 1 and 2 with normal cards while building up NP.
  2. When you reach Wave 3, leave the minions alone and focus on smashing Penth. (This will ensure Penth can only get one action per turn instead of 3 Actions and potentially killing your servants).
  3. Penth will focus on Caster Supports and Great Male Heroes, so keep them protected.

Valley A – Artemis/Orion

  • First two waves are simply Wyvern and Boar Minions.
  • Third Wave are two Giant Boar and Artemis aka Orion.
  • Artemis/Orion is actually classified as Sky, Greek Myth Male, and is NOT DIVINE nor Female.
  • Artemis will focus on Male Servants, especially Support Caster Male Servants.
  • Anti-Male servants will work well here.
  • Artemis will HP Regen, Debuff Crit on herself, and increase NP damage when you break her Bars.

How you should deal with this CQ:

  1. Smash through Waves 1 and 2 with normal cards while building up NP.
  2. When you reach Wave 3, Kill the Boar ASAP as they deal AOE Damage and will wear down your team, especially Support Casters, very quickly.
  3. Beat down Orion is anti-male servants IE. Tamamo Lancer, Euryale, Medb, etc.
  4. Make sure to keep on eye on your Male Support Casters as she will constantly attack them. 

Great Bridge – Summer 1 Servants

  • CQ consists of a single wave with all the 8 Summer 1 Servants.
  • There are no special gimmicks other than their 200,000+ HP.
  • Anti-Servant and Trait Specific NP users such as Gilgamesh, Raikou, and Tesla come handy. 
  • All the enemies are Female, so Anti-Female abilities will work here as well.

How you should deal with this CQ:

  1. No special strategy other than smashing your way through all 8 Summer Servants with high HP.
  2. Take care of dealing with NP Charging Servants like Martha and Mordred.
  3. Also make sure to watch out for Assassin and Archer Summer Servants as they only need 3 turns to fire their NP.
  4. AOE Servants such as the ones mentioned above or AOE Berserkers with enough Buffs will get the job done. 


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