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General Information

Dead Heat Summer Race Part 1

  • Must Complete Fuyuki Singularity to Participate in Main Event.
  • Solomon Singularity must be completed to access Challenge Quest.
  • Event will pretty much play exactly the same as the previous part with 4 rounds of racing.
  • You have to clear Part 1 Main Quests to do Part 2.
  • Players will earn a Grail after beating Part 2.
  • Ishtar will be made permanent after clearing Part 2 Main Story.
  • Additional Copies of Ishtar will have to be obtained by completing Challenge Quests that give you items to exchange in the shop for more copies.
  • We get another 100 Golden Ember XP Cards in the Mana Prism shop once Part 2 Starts.
  • A Special Costume for Medb will be obtainable in one of the challenge quests
  • Part 1 and Part 2 Gatcha CE’s will work in both Parts of the Event. The Shop CE’s only work in the Event you get them from.
  • Booster items will work fairly similarly to previous event, except it will boost one of the following by 50%: Star Gen, Np Gain, or NP Damage.
  • In order to get the rewards just make sure to do the Round’s Main Quests before the Round is over.

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Race Farming

Plays exactly like Part 1, pick a team, use the right booster for triple cheering points, earn QP based on your cheering points, and get winning team rewards.

Race Rounds Currency Drop Rates are Uniform with around 42 Base Amount and 12 Stacks that multiplies with Drop Bonus.

Table Below Represents Drill Class Nodes for the Racing.

After the Race are Free Quests you can farm, the highest difficulty, Dynamite drops around 50 Base Amount and 15 Stacks that multiplies with Drop Bonus. 

Dead Heat Part 2 Race Drops

Challenge Quest

Basement 1 – Hessian Lobo – Avenger

  • Traits: Beast, Humanoid, Male, Servant, Chaotic Evil, Earth.
  • Can boost own Crit Damage, Attack, Remove Buffs, and inflict Instant Death with NP.
  • Each time you break his bar, he will increase his instant-death rate.
  • Can easily be handled with BB to spam NP and stun him.

Basement 2 – Enkidu – Lancer

  • Traits: Sky, True Neutral, Humanoid, Servant, Genderless.
  • Can self heal and remove debuffs.
  • Has resistance to buff removal and gains debuff immunity when you break their bars.
  • Using Strong Single Target Sabers like Okita, Musashi, Lancelot, Yagyu, Saber Frankenstein, etc should be able to handle them.

Basement 3 – Carmilla, Nightingale, and Yan Qing.

  • Single boss enemy that changes form each time you break their bar.
  • Starts off with Carmilla, then Nightingale, and finally Yan Qing.
  • Only Yan Qing has an NP gauge, so you don’t need to rush the first few forms.
  • Transforming into Nightingale will have increased Healing.
  • Transforming into Yan Qing will remove the healing and increase critical damage and debuff resistance.
  • A strong Single Target Caster or Alter Ego should be able do the job. Berserker is not recommended as Assassins have fairly high crit chances.

Basement 4 – Gorgon – Avenger

  • Traits: Female, Humanoid, Servant, Earth, Chaotic Evil.
  • Can increase Crit Damage, Stun, and give herself guts.
  • Breaking her first bar will give her increased chance to apply debuff.
  • Breaking her 2nd bar will make her Massive and inflict AOE damage along with increased Crit Rate.
  • Just like with Hessian Lobo, you can easily handle her using BB. 


Courtyard 1 – Ishtar + Gugalanna

  • Gugalanna Traits – Divine, Sky, Large.
  • First wave you will face Ishtar. Kill her quickly, use a Scathach to one shot her or else she will become a major threat with self invul, invul pierce, and have her NP ready to fire on the next turn or two. She can deal some significant Crit Damage, do not give her a chance to have a turn.
  • Gugalanna will remove all party buffs after breaking his first bar, so plan carefully. 
  • Breaking his second bar will make him stronger with every attack he makes, be quick on the final bar.
  • Gugalanna can remove buffs off a random party member, Cab debuff Arts, Buster, or Quick.
  • NP will seal NP and skill of Party.
  • You best option will be to have a King Hassan with Fondant Au Chocolate for increased damage against Divine.
  • King Hassan can pretty much solo Gugalanna if you can pair him up with some disposable units like Georgios, Leonidas, etc with Battle of Camlann, Merciless One, or Divine Princess of the Storm. 
  • Try to avoid using your skills until after you have broken Gugalanna’s first bar, otherwise he will remove your buffs.
  • This battle will have some RNG and you will have to rely on a bit of luck at times to win. So don’t be afraid to try multiple times or use command spells.

Courtyard 2 – Quetzalcoatl + Medb + Celt Warriors

  • Quetz will buff all frontline allies and enemies with attack up for 3 turn after breaking her first bar.
  • Wear down Quetz until you break her first bar, then kill the Celt Warriors who got buffed.
  • Kill Quetz after you kill the buffed minions.
  • Now kill all the remaining Celt Warriors until you only have Medb left then finish her off. 
  • NOTE: You can 4 Turn this using Double Skadi with Dantes or Berserker Lancelot. You just need to try criting down Medb on the 4th turn.

Part 2 Support Formation Setup Recommendation

Dead Heat Summer Race Servants with the Bonus CE’s will be the most sought after for usage by Fellow Players.

Other widely used servants such as Waver, Merlin, Tamamo, Gilgamesh, Kintoki, Chloe, etc can be put into consideration if you do not have the bonus servants to place within the slots.

NOTE: This is just a recommendation, you are free to go with as you see fit. You can make adjustments to your support as the rounds go by. 

Dead Heat 2 Rerun Support Setup

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