Christmas 2020 Samba Night Event Guide Pt 3

Farming Section

Christmas 2020 Ends in:


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Getting Started

This portion details the general event information, event infograph, and support formation setup.

Event Walkthrough + EX/CQ Matches

This section covers the day to day walkthrough of the event and the challenge quest.


This part details the farming portion of the event. Team Composition, Drop Rates, and Drop Calculator is including in this section.

Drop Rates

Event Drop Details

  1. Sunset Obstacle Course, Icicle Tunnel, and Greed Labyrinth will drop Gold Secret Gems of their respective class at 20% Drop Rate.
  2. Magma Colosseum, Front Square, and Final Hell will drop Gold Secret Gems of their respective class at 25% Drop Rate.
  3. Bench Press, Deadlift, and Squat Quests drop 18 Amigo Towels.
  4. Jungle Field, Sunset Obstacle Course, and Icicle Tunnel drop 26 Amigo Towels.
  5. Greed Labyrinth, Magma Colosseum, and Front Square drop 32 Amigo Towels.
  6. Muscle Paradise requires 5 Lucha Belts from the Lotto Box. If you’re not pressed for QP and bought out the Lucha Belt Shop, you can use some Lucha Belts for Adios Mic.

Christmas 2020 Drops

F2P Team Composition for Farming Lotto

If you plan to farm heavily in the Lottery then Faster Runs are generally worth the loss in drop efficiency. The more runs means you get more Lotto Drop CE’s which you can Max Limit Break for greater efficiency.

3 Turning is indeed possible since many of the welfare servants will get between a 50-150% Damage Bonus for the Event.

For Free to Players who only have welfare servants you have the following things:

  1. Arash with Imaginary Element(Max Limit Broken if Possible) and Maxed out 3rd Skill.
  2. Quetzalcoatl Samba and Santa Lily Jeanne Alter with their offensive skills at level 5 and higher.
  3. Friend Support Waver with Max Skills.

Now you can go two different paths when deciding Mystic Codes:

  1. Using a Chaldea Combat Uniform to swap Waver with a servant that provides Targeted NP Charge and Offensive Buffs, such as Shakespeare and Santa Altera.
  2. Using the True Ether – Chaldea Uniform from the Babylonia Commemoration Event for the 10% NP Charge and Teamwide Buster Buff.

F2P Lotto 3 Turn Farm Team

1 2 3 Support Swap Option A Swap Option B Mystic Code
Servant Chaldea Combat Uniform
Craft Essence True Ether Chaldea Uniform
Skills Bold - Mandatory. Recommended Level 5 and higher for specific skills that are numbered, X Skills can be at any level.
x/x/10 5+/x/5+ x/x/5+ 10/10/10 x/5+/x 5+/x/x
Turn 1 Arash will use his S3 to get to 100% Charge. Activate his NP to wipe Wave 1 and have him be replaced by Support Waver
Turn 2 Activate all of Waver's Skills onto Quetzalcoatl(Samba) to get her to 100% and Santa Jalter to 70%. Have Samba activate her S1 and S2 then fire off her NP to wipe Wave 2.
Turn 3 Activate Santa Lily's S2 and S3. Use either the True Ether or the Combat Uniform Mystic Code(with Santa Alter/Shakespeare) to get Santa Lily to 100% Charge with damage buffs. Fire off her NP to Wipe Wave 3.
Notes If your Santa Lily or Samba have issues killing their respective waves then you can utilize Samba's Star Gen and S2 to perform Crit Damage to help finish off the boss.