Christmas 2020 Samba Night Event Guide Pt 2

Celebrate the end of 2020 with a special lottery event. This is a one time only event with no reruns so don’t miss this.

Christmas 2020 Ends in:


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Getting Started

This portion details the general event information, event infograph, and support formation setup.

Event Walkthrough + EX/CQ Matches

This section covers the day to day walkthrough of the event and the challenge quest.


This part details the farming portion of the event. Team Composition, Drop Rates, and Drop Calculator is including in this section.

Event Walkthrough

This section goes through an in depth walkthrough the event.

Event Guidelines

  1. Setup 3 different teams to farm each of the shop currencies.
  2. It is recommend you use Natural AP for the first 3 days of the event until you unlock the Day 4 Section.
  3. It is not worth using Apples on the first 3 days as the Free Quest have much lower currency drop rates than the later nodes.
  4. Prioritize on buying out the Craft Essences in the shop and stick them in any available slots for Amigo Towel Drops.
  5. Avoid Max Limit Breaking the CE unless you can get enough copies to fill out the empty slots after MLB.
  6. The Ascension Material Drops rates are not fantastic, just focus on clearing the shop then move on the farming for lotto currency(Final Hell Lotto Node has feather drops and you’ll get a fair bit of them when farming it).

7 Day Time-lock Walkthrough

Below is the guide on you should follow for the first 7 days of the event. Once you have completed the main quest, you can focus on farming lotto currency and completing the EX Matches/Challenge Quests.

There are tabs on the top of the table. Click on the tabs to see the steps for the day. You can look at the Free Quest for quick reference.

NOTE: The Walkthrough might take time to fully load the first time. It should work normally afterwards. You can try reloading the page if it hasn’t loaded after the first time

EX Match

  • EX Matches are can only have 2 servants in your team. This includes the support servant you will take.
  • You will face a pair of enemy servants in a 2 vs 2 Battle.
  • It is impossible to lose the battle as your team will have infinite guts applied to them.

Responsive Table- Scroll Vertically on Mobile to see other entries.

EX Match

Match Enemy 1 Enemy 2 Special Effect 1 Special Effect 2 Drops
1 Arash granted 1 time guts for 50% HP Buster Resist Down
2 Stuns all on field Enemies heal 10,000 HP per turn (5 turns)
3 Star Generation Down Attack Damage Down
4 All enemies get Damage Plus
5 Random Card Resistance Apples Burn to all Aplies
6 Ignore Defense NP Generation Down
7 NP Damage Up Damage Reduction
8 Quick Up Buster Up

Challenge Quest(WIP)

  • WIP