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General Information(12/16 00:00 – 12/25 23:59 PST)

  • Babylonia Singularity Required to Participate in Main Event.
  • Solomon Singularity must be completed to access Challenge Quest.
  • This is another Lottery Event that will last 10 days with time-locked quested until the 5th day.
  • The Event will provide you with Welfare 4* Archer – Santa Altera. She will be give to you as a Temporary copy on clearing the first Main Quest and will be Made Permanent, once you purchased her first copy from the shop using the special grand prize ticket on the 5th Lotto Box. (Failure to do so will make your temporary copy along with all the progress made on her disappear)
  • There will be a bonus to Event Currency Drops from both Gatcha/Event Shop CE and Bonus Servants.
  • The Lottery will provide various good such as Embers, QP, Skill Gems, FP, and the following Ascension Materials: Homunculus Baby, Ghost Lantern, Cerebrospinal Fluid, and Yggdrassil Seed. 

Main Quests and the Following Free Quests will be unlocked on a Daily Basis (around Daily Login Time at 20:00 PST) below:

Day – Main QuestFree Quest
Dec 16 00:00 – Section 1 & 2Pedaling – 1st Gate
Dec 16 20:00 – Section 32nd Gate
Dec 17 20:00 – Section 43rd Gate
Dec 18 20:00 – Section 54th Gate
Dec 19 20:00 – Section 65th – 6th Gate
Dec 20 20:00 – Section 7 & 87th Gate + Secret Party

*This event is significantly more difficult with bosses ranging from 200,000 to over 400,000 hitpoints. You have no damage bonus for this event so you’re going to need some well built servants and teams if you wish to farm this effectively. 


Infographic Courtesy of Kevinrealk:

10 Day Plan

For the first 5 days you will be time-locked, but it is best to try to pace yourself through the event as the free quests require more effort to clear than previous events. 

While the later Free Quests are the most efficient to farm in terms of AP, its not a bad idea to use some apples early on if you feel that you won’t have too much time to play during Holidays.

SaberofAvalon has an excellent 3 Turn Guide for farming the Quests(NOTE: Requires serious skillup and servants, not Newbie Friendly):
SaberofAvalon 3 Turn Guide


Day 1 (12/16 00:00 – 19:59 PST)

  1. Roll FP/SQ Gatcha for Bonus Servants/SQ.
  2. Clear Main Quest Section 1 & 2 to receive a temporary copy of Santa Altera.
  3. Clear all the available Free Quests which should include up to 1st Gate.
  4. Farm 1st Gate for mostly Candles and some Bells.
  5. As you get enough Event Currency, buy out all the shop CE’s and stick them on your team for some nice Sand drop bonus.

Day 2 (12/16 20:00 – 12/17 19:59 PST)

  1. Clear Main Quest Section 3.
  2. Start Farming 2nd Gate for mostly Bells and some Snowbaby Event Currency.
  3. Continue to buy more Shop CE’s as you accumulate enough to do so.

Day 3 (12/17 20:00 – 12/18 19:59 PST))

  1. Clear Main Question Section 4 – You just need to survive 5 turns for this.
  2. Start Farming 3rd Gate for more Candles and Snowbaby.
  3. Hopefully you’ll have bought out all the Shop CE’s at this point if not continue farming.

Main Quest Section 4

8-2 Final BattleClass – HP
EreshkigalLancer – 642,600
Survive 4 turns. 

Day 4 (12/18 20:00 – 12/19 19:59 PST)

  1. Clear Main Quest Section 5.
  2. At this point you’ll unlock 4th Gate which has the best Candle Drop Rate while having a fairly decent Sand Drop Rate. So its not a bad idea to start using Apples at this point.
  3. You should start focus on Lotto Farming as you get Close to finishing up the shop as the node has decent enough Sand Drop Rate to be worth it.

Main Quest Section 5

Wave 1/2Class – HP
SnowmanRider – 18,252
SnowmanRider – 13,765
SnowmanRider – 18,252
Final Battle 2/2  
BenkeiLancer – 168,630
Ushiwakamaru*Rider – 149,550
CandlesVoid Dust

*Ushiwakamaru will make a clone of herself at start of battle and will keep making clones to replace any killed off clones until the original is killed.

Day 5 (12/19 20:00 – 12/20 19:59 PST)

  1. Clear Main Quest Section 6.
  2. You’ll unlock 5th Gate and 6th Gate which have the best Bell and Snowbaby drops respectively. (Note there is actually a special node for Snowbaby that unlocks after you clear the main quest. But you’re better off farming 6th day if you need Snowbaby)
  3. 4-6th Gates have fairly decent Lotto Drops, I recommend you to farm which event currency you need to the most while getting Sands for the Lotto.

Main Quest Section 6

Wave 1/2Class – HP
GhostAssassin – 10,539
GhostAssassin – 16,432
GhostAssassin – 16,432
Final Battle 2/2  
Darius III*Berserker – 350,532

*Darius will do the following:

  • Fully charge his NP Gauge at start of the battle.
  • Can remove buffs, inflict curse, and lower defense on one target. 

Day 6 (12/20 20:00 – 12/25 23:59 PST) ~ 5 Days 4 Hours.

  1. Clear Main Quest Section 7. Scathach comes in handy for killing the boss.
  2. Clear Main Quest Section 8. You only need to survive to let the boss use her NP-Extra Attack on 8-2.
  3. Clear out the first 5 Lotto Boxes to Obtain permanent Santa Altera along with her Copies and Ascension Material.
  4. I recommend you build up Santa Altera as she is very helpful for farming 7th Gate.
  5. Santa Altera comes handy as she is sufficiently strong enough at NP5(with some support buffs) to kill the 7th Gate Midboss and generate stars for your Wave 3 Clearer and provide them Crit/NP Damage Buff.
  6. Killing Saber Alter on 7th Gate requires a great deal of power to kill quickly, your best bet is a combination of a strong NP with some Critical Damage. If you don’t have someone who can do the job, find a friend that does.

Main Quest Section 7

Final Battle Class – HP


1st Bar – 228,551

2nd Bar – 149,055

 Archer Monument

*Ishtar will do the following:

  • Starting Bar: Special Buff – Reduce NP and Buster Card Damage Received.
  • After breaking 1st Bar: Removes Special Buff and drains whole NP Gauge.
  • After breaking 1st Bar: Debuffed with lowered defense and attack.

Main Quest Section 8

8-1 Final Battle Class – HP
Darius III*

Berserker – 400,608

8-2 Final BattleClass – HP
EreshkigalLancer – 642,600
Survive 4 turns. 
8-3 Final BattleClass – HP
Massive Ghost*


1st Bar – 112,599

2nd Bar – 140,749

3rd Bar – 168,898


*Darius will do the following:

  • Fully charge his NP Gauge at start of the battle.
  • Can remove buffs, inflict curse, and lower defense on one target. 

*Massive Ghost(Ereshkigal) will do the following:

  • Debuff one target with 14 different debuffs that dramatical weaken offense and defense of servant.
  • Each broken bar has a chance to stun all frontline units for one turn. 
  • NP Inflicts increased poison damage.

Secret Party

  • After you clear all the Main Quests, you will unlock the Secret Party Node.
  • Unlike other Quests, this one requires you to pay up 5 Crystal Wreathes that you get from the Lotto Boxes.
  • The Node drops a lot of Snow Babies but nothing else.
  • In my personal opinion this node is only worth doing once for the first time clear reward of a Summoning Ticket, otherwise its not worth it as you’re giving up 2.5 Million QP to run this node(Each Crystal Wreath can be exchanged for 500,000 QP and other items you can exchange it for).
  • If you need Snow Babies just farm 6th Gate as you can get plenty enough gold to clear the shop along with Sand Lotto Currency and some good Ascension Material Drops.

Challenge Quest

  • The Challenge Quest is not too difficult as long as you kill Lancer Alter First and leave Merlin Last. 
  • Lancer Alter has a lot of exploitable weaknesses that render her vulnerable to the likes of Siegfried and Mordred.
  • The only thing you really need to be aware is the fact that Lancer Alter will fully charge her NP when you break her last bar.
  • Killing Merlin will buff Monarch of Storm with permanent Hero Creation that will make her Crit very hard.

Enemy Composition

Free Quest Enemy Composition
Free QuestWave 1Class 1HP 1Wave 2Class 2HP 2Wave 3Class 3HP 3
01. Pedaling15,15220,636249,760
02. Boarding21,34620,280267,003
03. Jumping20,08221,819291,676
04. 1st-Gate13,40999,079306,000
05. 2nd-Gate14,12511,009320,595
06. 3rd-Gate14,97719,696337,014
07. 4th-Gate22,788129,684348,560
08. 5th-Gate20,38221,299207,825
09. 6th-Gate19,49723,785346,463
10. 7th-Gate23,76725,35726,343
11. Secret-Party36,52256,310

Free Quest Drops

Event Currency Numbers = Total Currency Amount (Number of Drops).
Drops count stack of event currency drop, multiplies with Team Drop bonus.
Free QuestsGold MatsSilver MatsBronze Mats
01. Pedaling16(8)07(4)16(6) 18% 12%
02. Boarding14(7)07(3)17(6) 16%
03. Jumping09(5)13(6)18(7) 24%
04. 1st-Gate23(11)13(7)32(10) 16% 27%
05. 2nd-Gate17(8)14(7)32(11) 11% 46%
06. 3rd-Gate17(7)19(9)32(12) 16% 24%
07. 4th-Gate30(13)33(13) 16% 24%
08. 5th-Gate27(13)35(13) 15% 23% 24%
09. 6th-Gate25(12)35(13) 14% 30%
10. 7th-Gate45(16) 23% 51%
11. Secret-Party63(23) 58%

Support Setup Recommendation

This is a suggestion for what you should be using for your support setup. You are free to use whatever you have and see fit to use.

Craft Essence

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