About the Event

  • Requires Solomon Singularity to be completed in order to participate.
  • Last opportunity to get B.B. without needing to use Rare Prisms.
  • Obtain a Holy Grail for completing the Event. Crystallized Lore for players who had prior completion of the event.
  • Obtain an additional Holy Grail from the brand new Detour Quests(All players, including past participants can get this)
100 Mission Event
  • Clear Missions in order to proceed with the Main Event Story.
  • Use the Event Craft Essences to generate additional enemy spawns for more efficient mission progress.
  • All Missions must be completed in order to fully obtain B.B. and all her ascension material and copies.
  • Certain Parts of the event is require you to have purchased a key from the Event Shop using Sakura Money
  • Obtain Sakura Money by completing Missions.
  • Ensure you only buy the key that is needed at the time or else it will set your progress back significantly.
  • NEW: Brand new Detour Quests will appear as you progress in the Main Quest.
  • Detour Quests do not affect your Mission/Event Progression but will give you additional rewards including another Holy Grail and Ascension Materials.
Grand Boss Battle
  • Player will fight against a fierce enemy.
  • Enemy will have very powerful buffs that will make it difficult to defeat.
  • As you progress through the event you will earn special KP points that you can use to purchase debuffs for the boss.
  • Players can reset the debuffs they purchased and select again.
Special Event Mechanics and Bonus
  • B.B. will have double EXP bonus during the event.
  • BB Slots will happen at the start of every quest.
  • BB Slots will either buff or debuff your team depending on the roll result.
  • Event Bonus Servants will provide Sakura Coin Drop Bonus to redeem in the Event Shop.
  • Event Craft Essences will increase specific enemy spawns. Max bonus of 100%, no benefits going beyond that.

Support Setup Formation Recommendation

This is a recommendation of how you should set your support formation up for maximum friend points.

Emphasis on bonus servants and support casters.

Infograph(Frontside) by Kevinrealk

Click to open a full sized version in a new tab.

Event Walkthrough

Some details you should know:

  • You have 19 Days and 20 Hours to complete this event.
  • You will have 5,712 Natural AP Regen(not including starting AP) over the course of the event.
  • It requires ~4,000 AP to complete all 100 Missions and Detour Quests.
  • NO NEED TO USE APPLES, you can complete the event with Natural AP alone as long as you are diligent and spend your AP everyday. You have a week worth of leeway in case you miss playing for a bit.
  • Main Story Quest Acts are Time-locked, no point in trying to use Apples early on trying to rush. Just use your AP and call it for the day.

Time Lock Schedule:

  • Act I: Start of the Event.
  • Act II: Feb 18th at Login Reset(8 PM PST).
  • Act III: Feb 20th at Login Reset(8 PM PST).
  • Act IV-Final Act: Feb 21th at Login Reset(8 PM PST).
  • Second Half: Feb 25th at Login Reset(8 PM PST).

Event Guidelines:

  • Setup your teams for maximum Sakura Chip Bonus(Check Above Infograph for Details).
  • Make sure to fit the proper Enemy Spawn Type CE(2 MLB Copies for 100%).
  • Stick any Event Shop CE’s in empty slots for more Sakura Chip Bonus.
  • Buy out the Event Shop CE’s, only MLB if you have plenty of copies.
  • KP Points can be used when fighting the big boss later on towards the enemy of the Main Story Event.
  • You can worry about Detour Quests when you have completed everything else.

Act 1 – Feb 17 ~ Feb 18 19:59

  1. Clear Act I (1/6) Part 1 – Suzuka and 2 Shapeshifter Type I.
  2. Watch Act I (1/6) Part 2 Cutscene.
  3. Clear Act I (1/6) Part 3 – Martha and 2 Eater Type I.
  4. Clear Act I (1/6) Part 4 – Gawain Boss.
  5. Clear Act I (1/6) Final – 3 Shapeshifter of each Type / Robinhood / BB.
  6. Clear Act I (2/6) – Caster/Archer Non-spawning mobs + Gilles Caster Boss.
  7. Clear Act I (3/6) Part 1 – Tristan Boss.
  8. Clear Act I (3/6) Part 2 – Passionlip Boss – Battles ends after a number of turns.
  9. Watch Act I (4/6) Cutscene.
  10. Clear Act I (5/6) – Vlad III + Eaters: 5 Type I and 1 Type II. Watch the Cutscene afterwards.
  11. Clear Open Eyes(4* or 3* Gacha CE)
  12. Farm Umbilical Hair(One Summer CE) until you complete Mission 56(10 Head Quests).
  13. Purchase Gate Key(Elbow) for 300 Sakura Money.
  14. Farm Devil’s Elbow (4* or 3* Gacha CE for Shifter I / One Summer for Sakura Worm) 9 times, you should complete Mission 8(30 Type I Enemies) and Mission 28(Defeat 40 Shapeshifters).
  15. Purchase Church Key for 200 Sakura Money and Watch Act I Final Cutscene.
  16. Clear Portopia Thigh (5* Gacha CE).
  17. Clear Wanted Rider G – St George Boss.

Act II – Feb 18 20:00 ~ Feb 20 19:59

  1. Clear Act II (1/5) – Tamamo Cat Boss. Mission 31 (30 Sakura Worm Enemies) should autocomplete.
  2. Purchase Gate Key (Separator) for 300 Sakura Money and Watch Act II (2/5) Cutscene. Mission 40 (10 Neutral Servants) should autocomplete.
  3. Farm Search Arm(3* Gacha CE) until you complete Mission 9(60 Type I Enemies).
  4. Purchase Gate Key (Neko) for 300 Sakura Money.
  5. Clear Act II (3/5) – 3 Robinhood(Archer) / 3 Robinhood(Lancer) / Tamamo Cat.
  6. Watch Act II (4/5) Cutscene.
  7. Clear Wanted Archer T – Tesla (Will Charge NP Gauge and Invul Pierce when bar broken). This should complete Mission 57 (Clear 10 Quests on Arm/Hand).
  8. Purchase Coochy-coo Arm for 400 Sakura Money.
  9. Clear Act II (5/5) – Elizabeth Lancer Boss.
  10. Clear Flank Separator(One Summer CE).

Infograph(Backside) by Kevinrealk

Click to open a full sized version in a new tab.

Act 3 – Feb 20 20:00 – Feb 21 19:59

  1. Clear Act III (1/3) (5* Gacha CE) – 6 Eater of all Types + Suzuka Boss. (Battle ends after lowering Suzuka down to 230,000 HP).
  2. Farm Codec Hip(4* & 3* Gache CE) Until you have Completed Mission 37 (10 Lawful Servants) and Mission 48(10 Divine Servants).
  3. Purchase Gate Key (Nape) with 300 Sakura Money.
  4. Clear Act III (2/3) – Blade Wing Insects x 6 + Soul Eater Boss.
  5. Farm Secret Nape(5* + 3* Gacha) until you complete Mission 22(Defeat 30 Eater Enemies).
  6. Purchase Tulip Key with 600 Sakura Money and watch the Act III (3/3) Part 1 Cutscene.
  7. Clear Act III (3/3) Part 2 (5* Gacha CE) – Eater x 6 + Hector + Atalante + Brave Elizabeth.
  8. Clear Act III (3/3) Part 3 – Passionlip Boss. (Chance to inflict death with normal attack on final HP Bar).
  9. Clear Act III (3/3) Part 4 – Demon Pillar (Berserker). Watch the Final Part Cutscene afterwards.
  10. Farm Breast Valley(3* Gacha CE) until you have completed Mission 29(Defeat 80 Shapeshifter Enemies).
  11. Clear Wanted Lancer C – Cu Chulainn Boss.

Act IV – Feb 21 20:00 – Feb 25 19:59

  1. Clear Act IV (1/4) – Caesar + Mix of Shapeshifters and Eaters.
  2. Purchase Gate Key (Ray) for 600 Sakura Money.
  3. Clear Act IV (2/4) – 2 Waves of 2 Sphinx + 2 Nitrocris (Archer/Caster) on Final Wave.
  4. Farm Underarm Ray(5* Gacha CE) until you have completed Mission 15(Defeat 30 Type III Enemies).
  5. Purchase Gate Key (Jail) for 700 Sakura Money.
  6. Farm Jail Hand(4* Gacha) until you have completed Mission 38(20 Lawful Servants), Mission 49(STR A or higher Servants), and Mission 51(10 Oriental Servants).
  7. Farm Weakness Ear(One Summer CE) until you have completed Mission 33(Defeat 30 Sakura Bot).
  8. Clear Landing Thigh(One Summer) and Mission 35(Defeat 30 Sakura Handlers) should autocomplete and unlock Link Ankle.
  9. Clear Link Ankle(One Summer).
  10. Farm Weakness Ear(One Summer) again until you have completed Mission 19(90 Sakura Enemies), Mission 20(150 Sakura Enemies) and Mission 34(60 Sakura Bot Enemies).
  11. Purchase both Suzuka’s Key and Gate Key (Coaster) for 800 and 500 Sakura Money respectively.
  12. Clear Act IV (3/4) Part 1 – Suzuka Boss. Survive for 6 Turns.
  13. Clear Act IV (3/4) Part 2 – Suzuka Boss. Will Summon Hijikata on Final Bar.
  14. Clear Act IV (3/4) Part 3 – Demon Pillar (Berserker).
  15. Clear Act IV(3/4) Part 4 – Shifter x 3 / Eater x 3 / Demon Boar Boss.
  16. Watch Act IV (3/4) Final Cutscene.
  17. Farm Rejection Calf(5* or 3* Gacha) until you complete Mission 11(Defeat 120 Type I enemies).
  18. Farm Spinal Coaster(One Summer) unlock you complete Mission 36(Defeat 60 Sakura Handler enemies).
  19. Purchase Gate Key (Dark) for 800 Sakura Money.
  20. Farm Dark Hand(4* Gacha Primary with One Summer as Secondary) until you have completed Mission 16(Defeat 60 Type III enemies).
  21. Purchase Melt’s Key for 1000 Sakura Money.
  22. Clear Act IV(4/4) – Melt Boss. 1st bar – Increase Attack and taunts one servant per turn. 2nd Bar – Decrease attack and seals skills of one servant per turn. Final Bar – Decrease HP Recovery of team. Each bar effects overwrites the previous.
  23. Clear Final (1/5) – 6 Shadow Servants: 1st Wave – Fergus, Cu Caster, Medb. 2nd wave – Heracles, Nightingale, Spartacus. Final Boss – BB. BB will randomly inflict a 3 turn offensive debuff to whole team.
  24. Clear Final (2/5) – Emiya Alter (2 bars) – Has permanent Invul Pierce and NP Damage Up. Increases own NP Gauge and decreases HP by 2,000 at the start of every turn.
  25. Die Horribly in Final (3/5) – You can’t win here, just accept your death.
  26. Watch the remaining Cutscenes.

KP Farming and Mission Clearing

The Final Act is tough battle which can be made possible to complete by gathering KP from Missions and redeeming them for special power boosts or debuffs for the Boss. This section will detail the remaining section for clearing out the remaining missions for KP points.

We’ll start off with clearing some of the wanted quests that are available.

1 – Clear Wanted: Assassin J&H (Jekyll and Hyde) – Arts Debuffs from BB Slot. Assassin Jekyll on 1st bar, Berserker Hyde on 2nd Bar. Mission 52 (4 Wanted Servants Defeat) completed.

2 – Clear Wanted: Saber A (Altera) – Buster Debuff from BB Slot. Attack + Crit Buff on bar break.

3 – Clear Wanted: Caster M (Medea) – Buster Debuff. Will cleanse buff and charge NP on bar break.

4 – Clear Wanted: Saber S (Siegfried) – Quick Down. Will Charge NP by 1 bar each turn on bar break.

5 – Clear Cruel Thenar(4* and 3* Gacha CE) to complete Mission 32(60 Sakura Worms).

6 – Clear Wanted: Caster G (Gilgamesh) – Buster Down. Crit Chance up on bar break. Mission 53 (8 Wanted) Completed.

7 – Clear Wanted: Archer A&M (Anne and Mary Summer Archer) – Buster Down. Attack Up and Guts on Bar Break.

8 – Clear Wanted: Berserker V (Vlad III) – Arts Down. One servant loses 20% NP Charge and Vlad gets 1 NP bar.

9 – Purchase Gate Key (Station) for 500 Sakura Money.

10 – Clear Station Thigh (One Summer CE) – You should have completed at least 60 missions at this point for Mission 98 to unlock Stamping Thenar.

11 – Farm Stamping Thenar(5* Gacha CE) – Until you have completed Mission 14(Defeat 90 Type II Enemies) and Mission 26 (Defeat 20 Eater TYPE X).

12 – Clear Wanted: Lancer K (Summer Kiyohime) – Arts Down. Buster Up on Bar Break. Mission 54 (11 Wanted) Completed.

13 – Clear Wanted: Berserker HXO (Mysterious Heroine X Alter) – Skill Sealed for 3 Turns. Attack up on Bar Break.

14 – Clear Wanted: Assassin K (Cleopatra) – Burn for 300 Damage. Cleanse Debuffs, Invulnerability, and Crit Chance up on Bar Break.

15 – Purchase Gate Key (Ankle) for 400 Sakura Money.

16 – Clear Ankle Link(One Summer).

17 – Purchase Gate Key (Kind) for 500 Sakura Money.

18 – Clear Kind Thenar(One Summer).

19 – Farm Spinal Coaster(One Summer & 5* Gacha CE) until you have completed Mission 21(240 Sakura Enemies) and Mission 42(30 Neutral Servants).

20 – Clear Wanted: Rider M (Medusa). Quick Down. Charge NP by 1 bar on Bar Break. You should have defeated all Wanted SErvants to complete Mission 55(Defeat All 14 Wanted).

At this point you should have completed nearly all the Missions available. The remainder will be unlocked once you have defeated BEAST III/R aka Kiara. You should now have all the KP you need to buy all the buffs and beat her.

Final Act – Demonic Bodhisattva

You’re back and ready. Now its payback time!

Heaven’s Hole Form:

1st bar – 400,000 HP

2nd bar – 350,000 HP

3rd bar – 300,000 HP

Noble Phantasm: Deal Damage to all Enemies and Seal NP & Skills for 1 turn.

Demonic Bodhisattva Form:

1st bar – 500,000 HP

2nd bar – 850,000 HP

3rd bar – 1,000,000 HP

4th bar – 450,000 HP

Noble Phantasm: Remove all of enemy’s buffs then deals damage to all enemies.

Beast III/R has some important traits to note:

1 – Moon Cancer and Alter-Egos deal double damage to her.

2 – All other classes receive and deal 1.0x Damage against her.

3 – Possesses the following traits: BEAST, Female, Chaotic Evil, Demonic, Humanoid(only in normal form).

4 – Transformed Demonic Bodhisattva traits: Giant, Super Large.

5 – After 3 Turns, She will transform into Demonic Bodhisattva with Full NP Gauge(can be deactivated from the KP Shop).

Assuming you have followed the prior steps, you should be able to buy out the entire KP shop.

With all KP items purchased, Kiara can be dealt with in a trivial manner using BB or any Alter Egos you have including Mecha Elisabeth.

If you want a challenge you are free to play it however you want by picking only a specific set or KP items.

At the very least it is recommended that you should purchase the Melt-chan’s Death Whip for 15,000 KP, which will prevent Kiara from transforming into her Demonic Bodhisattva form.

Good luck and have fun! Once you have completed the mission, you will receive your first copy of BB and either a Holy Grail or Crystallized lore.

If you have played the even before, all the BB Missions should automatically complete, you do not need to do them again.

Otherwise make sure you stick BB on your team for Bond Point Missions and have enough embers to ascend her 3 times.

Post Story(Unlocks on Feb 25th) – WIP

This section will detail the remaining portion of the event. You unlock a new area(BB). You will be completing the Encore quests along with all the remaining missions. We will cover the Detour and Challenge quests in this section.

Infograph(BB) by Kevinrealk

Click to open a full sized version in a new tab.