Battle in New York 2020 Event Guide

Farm to your hearts content this new lottery event and put your master skills to the test in the exhibitions.

Battle in New York Ends in:


General Event Information

Event requires Fuyuki Completion to participate.

Rewards a Holy Grail on Completion.

Battle for New York is one of the last lottery events for this year. Take advantage of the long 15-16 day time period to farm to your hearts content. This is the event to be using up all your Apple for.

Put your master skills to the test by completing Special Exhibition Challenge Quests.

NOTE: There is no better time to farm an event than this one. This event is especially valuable for players who need Gold Secret Gems, Ascension Materials, Friend Points, QP, and Blaze Embers. Now is the time to use those Apples that you’ve been saving.

Free Quest Rotation
  • There will be three different rotations of free quests.
  • Each rotation will have its own first time clear rewards and enemy compositions.
  • Make sure to clear every quest in each rotation at least once to obtain a Golden Fruit to use towards the event.
  • Qualifier Rotation will be the first rotation for the first 4 days of the event.
  • Main Event Rotation will be the second rotation for the next 4 days after.
  • Finals Rotation will be the last rotation for the remaining week of the event.
  • Each Rotation will have 5 different free quests to farm for shop and lotto currency.
  • There are a total of 7 different exhibition quests for players to test their skills.
  • A new exhibition will unlock everyday for the first 7 days and will remain until the end of the event.
  • Each exhibition will have special mechanics that players will need to overcome to clear.
  • This Event Guide will have details on how you can complete each Exhibition Quests.
  • Exhibition quests will reward a Summon Ticket and Ascension Materials for clearing.
  • Some of these quests can be cleared by newer and less experienced players with the right support servant.
  • If you cannot complete the exhibition quest, focus on farming the lottery instead.

Gilfest Lotto Event Play Livestreaming :

I will be streaming this event everyday at 9 PM PDT (FGO Login Reset Time) until the end of the event. Come visit me streaming at:

Come chat with me and feel free to bring any questions about the event or gameplay. I am more than happy to answer.

Gilfest Infograph by Kevinrealk

Click to open in a separate window. Mobile Users can click on the Infograph for better details.

Support Setup Recommendation

Support Servants such as Waver, Skadi, Merlin, Tamamo, etc will receive the most usage. Put CKT Lotto CE on them for optimal friend point gain.

NOTE: Table is interactive, you can scroll horizontally to see more information, especially on mobile.

Event Walkthrough

This section will quickly detail what you should do during the duration of this event.

Event Playthrough

  1. At the Qualifier rotation, you should focus farming event currency as this stage gives less lotto currency than the later stages.
  2. Clear all free quests in each rotation to get the Golden Fruit as first clear rewards.
  3. Your priority at the start is to buy out all the C-K-T Shop CE to boost your lotto currency drops and to clear the first 5 lotto boxes for the Grudge Match CEs.
  4. Each time you get the C-K-T CE from the shop or as a drop, place it in any empty slots on your team for lotto drop bonus.
  5. Avoid Max Limit Breaking C-K-T CE until you can fill all available CE slots filled after you MLB.
  6. When you have 5 copies of Grudge Match CE, limit break it right away and place it on your primary damage dealer for Farming and Exhibitions.
  7. Street Free Quests are not optimal to farm and should only be cleared once for the Golden Apple.
  8. Farm the Club Free Quest for Wild Fries Event Currency Drops until you buy your first copy of C-K-T CE.
  9. Farm the Gym Free Quest for Strong Dog Event Currency Drops until you buy your second copy of C-K-T.
  10. Farm the Arena Free Quest for Muscle Burger Event Currency Drops until you buy your 3rd and 4th copy of C-K-T.
  11. Garden Free Quest is the farming node for KoH Lotto Ticket Currency of all Rotations, stack your team with C-K-T as its only drops the lotto currency and none of the shop currency.
  12. While you are in Qualifier stage, you should try to get the majority of the shop currency grind out of the way.
  13. Each rotation will have better Lotto/Shop Currency Drops and Higher CE Drops than the previous rotation. So plan accordingly.
  14. It is advised that you should have a Max Limit Broken Grudge Match CE before you attempt the Exhibition Quests.

Faster Runs vs High Drops for Lottery

A common question is asked whether one should focus on faster runs or maximizing drop bonus.

If you intend to farm the lottery, you are better off with faster runs.

Because the more runs you do, the more Lotto CE’s you are inevitably going to get from drops and which you can then Max Limit Break and increase your overall yield while keeping your runs fast.

+1/+2 Drop bonus is fairly minor in comparison from going from a 6-8 turn run to a 3-4 turn run.

Farming Lotto – F2P option

There is only one composition that F2P Players really need for farming Lotto Currency in the entire event.

There are 4 things you specifically need:

  1. 3* Caster Paracelsus(NP5 Max Leveled) with 10/9+/9+ skills and with all strengthening completed.
  2. 4* Caster Welfare Sieg(NP5 Max Leveled and Fou) with 9+/9+/10 skills. Equipped with MAX Limit Broken Grudge Match CE.
  3. Friend Support Waver with preferably maxed skills.
  4. Your Choice of Mystic Code such as Tropical Summer, Fragment of 2004, or Mage Association.

If you have your own Waver or Skadi(with Combat Uniform swap), you can reliably 3 turn any of the rotations, especially the 2nd rotation which is all Assassins.

The general gist of how this run will go is like this:

  1. Start with Paracelsus/Sieg/Waver as your frontline.
  2. Use face cards, arts chains, and mystic code battery skills to help Sieg reach 50% NP Charge.
  3. Activate all of Waver’s Buff on Sieg to get him to 100%.
  4. Have Paracelsus activate his 1st and 2nd skills and wipe Wave 1 with his NP.
  5. Buff Sieg with Paracelsus 3rd skill and activate his 1st and 2nd skill. Fire off his NP to Wipe Wave 2, you should refund 70+% NP after this.
  6. Activate Sieg’s 3rd skill to get him to 100% and buff him with any Mystic Code Buffs and Wipe Wave 3*.

*Qualifier and Final rotations will require some face cards to finish off the boss, Sieg should wipe Main Event without issue.

For Main Event, you can opt to swap out MLB Grudge Match for a CE with Starting NP Charge and Arts/NP Damage for faster runs.

Farming Final Rotation Lotto – F2P option

An alternative option for F2P in farming the Final Rotation without Sieg is the following composition(Damage Dealers are assumed NP5/Max Level/Max Fou with all Interludes and Strengthenings done):

  1. Spartacus with Maxed out Skill 2 NP Battery and high level Skill 3 Buster Up equipped with MLB Grudge Match CE.
  2. Paracelsus with Maxed out Skill 1 NP Battery with decently leveled Skill 2 Arts Up with CKT CE.
  3. Support Waver with CKT CE and preferably Maxed Skills.
  4. Shakespeare with high level Skill 1 Buster Up and his Skill 3 targeted NP Battery available at any level with CKT CE.
  5. Arash with atleast Level 5 Skill 3 NP Battery equipped with MLB Imaginary Element CE for 75% starting NP Charge.
  6. Any servant to hold a CKT CE.
  7. Chaldea Combat Uniform Mystic Code for Unit Swapping.

Your Party Formation Order Setup should look like this, MAKE SURE YOUR BACKLINE IS IN THE EXACT ORDER SHOWN:

Frontline: Spartacus/Paracelsus/Support Waver.

Backline: Shakespeare/Arash/Any Servant.

Here is the sequence you will follow in clearing to Garden Final Rotation Node:

  1. Have Support Waver apply all his buffs on Spartacus.
  2. Have Paracelsus active his Skill 1 & 2 and fire off his NP to clear Wave 1.
  3. Swap Paracelsus with Arash with the Mystic Code.
  4. Have Arash activate his Skill 2 & 3 and fire off his NP to clear Wave 2, with face cards to kill the Hydra.
  5. With Arash dead, Shakespeare should come in to take his place provided you have set the correct backline order as instructed above.
  6. Have Shakespeare apply his Skill 1 & 3 buffs on to Spartacus.
  7. Have Spartacus activate his Skill 2 & 3 and fire off his NP to wipe out Wave 3.

Farming Lotto – Non F2P options

There are numerous options for Non F2P Players, you can check out details from Xzero/SaberofAvalon’s Guide.

The obvious choices for fast farming Gilfest in all rotations are two following options(Not F2P Friendly):

  1. Double Skadi + NP2 Dantes(MLB Kscope + Fragment 2004/Mage Association)
  2. Double Skadi + NP2 Lancelot Berserker(MLB Kscope + Fragment 2004/Mage Association)

Event Drop Tables

NOTE: Table is interactive, you can scroll horizontally to see more information, especially on mobile.

Exhibition Quests(WIP)

  • It is advised to have a Max Limit Broken Grudge Match CE before attempting any of these quests.
  • Some of the Exhibitions can be soloed with a decent Friend Support Servant while others will require a full team to clear.
  • You cannot use SQ or Command Seals to revive, but you can use Command Seals for Charge NP Gauge/Refill HP for your servants.
  • Completing an Exhibition will reward you with a summoning ticket and ascension materials.
  • These quests can be repeated without additional rewards after clearing them the first time.
  • Each Exhibition will have special gimmicks that players need to be aware of in order to successfully complete it.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to fail: Exhibitions only cost 1 AP and you have until the end of the event to clear them. So feel free to try different things until you beat it.

Exhibition 1 – Tawara Touta

This challenge quest can be soloed by a well leveled Single Target Lancer.

  • Tawara Touta has an astronomical amount of hitpoints (1.5 Million – 1st bar / 3 Million – 2nd Bar) but by using his own gimmicks against him, defeating him is rather simple.
  • It is idea to simply use a Lancer solo than a full team. Having one single target lancer with MLB Grudge Match combined with level 1 sacrificial units such as Leonidas or St George (with Battle of Camlann / Merciless One CE) and having Arash Stella himself is the best way to clear this battle.
  • First thing to note is that you want to get your sacrificial units out of the way quickly so that Tawara can focus on hitting your soloer.
  • Each time Tawara strikes you with a normal attack, he will disable one of the three card types for 3 turns as a debuff (Buster, Quick, then Arts in that order after each turn).
  • USE NORMAL ATTACK TO CLEAR THE DEBUFFS – Each time you use normal card attacks that aren’t disabled against Tawara, it will reduce the duration of that debuff by one turn.
  • When the debuff expires, your servant will gain substantial buffs that will last 1 time for 20 turns.
  • What you want is for him to block your quick cards as clearing those debuffs will significantly boost your NP Damage until you fire off your NP.
  • Whenever your NP is ready and you have the NP Damage Boosts active, fire away to wipe out significant chunks of his HP.
  • Avoid stunning/charming Tawara as you want him to hit you so you can stack power boosts.
  • Cleansing the debuffs will not yield any power boosts, so avoid doing so unless you absolutely have to. Use normal attacks instead.
  • Finally when your servant reaches below 10% HP for the first time, all your debuffs will be removed and will provide you power boosts and your NP gauge will be charged to 300%.

Exhibition 2 – 300: THIS IS SPARTA!!!!

  • This challenge quest will pretty much require a full team with preferably an AOE Saber and support units to provide damage and defense support.
  • You do not need to kill all 300 Spartans to beat the CQ, defeating Leonidas will automatically end the match.
  • Leonidas will have an unremovable Molon Labe Buff which provides extremely high Defense and Damage Reduction(Negates about 99% of all incoming damage)
  • Leonidas will be supported by a total of 300 Spartans that will keep replacing any that die.
  • Leonidas will mostly taunt and provide either permanent Crit Rate Up, Crit Damage Up, or Attack Up to the Spartans on the field, these buffs are unremovable.
  • Killing Spartans will reduce the defensive power of Leonidas’ Molon Labe. So you need to kill Spartans in order to effectively damage Leonidas.
  • When killing Spartans after breaking Leonidas’ First Bar, they will apply a permanent debuff on their killer ranging from Attack, Defense, Buff Success Rate Down, to Skill Seal.
  • Breaking Leonidas First Bar will also boost his Team’s NP Charge by 1.
  • Leonidas NP deals no damage but will have give him a 3 turn Taunt and Defense Buff.
  • Bring AOE Damage/Instant Death to bypass Leonidas Taunt and to kill Spartans as quickly as possible.
  • Kill as many Spartans as you can before you break Leonida’s First Bar as killing Spartans will mean you will get debuffs each time.
  • Defense Ignore Abilities on NPs or Skills will come very handy as you will require less Spartans to be killed in order to Hurt Leonidas.
  • Kill the Spartans ASAP as they get dramatically stronger will buffs every turn and can nearly kill your servants with a Critical Hit.
  • There will be times where you will get unlucky and a Spartan will Critical Hit Kill your servants, just try again after you fail.
  • You don’t want to take too long in this battle or else the incoming damage will overwhelm your defenses.

Exhibition 3 – Manslayer Okada Izo

Gains resistance to the last card type used against him for two turns.

Along with a resistance he will have the following effects within the duration:

  1. Buster Resistance – Will randomly stun one servant at the start of the turn.
  2. Arts Resistance – Reduce Team Critical Star Count to Zero.
  3. Quick Resistance – Increase his own Crit Damage at the start of the turn.
  4. Attacking with a different card from the previous round will overwrite the resistance with the new one.

Not only does he have these resistances and effects he has even more abilities to consider:

  1. Has high resistance to NP Damage.
  2. After Breaking First Bar, he will gain a stack of increased damage against Humanoid Enemies each turn.
  3. When a servant dies, his stacks of Humanoid Damage Buff will be removed.

Beating Izo is fairly straight forward:

  1. Use Crit Damage instead of NP to hurt him.
  2. Always try to use Quick Cards as the last card in the Chain so you don’t get stunned and can have a supply of Crit Stars.
  3. Have a Servant with strong Critical Damage Capabilities against Assassins.
  4. Have Support Servants with CE’s that gives Critical Stars such as Golden Carp and 2030.
  5. Have bait servants that will draw Izo’s attack away from your Damage Dealer and Crucial Supports.

Crit Izo down as quickly as possible and have a bait servant ready to draw his damage.

By following the above guidelines, dealing with Izo should be rather simple and straight forward.

Exhibition 4 – The Suffering

This Exhibition is one of the hardest if not the hardest Challenge Quests of all the Exhibitions . If you need to use a Command Seal to beat this, then there is no shame in doing so.

You will face against a team of 3 different servants(2 Break Bars each with 200-300k HP) consisting of:

  1. Jaguar Man(Taiga) – Permanent Resistance against Quick and gains buffs from Forest Field.
  2. Summer Jeanne(Archer) – Permanent Resistance against Arts and gains buffs from Water Field.
  3. Summer Nobu(Berserker) – Permanent Resistance against Buster and gains buffs from Burning Field.

One important mechanic you need to know is that the enemy servant, that is struck last with a single target attack, will gain special field buffs:

  1. Taiga – 1st bar – Forest. 2nd bar – Forest + Water.
  2. Jeanne – 1st bar – Water. 2nd Bar – Water + Burning.
  3. Nobu – 1st bar- Burning. 2nd Bar – Burning + Forest.

When a field buff is active, the enemy servants that correspond to the field buff will receive the follow effects:

  1. Attack Damage Up.
  2. NP Damage Up.
  3. Card Resistance Up – takes virtually no damage to the Card type they are resistant.
  4. When Servant is on their last bar, they will also gain Neutral Damage Status.


  1. Enemy Servant NP Damage does extremely little damage without their field buff, but with the field buff they will one shot your servants.
  2. Field buff applies right after you attack the enemy and right before the enemy performs their action, so plan accordingly.
  3. Field buffs from one servant will overwrite ones from another servant, so switching targets is a good way to maximize damage.
  4. If you kill an enemy servant, their field buffs will not apply and the existing enemy will keep their field buff from the previous turn.
  5. When enemy reaches below 40% they may active their defensive buffs. Nobu – 1 turn evade, Jeanne – 2 hit invul, and Taiga – 2 hit evade.
  6. Enemies will start off with firing off their NP if their bar is full.
  7. Attack Order of the Enemy Servants: Taiga goes first followed by Nobu and finally Jeanne.

How to beat this battle:

  1. Use AOE Servants(Preferably Quick or Buster Lancers) and attack a specific servant you want to kill last with face cards. This will keep that servant alive while the rest will die off quickly without them triggering their field buffs.
  2. Try to avoid directly hitting Nobu as she can easily one shot your servants with a lucky crit. Focus on Taiga or Jeanne instead.
  3. Attacking Taiga is usually the best option as she will not provide any buffs to Nobu once you get to her 2nd bar, leaving Nobu vulnerable to AOE NP’s.
  4. Don’t not hit enemy servants who are about to fire their NPs, instead hit someone else and you can easily tank the laughably low damage without wasting previous Invincibility/Evades that you can save for later.
  5. Once you have Nobu dead and out of the field you can now focus on Jeanne and Taiga.
  6. Taiga will field buff both herself and Jeanne while Jeanne will only buff herself. Use this to your advantage.
  7. Hit Taiga to generate NP and then switch to hitting Jeanne to take away buffs from Taiga.
  8. Whenever Taiga does not have her buffs on Fire off your AOE NP to hurt them both which burning down Jeanne.
  9. You can opt to try killing Jeanne first and having a backline Buster/Arts Saber with MLB Grudge match to deal with Taiga afterwards.

Exhibition 5 – The Gold Digger

This Exhibition is probably one of the least difficult, but it is fairly long. As long as you’re patient you should have no issues beating it with even F2P units.

I’ll go into simple details of what you should know about this exhibition.

  1. Sheba will buff your servants with a special “loan buff” that lasts 1 time use and ranges from a star gen buff to an np damage buff.
  2. You basically have to use up the buffs within that turn or else she will call a “debt” and debuff the servants that received the “loan buff” and will buff herself at the same time. Most involve you simply using the face cards for the servant with the loan buffs, others require you to land crits, buster/arts/quick cards, etc.
  3. These buffs and debuffs are unremovable and can only expire after enough turns have passed.
  4. She will have 2 minions, the one on her right will usually just provide her with 1-bar np charge per turn, while the one on her left will attack servants.
  5. Sheba will start off with 15 Special Damage Reduction Buffs that will decrease each time you successfully use up a loan buff within the turn.
  6. Breaking an HP Bar each time will give her 5 Special Damage Reduction Buffs which you can remove in the same manner.

Sheba will provide loan buffs of various effects in the following stages:

  1. 1st Bar – Crit Damage, NP or Star Generation Up. The former requires you to crit to use while the other can be used with any NP or normal cards.
  2. 2nd Bar – Will Additionally start buffing Quick/Buster/Arts Effectiveness Up. Use the matching cards to make them go away.
  3. 3rd Bar – Attack Up/Def Up. Sheba will also provide you team with a 1 time invul, so its not a bad idea to break her last bar right when she and her minions are about to NP.

Beating the CQ is fairly simple:

  1. Focus on only attacking Sheba as killing the minions will put permanent 10 turn taunt or buff nullification on the killer, Sheba will simply keep summoning more of them. The battle will end the moment that Sheba dies.
  2. Not to mention, keeping both minions on the field will limit Sheba to only one action per turn, especially important as she gets stronger in the later stages of the battle.
  3. Make sure to check each turn for the special loan buffs your servant have so you can get rid of them to prevent yourself from getting debuffed and from Sheba getting buffed afterwards.
  4. Focus on removing all 15 stacks of her Special Protection on the first bar, then go ahead and break her first bar.
  5. Having taunts are handy here, I recommend using a well-built St. George to draw attacks during the 1st stage and a Mash to provide additional defensive buffs and taunts.
  6. Whenever usually Sheba and her minions will have their NP up at the same time. Use targeted invul/evade on your taunt from Mash, Atlas Mystic code, etc to delay them further.
  7. A strong single target Riders like Kintoki, Sakamoto, etc are good options for killing Sheba. It would be wise to have a backup Rider just incase your first one dies, so they can finish the battle.
  8. Once Sheba’s Defense Protections are gone, Go Ham and nuke her down.
  9. As your break her bars, you need to be quicker in removing her protections and burning down her health before she gets too strong.